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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 08-Apr-21 06:10:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Its getting light here this morning , but looks dry and cold outside here in Brackley .
Today , after a breakie , will do a rubbish trip to the bins , then later get the bus to Bicester for an hour, just to break away.
I shall watch cycling on TV on return with a race from the Basque area of Spain .
Take Care,

cornergran Thu 08-Apr-21 07:56:09

Morning Mick, Morning All from a confused corner of Somerset. Look out the front and the sky is full of heavy cloud, look out the back and there is blue sky. Can’t work out which will win yet.

Will try to summon both enthusiasm and energy today for something, no idea what yet. We were both very flat and weary yesterday. Should phone some friends and write some emails, usually love both activities. This won’t do!

Beautiful quilt grandMattie, hope Nobby settles and does his work sheepandcattle, fingers crossed for Bogdon.

Take care everyone, hope Thursday is gentle with us all.

grandMattie Thu 08-Apr-21 08:00:37

Thank you for your flattering comments on the quilt for DGS.
In answer to your questions...
1. I only started to make quilts since lockdown last year, although I have been sewing since the year dot;
2. It took me just shy of 10 weeks, but in lockdown I have little else to do
3. I was terrified of making patchwork, being put off by the hand quilting. Sini have discovered machine quilting...l

Elizabeth1 Thu 08-Apr-21 08:03:19

Good morning everyone from a nearly sunny day here on the east coast of Fife. I’m unsure if there’s any snow out there or not as I’m still in my cosy bed.

Thankfully my DH is up and about recovering from his recent fall which left him with a bruised Hand and painful shoulder. When his surgery phoned back they advised him to go see his pharmacist where he was given a pain relief jel and paracetamols. I thought at least his gp would’ve given him an appointment to see the injuries then I thought he would have been sent for an X-ray it wasn’t to be,

thankfully our cleaner came yesterday our bathroom and kitchen needed the once over.

On another note my DD. Sent me photos of our grandsons with newly born lamb in their arms. They had great fun visiting a farm watching real life lamb deliveries. that's part of their education seen to.

Dwmxwg Thu 08-Apr-21 08:04:37

Good morning from a chilly north Surrey, but doesn’t feel quite as cold as it was yesterday. Grandmattie another beautiful quilt, so many talented people on this thread.
Sheep I did laugh out loud at your description of Nobby’s first meeting with the cows.
We had a successful visit to the garden centre and have bought a climber frame for the honeysuckle which is a fairly recent purchase and needing some support.
I decided we should have a fire, probably the last one of the season, it certainly has kept the house warm through the night, too warm for me and I kept waking up and throwing off the bedding.
I plan to clean the Venetian blinds today along with the usual housework, interspersed with dog walking and jigsaw.
Wishing all a good day

Gingster Thu 08-Apr-21 08:06:21

Good morning all from a still very chilly Essex.

GG have a lovely day out seeing your DSister. I
think you said it was Hertfordshire. I could have cadged a lift as my DS2 lives there. 🥰. We haven’t seen him and family for 6 months. 😢. Enjoy your long awaited time together. ❤️.

Granmattie what a super quilt and what a work of art. ,! Well done you!

Sar . Hope the outcome of your Dh’s biopsy is good 🙏.
Good luck at the dentist, I’m sure it will be fine . (I’m always brave for other people) 😬

Scentia well done with the weight loss. I too am trying. It’s the evening that are my problem with snacking. Those Easter eggs are sooo tempting. I’m trying the 16 hour fasting trick. Have my evening meal at 5-6 and nothing more until breakfast at 9-10. I don’t always make the 16 hours but I’m trying hard. Let’s see if it works ! I’m only in my 3rd day 🤣😂.

Sheep I’m glad you have another bull to please the ‘ladies’, but hope Bogdon recovers fully. Life on the farm sounds so idyllic but I do realise the hard work you have daily (and nightly) . I’m looking forward to the return of ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ next week. I wonder if you have seen it and what you think?

We have a couple of old friends coming for coffee today, we won’t sit out as they are poorly! The husband has Parkinson’s and the wife has had hip replacements and still isn’t very active. The nicest and dearest couple you could wish to meet. My Dh was at school with him so we’ve been friends for a long long time.

Wishing you all a good day 🙏 🌷🌱🌿

Gingster Thu 08-Apr-21 08:09:44

Dmw any tips on cleaning Venetian blinds? My most hated job! 🤔

Grandmajean Thu 08-Apr-21 08:12:59

Good morning from Cheshire - not so cold today.
Walk planned with DH , DS and two GC later this morning. Haven't read posts yet. Will enjoy later when organised.

Susan56 Thu 08-Apr-21 08:15:38

Good morning from Shropshire where the sun is trying it’s best to make an appearance.

Final coat on the garage and front doors today, a bit of tidying up to do in the dining room and then all decorating will be finished🥳

I’m sure your grandson will love his quilt grandmattie.Its beautiful, a real labour of love.


Have a good day all and thinking of all with illness and worries.🌞🦩

Georgesgran Thu 08-Apr-21 08:18:35

Good morning from an overcast Durham. The FA came yesterday and my head was ‘battered’ by the time he went!
A walk with a friend today will be a welcome break from sorting out DH’s paperwork.
Hope everyone has a good day. X

GrannyGravy13 Thu 08-Apr-21 08:20:10


Dmw any tips on cleaning Venetian blinds? My most hated job! 🤔

I cleaned my kitchen blinds yesterday (they are big) I used floor wipes from Aldi, but have used any wipes I have had in the cupboard on other occasions including baby wipes. I have to kneel/stand on kitchen work surface 🤣🤣🤣

I find it easier and not so messy as using soap and water, no drips etc.

harrigran Thu 08-Apr-21 08:24:36

Good morning from the NE where it is a little milder.
I need to find a little machine I have that helps you regulate your breathing, I am going to give it to DS to see if it helps with the palpitations.
Although his ECGs looked as if he had a heart attack, blood tests and other tests say not, awaiting heart scan.
Prescription to collect today, must not forget as I only have three tablets left.
Love to hear about the lambs.

Dwmxwg Thu 08-Apr-21 08:28:18

Gingster I have plastic tongs which have removable ecloth covers, bought from Lakeland. still takes a while but gets the job done

Lins1066 Thu 08-Apr-21 08:28:30

Good morning Mick and all from a chilly S Welsh coast.
That is a lovely quilt grandMattie, you are talented.
sheep and cattle glad your new bull is settling in!
We have nothing planned for today, not much enthusiasm here. Hope that Cherry and Marydoll are ok.
Stay safe everyone.

Alygran Thu 08-Apr-21 08:31:05

Good morning from North Yorkshire. Cloudy and breezy today. I am going to the heating showroom to choose a new fire and surround. They are open as they are a trade supplier.
I did some tidying up in the garden and picked the daffodils that had been blown over. As I was bringing them inside I realised they had lots of little bugs in them. They are now on the patio table!
Love the quilt GM. Hope the dentist isn’t too painful Sar.
Have a good day everyone. Stay safe.

Dwmxwg Thu 08-Apr-21 08:32:04

Pittcity Thu 08-Apr-21 08:34:07

Another tip for blinds is to wear cotton gloves or a cotton sock on your hand.

Oldbutstilluseful Thu 08-Apr-21 08:35:04

Good morning from a cold north Hampshire. Gingster I couldn’t resist responding to your comment about cleaning blinds. On the Morning Live programme this week their resident cleaner gave a tip for them. Kitchen tongs, the tops wrapped with slightly damp micro fibre clothes and attached with rubber bands and hey presto!

Ashcombe I just had to say I thought you made it clear it was a working visit to the Museum, but these are strange times and we are all hankering for a change of scene. Also thank you for the beautiful photos you post, I really enjoy looking at them.

Marydoll Thu 08-Apr-21 08:37:56

Good morning all from a disappointingly wet Glasgow. I had plans to potter in the garden today.

Yesterday, I managed to plant potatoes and footer about with NO chest pain. Not a photo of beautiful flowers, but but a thing of beauty to my eyes! 😁What a boost that gave me!
A further boost today, is no more aspirin! It was a belt and braces approach after my heart attack, but was wreaking havoc on my poor stomach.

GM, the quilt is stunning!! 🌟 You are such a talented lady.
DH and I had a similar conversation, when somehow I got missed by our surgery for my jag. My DD had to intervene, it became so heated! 😉

Sar, Your poor husband, I hope he hears soon. It is so fortunate that it has been tackled sooner than later. Medicine has moved on so much from when my stubborn mother (a nurse) refused treatment for a basal cell carcinoma on her face! You will all be feeling very unsettled at the moment, until you get the results.

Beauregard, MrMD has already informed me that your horse will be running today. He has a question about your lovely horse. Are you involved with Getaway on a daily basis. or do others do that?
As for tips, I taught a wee girl, whose grandfather ran a racing stable, she was forever giving me tips for Mr MD. She could calculate odds in the blink of an eye. Dyslexic and very disengaged from school, I used this as a way of breaking down her barriers to learning. My DH also benefitted greatly! 😉
He is cockahoop, his £50 voucher has arrived from the Racing Post. He has never won anything in his life, ......apart from my heart! 💘

Ashcombe, lack of facial expression and posters being unable to discern tone, makes it even more important to ensure clarity in our posts. Sometimes it appears as if we are being reprimanded, when that was never the intention of the poster. 😉

Nothing planned today, apart from an injection delivery. The phone call always starts with, Will you be in?, where else would I be? 🤭. Only myself and DH can sign for it, so one of us has to be here.
Possibly, Dollie may grace us with a doorstop visit. Papa is ecstatic Her mum wants to borrow our carpet cleaner. We know where that is, finding the shampoo in our tip of a garage is another matter. 😂
It has spurred DH on to do something about it.

Hoping for a pain and worry free day as possible for our friends who are struggling at the moment. 💐
Those of you with plans, enjoy!

EllanVannin Thu 08-Apr-21 08:39:51

Good Morning All x.
Up with the lark for my INR at 9am and to see how the land lies with regards to a second jab, suffice to say I'm not keen at all.
Anyway, so far the sun's shining between a bit of cloud but it still doesn't feel like summer grin, big coat at the ready.

I'm sure Nobby isn't bothered about the weather at present,Sheepandcattle with the girls crowding around him. Bogdon could surprise everyone at some stage, you never know as he's a lovely boy. How refreshing it is to hear things coming to life on the farm. Busy times ahead !

What a fabulous quilt GrandMattie, made to last !
I've got an unfinished embroidered tablecloth somewhere in the depths of the ottoman. I can't even remember how much of it I've done, or not. I used to love doing the different stitches " lazy daisy " is one I can remember. Even the old Anchor silks are wrapped up with it.

I'll have to get cracking in a minute but will continue on my return so for now I'll wish everyone well and " see " you later.x

Grandmabatty Thu 08-Apr-21 08:42:39

Good morning all. 6°, grey skies and blowy in Polmont. It's been raining but is dry at the moment.
Grandmattie that is a beautiful quilt. You are very talented. Sheepandcattle fingers crossed that Bobby is up to the task and Bogdon and Popeye make full recoveries. Scentia I hope work isn't too hard. Harrigran what a worry about your son. I hope they can get to the bottom of it. Today will be a quiet one of pottering around the house and maybe the garden. Dd is booking a holiday for next year and wants me to come. I've said yes, although I suspect it won't happen but they need to have something nice to look forward to after a rotten start to the year. I'm off to have second cup of coffee. Have a good day all.

Grandmabatty Thu 08-Apr-21 08:44:51

Nobby not Bobby! I should have checked.

Gingster Thu 08-Apr-21 08:48:01

ThanksGG and Dwm for the tips . 👍. Im Sure I had one of those little tong thingies somewhere. And I have lots of different types of wipes under the sink, so will put my mind to it. We only have two bedrooms but with 3 largish windows in each. Dark brown wood, so they show the dust dreadfully!
Thanks again ladies 👋

Gingster Thu 08-Apr-21 08:50:02

Thanks also to pittcity and oldbutstilluseful 😘

Greyduster Thu 08-Apr-21 08:55:17

Good morning, Michael and all GNs. We have. The sun playing "Will it, won't it" this morning in South Yorkshire, and can only hope it will! My iPad is also playing will it, won't it, refusing to charge all day and then coming back to life after I had gone to bed! This morning, it cannot be resurrected again so I am using DH's steam driven one, until he wants it back! He had his second jab yesterday, no side effects so far. No sign of mine yet, although we had the first ones on the same day. Shopping today, and a flying visit to my nephew to pick up a couple of USB sticks with some old family photos on for me to download onto the laptop.
grandmattie I am in awe of your quilt; it's a beauty.
Have a good day, one and all.

Anniebach Thu 08-Apr-21 08:59:21

Good morning Auntyflo and all x