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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 09-Mar-21 13:47:28

Good Evening; Hope you had a pleasant day!
Last Evening’s newsletter needs a bit of tidying up!
Aveline No question mark required; “VB” = Vile Brew!., although I still prefer Spike Milliigan’s description!; “Cryogenic Mouthwash”
Of course, at such temps. all flavour of the ale, (not Covid VB-21). completely disappears!

Continuing the theme; A further advantage of vaccine VB 21 is that it can be stored in a domestic frig and can be “administered” wiith no delay whatsoever between first, second or even third “shots”. blush

Change of subject; after the initial shock of City’s winning run finally coming to an end, I was somewhat relieved that it was at the hands of neighbours, Man. United. Helped soften the blow a bit! grin

Soccer question; we can receive all EPL games ad-free, like your Foxtel I suppose, and there is a very realistic crowd noise soundtrack even though there are no spectators, of course, but is this sound-track also being played over the stadium’s sound system, or is it left to the players and managers to generate “crowd” noise?

Furthermore, when a player is about to take a corner kick or similar, he raises his arm then takes the kick. What’s all that about? confused
Michelle (B’mouth) has just got off a 90 min. phone call so now a late bedtime!
Good Health wine wine wine

Aveline Tue 09-Mar-21 14:00:53

There was a make of whisky, no names no pack drill, which had the letters VOB on the label after the name. The family of these distillers were neighbours when I was young(er). They told me that VOB stood for 'vomit or burst'. Lucky they had a sense of humour rather than
were offended. Mind you it was disgusting stuff.

Jaxjacky Tue 09-Mar-21 14:12:52

Hi Rufus, Sky, paid for here for football and other sport, occasionally on the BBC, lately the odd FA cup game.
Apparently, the way the player raises their arm, maybe the hand/fingers? indicates where the ball will be kicked, practiced in training. I’ll pay more attention in future.
The only VB I’ve ever had is home brew 🤮
Going to batten down the hatches in the garden before the high winds and rain kick in overnight.
Take care 🥂

Rufus2 Tue 09-Mar-21 14:46:13

They told me that VOB stood for 'vomit or burst'.

Did you ever ask them what SOB stood for? grin
I always understood it was an acronym for an expression denoting one's final effort at achieving something. hmm

I really must get to bed before other night owls take offence; it's 1.30am and I need more beauty sleep! sad

Megs36 Tue 09-Mar-21 16:43:05

Hello Rufus, I wonder if you saw the Harry and Megan show , or even if you were interested. I recorded it so we could cut out the ads. Never much of a Royalist but must confess to feeling sorry for the family and how people can believe this rubbish spoken by an actress who was made so welcome in this country. Ibelieve she has lots of sympathy and followers in America but this a country whose president said swallowing disinfectant would cure Covid!!

Good you hear from your granddaughter, also good her tortoises survived the cold, we used to have two but they finally succumbed to a really cold winter.
Sleep well

Aveline Tue 09-Mar-21 22:12:54

*Rufus2 *- SOB? Oh yes. I know what that stands for!