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Some poor person phoned me yesterday (wrong number) answering a scam!

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Witzend Sat 20-Feb-21 09:43:41

She didn’t sound very elderly but evidently in a frightened tizz - she’d had a recorded message saying she owed a lot of money to Amazon - and she’d never ordered anything from them!
But she was ringing what she thought was the number they’d given anyway.
Thank goodness she got me instead - I was able to tell her it was a scam, there are so many about, bastard criminals just trying to steal your money - and to hang up at once if she gets any calls like that again.
She sounded so relieved, poor thing.
But it made me see how people who are a bit naive can so easily be intimidated into complying.

timetogo2016 Sat 20-Feb-21 16:06:12

Totaly agree witzend.
Luckily i was at my aunts when she had a call form Amazon,or so she thought,telling her she needs to pay for items before they are despatched.
She started to panic soi took the phone of her and told the prat that i am recording this call and will have it traced.
They soon hung up.

Marydoll Sat 20-Feb-21 16:34:01

I got one the other day from Customs and taxes Boy was he sorry he had phoned me!

grandMattie Sat 20-Feb-21 16:36:46

I got an Amazon Prime call tis morning telling me it was expiring. Since the last time I used any sort of Amazon was about 12 years ago....

Urmstongran Sat 20-Feb-21 16:48:06

We got the same as you granMattie from ‘Amazon Prime’ this morning at 7:40am. Himself wasn’t impressed he was trying to have a lie in! It was a recorded female voice saying a bill for £79 was outstanding and to press 1 for .... blah, blah.