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Had it not been for the pandemic I wouldn’t have ....

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NotAGran55 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:26:48

1) Grown vegetables
2) Knitted anything
3) Given up paid employment

Juliet27 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:31:42

I wouldn’t have realised that long hair doesn’t suit me!

Calendargirl Sat 27-Feb-21 07:31:48

1. Ever worn a mask to go shopping.

2. Queued for an hour to be early in the queue at Tesco’s.

3. Ever thought I would have to book online to go swimming (when swimming pool was open).

shysal Sat 27-Feb-21 07:35:19

Gained a stone in weight.
Completed dozens of jigsaw puzzles.
Given myself a disastrous haircut (looks fine now it has grown).
Turned the TV on during the day.

Kim19 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:41:16

Finished redecorating my house.
Thrown out tons of surplus items (sometimes with difficulty)
Learned to use Zoom et al.
Spent so much time on GN!

nanna8 Sat 27-Feb-21 07:52:53

Felt a certain relief at not having to go anywhere or do anything.
Sorted out my filing cabinet and clothes drawers
Discovered a fairly obscure local park which is natural bush and very pretty

Galaxy Sat 27-Feb-21 07:55:16

Discovered lots of lovely places to walk that I had never been to before.
Finally got WhatsApp on my phone.
Learnt to just and watch the birds.
Realised how much I hate shopping, and how much I love the internet.

Jaxjacky Sat 27-Feb-21 08:07:37

Finally addressed my anxiety and had CBT sessions.
Coped better with a total kitchen refurbishment.
Appreciated what I have so much.

BigBertha1 Sat 27-Feb-21 10:23:26

Gained a stone in weight

Missed my grandsons 16th birthday

Forgotten how to play golf

Peasblossom Sat 27-Feb-21 10:26:20

Started the family Whatsapp group

Re-modelled the garden

Discovered how happy I am in my own company!

henetha Sat 27-Feb-21 10:29:26

Discovered the effectiveness of ten minute power walks.
Realised there are some old friends that I don't miss at all.

EllanVannin Sat 27-Feb-21 10:31:10

I would never have watched a reality show and now my " fix " is the MAFS aka Married at First Sight ( Australia )

Can't even stand soaps except for Home and Away.

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 27-Feb-21 10:34:09

1. gained weight and inches!

2. stayed in so much

3. Not traveled anywhere!

timetogo2016 Sat 27-Feb-21 10:35:25

I could have written your answer nanna8.

Bellanonna Sat 27-Feb-21 10:42:39

Gone for a daily walk

Tidied drawers and cupboards that I was always going to do “tomorrow”

Watched Netflix

Santana Sat 27-Feb-21 10:42:40

Retired 6 months earlier than planned.
Not had to visit people, or go places I don't like. Just as well because I look a mess.
Fought my way through homeschooling GC, realising that a 5 year old is much more clever than me!
Started baking again with same 5 yr old and realised that I still hate doing it.

Floradora9 Sat 27-Feb-21 18:10:10

Got so far in my family tree research . It has kept me going week after week . All the skeletons are coming out of the cupboard and some very sad stories too . I hope my DGC in the future enjoy reading it all

hollysteers Sat 27-Feb-21 18:16:00

Returned to drawing and painting, cycling, sorted my knicker drawer, cleared kitchen cupboards and the spare room.

LauraNorder Sat 27-Feb-21 18:22:43

I wouldn’t have
Spent so much time on Gransnet and made some new friends
Realised that there are some people I can live without.
Realised that there are some people I couldn’t live without.
Been able to make my case for no hugging those outside my family, ever.
Discovered that having a sneaky cake when Orlin isn’t around makes it taste so much nicer.

Iam64 Sat 27-Feb-21 18:24:10

Watched the 8 series of Spiral

Discovered I can draw a bit and love teaching myself water colour

Missed 12 months of my young grandchildren’s lives. Except when I give myself a talking to, I acknowledge I’ve seen them over the garden fence, on videos and on occasional socially distanced walks

Amberone Sat 27-Feb-21 18:24:54

Decluttered and decorated so much of the house
Realised how much I enjoy being on my own at home for most of the day, free to come without questions being asked
Seen a sparrowhawk up close in the garden

Amberone Sat 27-Feb-21 18:26:04

Ooops. Should read 'come and go' !!

fevertree Sat 27-Feb-21 18:29:41

Learnt to draw (online drawing class)

Done Pilates twice a week and developed a six pack.

Struck up an old-fashioned correspondence with my 6 year old grandson via Royal Mail.

Made loads of wonderful things in an online sewing group, starting with masks for all the family. Since then - a fabric vase cover, a Kindle beanbag, a hanging bag for wrapping paper, a fancy coathanger cover for my poshest frock, a car bin for my grandson that hangs from the backrest of the car front seat, an embroidered clothes peg bag ... and that's just off the top of my head, there's more. smile

BlueBelle Sat 27-Feb-21 18:34:57

Found a trip to the supermarket soooooo exciting
Joined my daughters Netflix account
Missed my first born granddaughters wedding and two granddaughters 18 birthdays

Amberone Sat 27-Feb-21 18:39:17

Found a trip to the supermarket soooooo exciting

😂😂 me too Bluebelle