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sunseeker Wed 10-Mar-21 11:22:42

All my immediate family live in Australia, including my 95 year old mother. Noticed this morning that my brother had tried to ring me at 2.15 am. I immediately tried to contact him - no answer on his phone so sent a text asking if anything was wrong. Spent an hour thinking of every awful scenario - mother ill (or worse), niece (who has just been diagnosed with cancer) had reacted badly to chemo, sister in law who suffers with lung problems had deteriorated.

Eventually brother rang me - he had ass dialed me!!! Everyone OK

NellG Wed 10-Mar-21 11:26:29

I'd laugh, but... stressful or what?!

Glad everyone is OK but you might need a lie down and a cup of sweet tea!

EllanVannin Wed 10-Mar-21 11:27:28

Phone-calls at that hour usually do only spell one thing and are pretty unnerving. However I'm glad that all's well.

Oldwoman70 Wed 10-Mar-21 11:33:05

You can't help but think the worse when that happens. So pleased everyone is well.

sunseeker Wed 10-Mar-21 11:38:05

Thanks for the replies. Living alone I had no-one I could vent to so GN was nominated!

I have to admit I did tear him off a strip for taking so long to ring me back - but it also meant we had a lovely long catch up.