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Opinion needed NOW please!

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FannyCornforth Thu 11-Mar-21 23:33:31

Hello Everyone
I need your assistance please!

I've just noticed that I received a text message at 17.50 today (Thursday) saying

'Please ring (hospital department number) URGENTLY regarding your appointment'

I have an appointment tomorrow at 9.15
What would you make of that?
Would you assume that it had been cancelled?
It can't be anything else, can it?

(The appointment was given to me on Tuesday, when I rang them begging and pleading for one; I'm not sure if this is relevant in any way.)

Thank you for your thoughts!

nanna8 Thu 11-Mar-21 23:35:19

Ring them- now. Sounds like they have re-scheduled.

Doodle Thu 11-Mar-21 23:35:38

I would assume it had been cancelled or moved. If they say it’s Urgent and about your appointment, I cannot imagine what else it could be.

nanna8 Thu 11-Mar-21 23:36:12

Sorry just realised it is probably some godawful time over there!

Esspee Thu 11-Mar-21 23:36:51

Sounds ominous I’m afraid Fanny. I would be bolshy and just turn up.

Esspee Thu 11-Mar-21 23:38:27

Nana, you posted at 23:35. 😁

Granny23 Thu 11-Mar-21 23:43:23

Cancellation or change of time seems most likely. Other option might be something like "no food or drink before appointment" or "please bring a urine sample" if you are expecting tests to be carried out.

FannyCornforth Thu 11-Mar-21 23:44:16


Sounds ominous I’m afraid Fanny. I would be bolshy and just turn up.

It's going to be a right palaver going there just to leave again.
Why didn't they just say what it was about? confused
Even if I'd rang them at ten to six, I doubt that anyone would have answered. They don't under normal circumstances.

Thank you for your replies!

NotSpaghetti Thu 11-Mar-21 23:44:25

Is it a genuine number?
Check out the number and call really early tomorrow.

FannyCornforth Thu 11-Mar-21 23:46:09

Granny23 no, no tests.
It's spinal / orthopaedic.

Marydoll Fri 12-Mar-21 00:12:46

Fanny in the last few weeks, I have received phone calls from various hospital clinics just before 6pm. I've never had calls at that time in the past. One was offering me an appointment at 9am the following morning at my local hospital instead of my usual one!
It appears in my case they were doing catch up and updating referral lists and postponed procedures. Things seem to be moving again in the NHS..

Here in Scotland, a generic phone number seems to be the norm for hospital calls. I have that number saved as NHS, after I got a call about a procedure, while entering the caves underneath the Rock of Gibraltar. I thought it was a hoax call and ignored it. 😉
It was only after the third call, I realise it wasn't a scam.

As has already been said, can you check the number?.
I always Google, Who called me?.

Looks like you will just have to turn up and hope for the best.

barb1946 Fri 12-Mar-21 00:35:21

yes I agree with the above just turn up. obviously too late to get in touch now. Otherwise phone the hospital very early in the morning and see what they say. I'm sure someone will be able to help. Hope you get it all sorted. Take care

FarNorth Fri 12-Mar-21 00:54:40

I hope you're asleep now.
Phone the hospital first thing, making sure you have a genuine number, of course.

Lollin Fri 12-Mar-21 09:01:43

Hope it hasn’t been cancelled and it was just a pre entry call to check you were okay to keep your appointment fannycornforth

Jaxjacky Fri 12-Mar-21 17:18:16

What happed Fannycornforth Was it cancelled or rescheduled or went ahead?

geekesse Fri 12-Mar-21 17:45:18

They may have looked through your medical notes, seen something ambiguous which needed clarifying, and wanted to check with you. If the information might lead to a wasted appointment, they might have wanted to spare you a wasted trip.

Marydoll Fri 12-Mar-21 19:39:08

Fanny, where are you? I'm curious to know what happened!

FannyCornforth Sat 13-Mar-21 12:43:39

Hello again
Jacky and Mary
Thank you for asking!
It wasn't even for me! It was for DH, he's got to have a CT scan. It was to book that.
It would be useful if they gave a little more information, other than 'call URGENTLY'.
Name of recepient, department for example. Is it a GDP thing perhaps? confused
I had my appointment, on the phone as it happens. for various reasons (yesterday was a disaster).
I need to have an injection in my spine, and see how that goes.
I asked the Consultant for a 'ball park figure' for waiting times.
He said 'there is no ballpark' sad
I'm going to ask my GP for her advice on going private.
Thank you again

FannyCornforth Sat 13-Mar-21 12:46:32

It's not 'GDP' is it? I mean the data protection thing, what's it called?

annsixty Sat 13-Mar-21 12:52:20

Fanny is your injection for spinal stenosis.
We have discussed this before you and I.
I told you my friend had the same condition.
She has now had two injections, the first one was not successful as she had been warned but the second one, given in January has been fine, she is getting about much better.
She had them both at a private hospital on the NHS.
If it had been possible to have them done privately I am sure she would have done so.

FannyCornforth Sat 13-Mar-21 12:55:35

Thank you Ann, yes it is for stenosis and trapped nerves, and I do remember you mentioning your neighbour's situation.

Marydoll Sat 13-Mar-21 13:04:50

Fanny it is to with GDPR. You have to confirm your details before they will even speak to you. It is in case someone, other than the patient answers and private information is revealed. My husband is on my records as having permission to receive medical calls on my behalf, if I am unwell.
My sister in law, who lived at no 8, when I stayed at 48 in the same road received a breast clinic appointment letter meant for me. I hadn't told a soul and of course everyone found out! I was raging.

FannyCornforth Sat 13-Mar-21 15:13:25

Thank you Mary - GDPR. How can I forget? I've sat through enough presentations about the damn thing!
I kept thinking 'Gross Domestic Product' - that can't be right!
Yes, I'm on record as being able to talk to all of DH's HCPs.
I have to, as he forgets everything that they say hmm