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Jab delight!

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Witzend Sat 27-Mar-21 08:38:47

Elder dd and her dh both had first jabs yesterday afternoon. They’re 44 and 48, no underlying health conditions. They certainly weren’t expecting to be called just yet.

GrannyGravy13 Sat 27-Mar-21 08:42:14

One of our sons and DIL are getting theirs today 41 and 40, both fit end healthy, they were surprised to be called by GP but excited to be jabbed!!

BlueSky Sat 27-Mar-21 08:59:43

That’s when you start to feel old: your children are getting the jab! grin

Witzend Sat 27-Mar-21 09:10:12

On top of that, sister and niece in the US - one retired in Massachusetts, the other an academic in Arizona - both had 2nd jabs yesterday.
Out of interest I asked whether they’d had to pay - no, neither has had to. Sister replied that according to the website jabs are ‘free to everyone everywhere, regardless of insurance or immigration status’. 👏👏

Alishka Sat 27-Mar-21 09:11:46

Ds and family live in the US. He and dil are both 50. He's had his first jab, dil will have hers next week. His call up letter started "Thank you for being part of the solution"
Way to go!smile

annsixty Sat 27-Mar-21 10:01:48

My S aged 51 had his at 9am today.
I spoke to a friend yesterday who has a S the same age.
He has so far declined to consider it.
He isn’t “ having poison injected into his body when he doesn’t know what it contains”.
She pointed out to him that he had all those necessary immunisations as a baby.
She is really concerned but the more she asks the more stubborn he gets.

tanith Sat 27-Mar-21 10:02:23

My sister in Wales had her second jab yesterday, Wales is doing well .

FarNorth Sat 27-Mar-21 10:07:16

She is really concerned but the more she asks the more stubborn he gets.
It's best to say nothing. Let him think it over in his own time, difficult though that is to do.

muse Sat 27-Mar-21 10:09:30

Daughter lives near Warrington. has her's today. She's 51.

Hoping to get our 2nd one soon.

I always look forward to hearing about other countries (outside UK) doing well with vaccines.

annodomini Sat 27-Mar-21 10:13:16

My DS1 is 50 in mid April. When I heard that many 40+ people were now having the jab, I suggested that he should phone his GP which he did, but was firmly told to wait until he turned 50. I'm miffed on his behalf!

Witzend Sat 27-Mar-21 10:14:13

Must say that (say) 6 months ago, I’d never in a million years have expected America to be doing so much better with the vaccine than the EU.

BlueSapphire Sat 27-Mar-21 10:14:15

My DS's partner has just been called for her first one, she's 48. And I've been called for my second!