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Marking my triumphs

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Katek Mon 22-Feb-21 13:05:08

I thought I should mark my achievements during my recovery from hip surgery, so I created my own fridge magnet. Enjoy!

DiscoGran Mon 22-Feb-21 13:10:53

Congratulations Katek. Looks like there is a gap in the market.......... tie sided knickers. πŸ€”

Aveline Mon 22-Feb-21 13:17:39

I remember playing hoopla with my pants after my knee replacements! I sort of lassooed my feet with them.

Katek Mon 22-Feb-21 13:19:26

It’s all this stuff they don’t tell you about! grin

Redhead56 Mon 22-Feb-21 13:24:28

Instead of my 12/14 I bought knickers about size 20 so they were easier to get on or off.

Grammaretto Mon 22-Feb-21 13:29:22

well done Katek a triumph indeed.


Katek Mon 22-Feb-21 13:31:07

redhead56 - did they stay up? grin

DiscoGran Mon 22-Feb-21 13:35:24

Yes, weren't they a bit droopy drawers, Redhead?

Nanna58 Mon 22-Feb-21 13:39:07

I formulated a cunning plan when I had my knee op - I used two pairs of long BBQ tongs to grab each side of the knickers and haul them up !,,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Katek Mon 22-Feb-21 14:15:47

Brilliant! A plan worthy of Baldrick himself! πŸ˜‚

Auntieflo Mon 22-Feb-21 14:20:01

Well done Katek. Hoping your recovery goes smoothly.

When our daughter had surgery on her legs, when she was young, I did manage to find some tie at the side knickers for her.