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watermeadow Tue 09-Mar-21 13:37:18

I’ve lived alone for 25 years so used to it and for all of the last year I’ve walked my dog twice daily, met friends when out and shopped as far as possible. I’d go stir crazy if I stayed indoors.
Even so, I’m lonely and bored. What makes life worth living is having a cat and a dog, who keep me company, rely on me and give me unconditional love. To me, having pets hasbeen the most important way of getting through a year of Coronavirus.
Are your pets invaluable or are you happy alone?

avitorl Tue 09-Mar-21 13:50:39

My cat is the most important thing in my life.She gives me a reason to be alive. She depends upon me to care for her and in return gives me affection and is always happy to see me when I return home if I've been out.She is also funny in her antics which make me laugh and that is always worth having.I would feel lost without her.

Tweedle24 Tue 09-Mar-21 13:53:29

Oh, absolutely! When my husband died five years ago, out two lovely cats died within weeks of his death. I was devastated. I got two rescue cats, siblings, a year old then, and they have seen me through the pandemic. A friend, who also lives alone and has a dog, described it as the comfort of another heartbeat in the house.

keepingquiet Tue 09-Mar-21 13:57:06

I've been on my own for three years. I still work so have chosen not to have a pet.
Lockdown and shielding especially have been tough but I do feel I have changed and grown a lot as a person.
I have good and bad days like anyone else but I know I don't want a pet.
Maybe I'm too selfish but I do think pets are a commitment, especially financially. I love my friends's pets but I'm glad I don't have one of my own.

Tangerine Tue 09-Mar-21 13:57:26

I am happy alone but understand how pets could give some people comfort.

Admittedly, my next remark doesn't apply during current times but, on the whole, I would not want the tie of a pet because of holidays and days out. Holidays? What are they?

Soozikinzi Tue 09-Mar-21 13:59:47

I remember when a mutual friend of ours took her own life my pet loving friend said if she’d just had a dog or a cat she might have thought twice because who would care for them . Now having a dog myself I do see what she meant especially through the lockdowns.

Gwyneth Tue 09-Mar-21 13:59:57

I agree watermeadow. Pets have always been very important to me and particularly during lockdown. I have a beautiful cat who keeps me company and I look after my son’s dog a couple of days a week. He’s gorgeous and gets me out of the house. It helps to have socially distanced chats with other dog walkers.

tanith Tue 09-Mar-21 14:17:55

I’ve had cats all my life but when DH retired and the cats had gone we didn’t get any pets as we wanted to not have the ties anymore. I’ve been alone 2 yrs and for the time being I’m staying pet free.

Shrub Tue 09-Mar-21 15:20:42

If I lived way out in the countryside with lots of walks round me, I would love to have a dog. I’m afraid I think there are far to many dogs around now. All I can hear out in my garden are dogs barking, either in their own back gardens or being walked round the streets. I do hope the rescue places aren’t inundated with unwanted dogs when people go back to work.

Elusivebutterfly Tue 09-Mar-21 15:27:01

I would never choose to have a pet and would not find they are company. I would much rather be on my own.

EllanVannin Tue 09-Mar-21 15:38:03

I couldn't be without my cats. I have 3 and I also feed a stray who I bought a kennel for a few years ago which is against the wall and near my patio----he won't come indoors.
My cats keep me going and are no trouble whatsoever and never stray far from home.
They're great company and I couldn't imagine being without them. At least they give me a purpose in life, especially this last 12 months when we haven't been allowed to go far.

Polarbear2 Tue 09-Mar-21 16:53:49

I’ve thought if I was on my own again for whatever reason I’d get a dog. However in my area there is so much dog-napping it’s scary. People reporting being stopped at knife point and having their dogs stolen. Stealing dogs from houses and gardens. It seems prevalent around here. I think a lot of people bought expensive dogs during lockdown and the thieves are having a birthday. Is this happening elsewhere??

JaneJudge Tue 09-Mar-21 16:56:23

I don't live alone but I do find my dog company but she is extremely clever. My friend who is a therapist said she worries less about her clients who have a dog as she knows they have to get up and feed the dog and let it out/take it a walk.

BlueBelle Tue 09-Mar-21 17:03:16

I ve lived alone for 24 years I don’t have any pets any more my last cats and dog went before I was alone and I haven’t ‘renewed them alThough lately I have been thinking about a dog again It’s the thought of wanting to go away or a day out that puts me off and do I really want to be responsible for something else again