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Advice re books for new readers (GD)

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Sarah48 Thu 11-Feb-21 18:49:06

My granddaughter (5) started school last September and seems to be getting on well with reading. She’s on Level 4 of the Oxford Reading Tree (I think that’s what it’s called - the books with Chip and Biff in). She enjoys books and I’d like to order her some online. Anyone have any recommendations please?

Marydoll Thu 11-Feb-21 19:02:21

Jolly Phonics are offering all their Jolly readers for free online at the moment.
If would give your granddaughter age appropriate readers as an alternative, as well as you buying books.

Sarah48 Thu 11-Feb-21 19:14:45

Ooh, thank you - I’ll look that up now.

Marydoll Thu 11-Feb-21 19:29:51