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Good Evening Chewsday

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Rufus2 Tue 30-Mar-21 13:32:51

Evening All! Discharged from hospital today after 13 days of R&R! They wouldn’t listen to my pleas to stay longer, 3 square meals a day, tea/coffee/biscuits as required and excellent 24/7 room service. Who could fault that!?
Only gripe (we are expected to have at least one!), concerned the lukewarm beverage temperature at breakfast, because it was served as a complete package and by the time you had demolished your cornflakes, scrambled eggs on toast, bread roll and marmalade, the water for tea was tepid. The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that the cups were as cold as charity straight from the frig!
However, later on when asked how did we like our tea, our reply ( my room companion was also an elderly widower with a similar outlook on life) was HOT, milk, no sugar, thanks! Fortunately the nurses had a sense of humour, despite the enormous strain of work: unfortunately it didn’t run to the telling of jokes (medical) unlike my previous visits, such as the one about giving Viagra to elderly gents with their supper, told to me at 3am by a night shift nurse! grin.

Brisbane is now going through more lockdowns; in particular the second biggest hospital in Queensland where a doctor and a nurse tested Covid +ve., so involving much source tracking. It will be interesting to learn how this occurred, given the rigid controls being applied.
Of course it’s devastating again for the tourist industry with Easter holiday bookings being cancelled by potential holiday makers not sure of being “trapped” by State border closures should the lockdowns be extended without notice on Thursday! sad

Must say I’m glad to be back and looking out for any interesting postings. Hope my next “news letter” will be more “meaty” after I’ve sorted out all my discharge papers tomorrow!
Good Health wine wine wine (None available in hospital, so here’s to another one. wine)

GrannyGravy13 Tue 30-Mar-21 13:54:20

Good to see you posting Rufus you have been missed 👋🍷

Megs36 Tue 30-Mar-21 13:59:21

Welcome back, Rufus. Up till yesterday there was a long thread from posters missing you but suddenly the whole thing withdrawn because apparently it’s ‘not allowed to ‘speculate’ about other posters.!! Almost wondered if you’d been banned, though goodness knows why.
Good to hear you are OK , and it’s a shame you can’t catch up .
Cheers 🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷🥂🍷

Megs36 Tue 30-Mar-21 14:01:57

I think everyone wondered how you managed your trip to the UK by the way........

Jaxjacky Tue 30-Mar-21 14:30:19

Good to see you back Rufus, know what you mean about the tea. Not much changed, ManC still reign supreme, Saints in FA cup semi, sun is shining, 20deg, frost back next week and down to 8. We’re allowed up to 6 garden visitors and the vaccinations keep going. You were missed.
Take care 🥂

Urmstongran Tue 30-Mar-21 14:34:31

Welcome back Rufus!

Gannygangan Tue 30-Mar-21 14:44:13

Rufus. How lovely to see you.

Glad to hear you're doing well.

Callistemon Tue 30-Mar-21 14:49:39

Hello Rufus, yes there were a number of concerned posters asking about you on a thread but we are not supposed to ask if you are all right or whatever!

Hope you're feeling OK and recovered after your R&R.
And cheers wine
(remembering the UK doctor who prescribed a glass of red wine for the patients on his ward each evening as he said it was good for them!)

It's worrying about the cases in Brisbane and I hope they manage to contain it quickly.

Summerlove Tue 30-Mar-21 15:12:50

Welcome back!

BlueSky Tue 30-Mar-21 15:22:36

Pleased to see you back Rufus! Good that you don’t seem to have minded your stay.
Take care x wine

AGAA4 Tue 30-Mar-21 15:33:49

Glad to see you back Rufus. Enjoy a HOT cup of tea.

Grandmabatty Tue 30-Mar-21 15:36:36

Welcome back Rufus I hope you have recovered.

NotAGran55 Tue 30-Mar-21 15:58:50

🦘 🦘 🦘
Good to see you back safe and well Rufus .

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 30-Mar-21 16:12:59

Pleased to see you are safe and well Rufus.
Welcome home

boheminan Tue 30-Mar-21 16:23:33

Hurrah! - or should that be OoRoohmm wine

EllanVannin Tue 30-Mar-21 16:26:35

Good to see you back, hopefully still in form as was.
In my nursing days we went around with the usual Horlicks and Ovaltine but with the additions of Guinness, and Sherry for the ladies as both were good beverages in the 50's and 60's.
The calls for the milky drinks lessened grin

Sitting chatting to the neighbours this afternoon after a half-wasted morning and my first time on a bus for over a year. My walking isn't so hot after months of idleness so will have to put in more practice or I'll sieze up altogether.

I've had a small chicken cooking for a couple of hours so will throw some roasties in and have a few sprouts with that for my tea usually around 5pm.
Second jab for me tomorrow then I'm done, only 8 weeks after the first while there's still some AstraZenica left.

Shopping on Thursday then I won't be moving until after Easter because the weather's going back to winter mode at the weekend with a cold blast off the Mersey.

Anyway I hope you're feeling better and that you'll have someone popping in to help with your daily needs. It's good to see you in the land of the living, keep up the good work.
Stay safe and well and here's a decent cuppa from me brewx

YorkLady Tue 30-Mar-21 16:45:57

Welcome back, Good News at last!
Looks like life is really getting back to normal 😁

BlueBelle Tue 30-Mar-21 18:08:09

Glad your all well and up and running Rufus
You have been missed

Aveline Tue 30-Mar-21 22:24:40

Welcome back Rufus2- you'll have a stich of 'Oldies' to catch up on. I keep catching my DH chortling away at the latest copy.

merlotgran Tue 30-Mar-21 22:30:36

Good to see you back, Rufus. Have one on me! wine

mokryna Wed 31-Mar-21 18:25:22

Pleased to know you are home now and hope you get back into your stride soon. Take care and eat well.

Nandalot Wed 31-Mar-21 19:12:10

Good to see you back and looking forward to more postings.

rafichagran Wed 31-Mar-21 20:02:46

Good to see you back.

seacliff Wed 31-Mar-21 21:16:53

Welcome back Rufus, good that you are OK after the hospital stay.

What a stupid and could be dangerous rule about not being able to ask after people. I have suggested before that we have a ongoing thread called Taking a Break, where posters can just add their name, nothing more. Then everyone knows not to worry, as that poster, for their own personal reasons, won't be around for a while.

Then if any other regular poster suddenly "disappears" we would be right to worry and if possible check they are OK.

fatgran57 Thu 01-Apr-21 08:28:05

Welcome back Rufus