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Good Evening Sat'Day

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Rufus2 Sat 27-Feb-21 12:13:26

Megs You're right! The home is full of memories and as I sit here at my computer weary (had to get up at 5.00am; it's my feet you see!) and ill at ease (feet again!) and gaze about me I remember all the happy hours we spent painting ceilings, balanced on a plank suspended between two ladders, doors, window frames and all the carpet stains donated by our Rufus and Jessie over the years as they marked their territories.
Carpet off-cuts cover most of their major mistakes, although these will be the death of me, as the OH&S therapists keep pointing out whenever they call. grin

Anyway, it's a weekend of toasts to our health and anniversaries;

Golden; 50 years in OZ. grin
Pearl 30 years since I retired. grin
Diamond 75 years since my "Call-Up" for National Service; Two and a half years spent in Egypt. Changed my life forever! grin

I'm toasting your health as I proceed; nearly half the week-end has gone already!

Jaxjacky Almost forgot a toast for City! How good are they!? Watched them on TV playing Munchinggladrap; Two "Away" goals so should survive their home game at Etihad.
That stadium looked vey smart, but not good minus spectators. Wonder if Boris will allow them back in time for the next game although I think they shouldn't be allowed in order to be fair to the visitors. hmm

Our "Rules" have been eased in time for the opening of the football season, of course! "Half capacity" means 30,000 at some grounds! No thanks! sad

We're now allowed up to 30 visitors into our homes! I'm struggling to get three at the same time even including nurses. And they're not allowed to bring "refreshments, of course, no matter what time of day or night! hmm

Weather is cooler than average, dry and Summer ends officially tomorrow.
So let's see what tomorrow brings!
Good Health wine wine wine wine

Kim19 Sat 27-Feb-21 12:31:15

Rufus, I would sneak a small refreshment into you as long as you wanted it and it wouldn't do you any harm. Don't think I know thirty people that I would want in my home together or separately! Lucky Australians! Or maybe the more accurate word is 'deserving'🍺.

Jaxjacky Sat 27-Feb-21 12:46:47

Hi Rufus, fans not allowed back until 17th May, all being well, maximum of 10,000 or a quarter of the capacity, whichever the least, so the final games, 23rd, will be a real event. But, it all depends on the numbers still going down, had my first jab Wednesday, slickly organised, no after effects.
What a lot of momentous anniversaries, memories and life changing events to celebrate, I’ll raise my glass with you 🥂.
Bright sunshine here, about 12deg, frost this morning,
30 people! Sounds positively claustrophobic for where I’m sitting, only been me and him for months, good job we rub along well even with the disparity in football teams. Leeds are on the box again later, they are frequently on the Sky schedule, good entertainment for even a neutral. I have a birthday on Monday, last year it was a trip to the local with friends, this year just us and an Indian takeaway, c’est la vie.
Take care 🥂

Megs36 Sat 27-Feb-21 16:59:51

Hello Rufus Great Anniversaries, it’s amazing how many we can find🎂 My eldest will be sixty in June (how did that happen) so must be an anniversary there somewhere.
Rest your feet ,not too much boogying with your 30 visitors.
Celebrate 🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷

rafichagran Sat 27-Feb-21 18:58:11

Evening Rufus, it's been a nice bright sunny day where I am.
Lovely to hear about all your good avniversaries.