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Annoying advertisements

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Notsooldat75 Fri 12-Mar-21 21:31:31

Is anyone else annoyed by certain advertisements?
I am particularly bewildered and maddened by the Supernoodle one, why has the poor woman got a donkey on her back? And the final yell of “Tasteeeeeeeeeeeeeee” is dreadful.
Definitely puts me off ever buying the product, but I’ll ring an animal charity first and get that donkey rescued!

Calendargirl Sun 14-Mar-21 13:13:19

The breastfeeding one, the daughter looks nearly as old as the mother.
I thought they were sisters.

Rufus2 Sun 14-Mar-21 13:09:35

Never seen a man advertising incontinence products, why not?
Poppyred Because we'd never stoop that low!
A man has to keep his powder dry! grin

FannyCornforth Sun 14-Mar-21 12:06:20

Ah yes. Dior Sausage for Men grin

H1954 Sun 14-Mar-21 12:00:41

The Sauvage advert starring Jonni Depp! He digs a flaming big hole in the desert, dust flying everywhere, buries his jewellery but doesn't break into a sweat or get dirty! And loads more but I would be here all day.............

blondenana Sun 14-Mar-21 11:53:53

The latest one about breastfeeding, talking to her mother i assume .really advertising a tablet or similiar, but why breastfeeding, ?
Also hate the Daisy one,and the woman who says she has something down her pants and sticks her behind out,
Could think of a lot more but would be here all-day

Bellasnana Sun 14-Mar-21 11:53:06

I’m glad it’s not just me. I agree with all of these.

Any of the funeral plan ones are awful but I particularly loathe the ones with Debbie McGee (didn’t know she was famous for anything except being married to Paul Daniels), Carol Vorderman, and the assortment of Sun Life ones featuring ‘Derek’ who is so enthusiastic he even has their number handy.

Also can’t stand ‘Beefy Botham’ or Eamonn Holmes with their Revitive Medic thing.😖

LadyGracie Sun 14-Mar-21 11:42:12

I mostly record anything with adverts so that I can fast forward them. Otherwise I use the mute button.

Parky Sun 14-Mar-21 10:25:22

Really loath the new andrex one, no I don't want to see loads of backsides, bring back the puppies and fire the ad agency!

Poppyred Sun 14-Mar-21 10:14:51

I hate them all but especially the Tena ad! So demeaning I don’t know how they get away with it.

Never seen a man advertising incontinence products, why not??

Mollygo Sun 14-Mar-21 10:07:26

I see Ryan and smile, as I am immediately transported to ‘The one with Ross’s Teeth’ in Friends.

FannyCornforth Sun 14-Mar-21 09:13:30

I love Ryan! I love his voice.

I started a thread not so long ago about a really weird advert.

It was for a new incontinence product, Pure Wick it was called.
It was a sort of exterior catheter thing. But to the uninformed viewer it actually looked like something you'd insert into your front bottom.

The woman in it was extremely odd looking too. Indeed the whole thing was most peculiar.

It's not on anymore, which would come as no surprise to anyone who had seen it.

Gwyneth Sat 13-Mar-21 19:51:03

The Rylan Clark Neal one is awful and the Tena woman in the gym. I find it embarrassing and humiliating to women.

grannysyb Sat 13-Mar-21 19:42:10

We always mute adverts. What makes laugh is that on certain TV channels there are continuous ads for mobility scooters, incontinence pads/pants, constipation pills etc, etc!

Lucca Sat 13-Mar-21 19:35:37

I can detect a perfume add in seconds

rockgran Sat 13-Mar-21 19:31:14

It is amazing how many chores you can get through during the advert break - and the added bonus is that you don't have to watch the adverts!smile

honeyrose Sat 13-Mar-21 18:36:54

Oh - and the car advert with Rylan Clark Neal (every time I switch on the telly I seem to see his face!) talking about having the snip!!

Oldbat1 Sat 13-Mar-21 11:03:01

Hate all adverts. The mute button is used on all occasions.

Witzend Sat 13-Mar-21 11:02:45

The Peleton one, which has cropped up endlessly while dh has been watching My Greek Odyssey on London Live. (The presenter of that is bloody annoying too.)

But that Peleton one - I suppose some people do actually pay good money to have a sweaty American bloke shouting at them?
Agree with the Daisy Daisy one - so very twee and girly-girly.
Mind you I’ve long thought that all perfume ads are either daft or a joke.

libra10 Sat 13-Mar-21 11:02:03

I dislike the Money Supermarket's bull advert. It's stupid, and I don't see the significance.

Also, dislike the Daisy Daisy advert - it's irritating.

Dinahmo Sat 13-Mar-21 10:54:54

Marc Jacobs Daisy Daisy Daisy. Those girls' voices are vapid and I hate the nasal tone. American I think.

Car adverts that try to promote how exciting one's life would be if only we owned this or that brand.

threexnanny Sat 13-Mar-21 10:49:06

The hair colouring one with Stacey Doolie (?) - dreadful. They don't seem to space out the adverts either. If you've seen it once during the evening you are sure to see the same one about six more times unless you turn off!
I do like the dog on the slide though.

BlueSky Sat 13-Mar-21 10:39:57


The advertisement for a walk-in bath, in which a woman is relaxing, wearing a swimsuit.

Anno grin

annodomini Sat 13-Mar-21 10:30:07

The advertisement for a walk-in bath, in which a woman is relaxing, wearing a swimsuit.

Oldwoman70 Sat 13-Mar-21 10:13:00

Definitely the Daisy one, Snoop Dog advertising JustEat and the Cinch ads

I also dislike the ad for Dior J'dore - how does having a bunch of women walking around wearing see through dresses help to sell perfume?

yggdrasil Sat 13-Mar-21 10:02:25

deffo the Daisy Daisy one. And that awful woman in the gym advertising Tena