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Good Morning Thursday

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12Michael Thu 08-Apr-21 06:10:09

Good Morning Everyone,
Its getting light here this morning , but looks dry and cold outside here in Brackley .
Today , after a breakie , will do a rubbish trip to the bins , then later get the bus to Bicester for an hour, just to break away.
I shall watch cycling on TV on return with a race from the Basque area of Spain .
Take Care,

BlueSapphire Thu 08-Apr-21 09:03:28

Good morning everyone from a cloudy Northampton. Trying to write this with great difficulty as I have a cat lying across my lap like a baby! She does this every morning without fail, and I don't like to push her off. I just have to wait until she decides to move.

A day of not doing a lot yesterday, but I did manage to get stuck into Michelle Obama 's autobiography.

Will put some washing on in a moment, and then await the Sainsbury's delivery over lunchtime. The only item missing is a bottle of sherry! They don't seem to have had their own brand one in for weeks, but I add it to the order every week in hopes. Thank goodness they have the smoked haddock so I can look forward to a kedgeree for dinner tonight.

DD is coming late afternoon to take me to my second vaccination. The centre is a difficult place to get to by public transport, and is too far to walk, probably about a couple of hours, but 10 minutes in the car.

What a beautiful quilt, grandMattie, you are clever. Hope your cows are pleased with their new 'husband' sheep!

I vowed never to have Venetian blinds again, after having them in the kitchen of our first house. They were an absolute pain to clean and used to get so greasy and dusty. I used to have to kneel on the edge of the kitchen sink to clean them which was most uncomfortable.

Ah, the sun is coming out, I had better get a move on with the washing. Hope today turns out well for all.

Mapleleaf Thu 08-Apr-21 09:08:04

Good morning all,

Greyduster has our forecast spot n. I’m noticing a break in the clouds with (whisper) a touch of blue visible, so here’s hoping it does brighten up a bit.

What a wonderful quilt, GrandMattie. You are very talented. I think you may be getting orders from your GM friends! 😁

Pilates very shortly, the day soon comes round. Take care everyone.

EkwaNimitee Thu 08-Apr-21 09:08:35

Good morning, Mick and everyone from a grey and damp Cumbrian coast. There's no need to go out today so I shall be gently carrying on with my housecleaning program and maybe tackling the ironing.
Your quilt is wonderful, grandMattie, you have made a family heirloom there. There seems to be a lot of crafting talent on GN. It will not be joined by me. I am a left-hander and still remember the frustration of my mother and teachers when trying to teach me how to knit and sew. A left-hander works the opposite way around and they couldn't get their heads round that. I devised my own methods in the end but I'm slow and lack patience anyway. My creativity lies in gardening and I'm looking forward to developing my new one which is currently just a grass rectangle .
A satisfying day to all I hope with special thoughts for all struggling with ill health .

GrannyGravy13 Thu 08-Apr-21 09:20:45


Gingster I have plastic tongs which have removable ecloth covers, bought from Lakeland. still takes a while but gets the job done

You have just reminded me that I have one of those somewhere?🤣

GrannySomerset Thu 08-Apr-21 09:24:14

Cold and sunny and another largely blank day ahead apart from hairdresser, rigged up like a spaceman, coming to cut DH’s hair, so must go and get him ready. If the wind has subsided may do a bit in the garden, but am currently devoid of ideas for useful activity. Very impressed by the wonderful crafts displayed and wish I had the skill, the imagination and the patience for such things. Hope we all have a reasonable and drama-free day.

aggie Thu 08-Apr-21 09:30:57

Good Morning all, damp and dull , but comparatively mild today , I have checked the greenhouse and so many seedlings really need to go outside but we are forecast frost at the weekend
I live the Quilt , I haven’t the patience for that , I have crocheted blankets for all the grandchildren and they all love them , even made one for the girls cat 😂

Kalu Thu 08-Apr-21 09:31:47

Ginster I bought a pair of microfibre gloves in Asda. They make dusting any surface so much easier, especially fiddly bits. I haven’t looked but Amazon may sell them.

Two updates:
I dropped my phone on a tiled floor, typically, like dropping buttered bread, it landed, butter side down and smashed the screen!

DD1 has had her jag this morning, AZ. Fingers crossed for no after effects as she has her hands full with both DGs at home during the holiday. 🤞

hollysteers Thu 08-Apr-21 09:39:35

Good morning Mick and all from Cloudy Chambers, northwest Lancashire coast.
Some lovely needlework going on here and such patience. Well done.
The scaffolding is coming down today after the roof repairs which only took a couple of days. Or it could be left as an art installation, along the Brutalist school of architecture 😁
Just some clearing today, a room which has become a repository for anything with a question mark over it. Also I will make some smoothies. I don’t enjoy eating fruit, so must consume them some way.
A poster asked me to post my watercolour from yesterday, well I wasn’t happy with it (are we ever?) so here is a sketch wot I did.
Thoughts to all with worries and have a nice Thursday.

Beauregard Thu 08-Apr-21 09:41:39

Marydoll unfortunately I have never met DHorse as I hold just a single share of a huge syndicate. Stable visits for members are arranged occasionally (not recently though) but he is trained in Devizes, Wiltshire, so not anywhere near me, although I'd love to go and see him one day. Owners can apply for an owners pass at the racecourse when he races (it's a raffle). If he ever runs at Uttoxeter I'll try and get one.

JaxJacky he's called Getaway Trump - 4.40 at Aintree.

hulahoop Thu 08-Apr-21 09:54:12

What a lovely sketch Holly ,GM the quilt is beautifully ,there are so many talented people on gransnet unfortunately I'm not ,I used to knit for my children with pictures on front but it's a long time ago .
I had to smile at your description sheep😀I used to put a shower curtain in bottom of bath and clean blinds but have now got roller blinds .Take care everyone.

Nannagarra Thu 08-Apr-21 09:57:48

Good morning from the Sefton coast. It’s grey and cool here.
Your quilt is a stunner, grandMattie. I am in complete awe of your skill and artistry. And you’ve only been quilting for how long? Wow!
There’s so much colour and interest in your garden, Alygran. It’s beautiful.
The Rocky Road Easter wreath sounds very attractive kitty. I have a picture in my mind but could you post one please?
I hope the appointment to deal with your gum problem goes well Sar53.
Another fan of ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’ here. Received the calendar for Christmas - just want something to bluddy (Urms 😉) write on it!
I’ve pointed out to DH that we need to do some decorating but he’s not taking me up on the idea.🤣
Thinking of lots of people dealing with troubles but if I name them I might miss someone and unintentionally cause upset. I’m sure you understand. Sending a smile and a frolicsome flamingo to brighten your Thursday.

Jaxjacky Thu 08-Apr-21 09:59:22

Thank you Beauregard 🤞

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 08-Apr-21 10:22:52

Good Morning all from grey skies in Harrogate
This is going to be a race before my Sainsburies delivery comes or DH returns with the dog - both causes for bedlam. He is out with Dog, DD1 and DGD. She is on her scooter. The dog who is now quite elderly will be the one to dictate when they get back.
That is a beautiful quilt GrandMattie
Yesterday I failed to dust or to clean the windows. There's a surprise!! I did, however give the Romba a good clean.
Sheepandcattle I did have a giggle about your post with your new bull!!

I made DD2 a 3 piece outfit when she was 6, she wouldn't part with it, I tried it on DGD and she has nearly grown into it, but I did notice a seam has come undone, so that's a repair job for yours truly.

I'll bid my farewell for the time being, hope everyone has as good a day as they can. Will try to pop back later to read the rest of your posts.

Blossoming Thu 08-Apr-21 10:23:59

Good morning all from a cold wet Lancashire. I have some sewing to finish today, not much planned apart from the usual physio exercises. Have a good Thursday all.

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 08-Apr-21 10:26:21

Thank you Holly that sketch is beautiful! I'm sure your watercolour is not as bad as mine!!

Taichinan Thu 08-Apr-21 10:28:21

Good morning Mick and all who follow from a bright but grey Angus coast. At least the wind is coming out of the west today, which tends to be gentler for us here in the east.
What a beautiful quilt Grandmattie, and so much handsewing too. You are a clever lady! Apart from painting the occasional watercolour, I have absolutely no creative skills at all and do so admire people who have. That was a beautiful cross-stitch that someone (sorry, can't remember the name - I need a face to prompt me) posted a photo of yesterday.
Glad your bull hunt was successful sheep - Nobby looks a fine and very enthusiastic specimen who will be appreciated by all the ladies I'm sure.
That was an interesting comment about the lack of visual contact with the written word. I loathe telephone calls for that very reason and much prefer the written word. At least with that you can change something if it seems ambiguous. I have a friend who is the opposite and messages between us are verbose (on my part) and terse (on hers) - and then there's a knock on the door and she's there for a "proper chat"!
I have nothing planned today except for topping up the pond and doing the necessary (bare minimum as usual) around the house. Yesterday I was surprised at how far some objects had travelled around the garden in the gales. I found a watering can where no watering can had been found before, and a huge bag (think builders merchants) of garden detritus had shifted at least a 100 yards in its obvious determination to decant itself into the pond!
Anyway, off I go and will read the rest of the posts later.
Enjoy the cycling Mick, and all of you with pain and problems I hope you find ease and solace today. Take care everyone ☀️🌷🦩🦋

Suederlou Thu 08-Apr-21 10:52:04

Good morning from a dry cloudy but fairly mild Fylde coast. Just wanted to pop in to congratulate Grandmattie on that epic quilt, an heirloom in the making. very best wishes to all on this lovely thread.❤️

dustyangel Thu 08-Apr-21 11:07:12

Absolutely beautiful quilt Grandmattie, is it a labour of love for you to do it? For me it would be a massive burden just to know that I had to try to accomplish something that has so many different skills within it.

The wind is moving the air around down here at last, earlier the sky was a blanket of solid grey although not particularly cold. Whether the sun will come out remains a mystery.

EllanVannin Thu 08-Apr-21 11:09:33

The wanderer returns.
First of all what a brilliant sketch hollysteers, might I add that the hair is reminiscent of mine in the morning----but better suited to your lady in the pic. The flyaway look grin or preferably au-naturelle as in a hairstyle and not nude.

As expected my INR wasn't an acceptable range so I have adjustments in the warfarin and have to have another test next Thursday. I knew it was out of kilter and has probably been up and down like a fiddlers elbow this last couple of months. The bloomin' vax had disturbed the system. I don't have to have a second as it seems as though the first did cause mischief. I'll have a very long ponder grin

The nurse told me that I should have pressed my buzzer to the emergency services----just in case, as there's no Covid within the hospital except for a specialized ward should there be any cases.
I think of harrigran's DS with his problem of palpitations, the difference being in my case there's no breathlessness nor chest pain and no sign of a heart attack, just a mini-stroke. I hope his condition can be rectified as he'll feel as though he's been through the mangle. It's quite debilitating. flowers x.

I have to go to the corner shop today to replenish the cat food, but I don't need much else with the freezer being chock-a-block. An M&S ready meal today to save cooking so another day of idleness in store. I can do nothing lovely.

Have a good day everyone and those who aren't up to par I hope things improve as the day goes.Stay safe and well xx

Gagagran Thu 08-Apr-21 11:21:35

Well things got stirred up when I managed to ring the GP surgery and about an hour later we had a call saying to go down to the church at the bottom of our road before 1pm and we could have our second Pfizer jabs.

So we are now back, duly jabbed, and very pleased and glad I rang. I do wonder if we had been missed as our names were scribbled on a secondary bit of paper at the registration desk.

We had our first jabs in similar circumstances on January 19 so it would be 12 weeks next Tuesday. Anyway, done and dusted and told not to hold a party just yet!

LauraNorder Thu 08-Apr-21 11:23:11

Good morning Mick and all from dry, overcast and breezy Anglesey.
Beautiful quilt grandMattie, lovely garden Alygran, amazing sketch Hollysteers, interesting planting Marydoll.
Great photo and story of Nobby Sheep. Looks as though you’ll have some happy cows.
I’m sitting with kitchen window wide open and Orlin complaining it’s cold. Hopefully he’ll remember to put the extractor fan on next time he fries onions.
Good wishes to all and to all a random pink flamingo. 🦩

Feelingmyage55 Thu 08-Apr-21 11:26:11

Good morning for a sunny north of Scotland with a few flakes of snow flying past horizontally from a blue sky.
I was here two hours ago but my neighbour opposite was having a delivery - well it was entertainment - massive container closing the road and a man with the longest forklift I have ever seen. I don’t know is he is build a ginormous wooden shed with an acre of decking or a triple garage but it has taken an hour and a half to unload, blocked the traffic and I’ll have to wait and see what happens next. Normally I wouldn’t have bothered watching but these are not normal times.
I have potted up some plug plants that arrived by post. I gave up ordering by post a few years ago after some poor quality deliveries but am giving it a go again after reading the reviews carefully AND now I can send a photo to the supplier if what arrives is dreadful. I am optimistic about my latest purchase though.
The quilt is absolutely beautiful and what commitment to finish it so quickly.
Wishing you all a good day and hope those unwell are lifted up by the sun, even if it is cold.

muse Thu 08-Apr-21 11:59:07

Good Morning from a warmer Cornwall. It's good to do Mya's quick morning walk without putting so many layers on myself.

Hope the bus is quiet again for you Mick.

MrM did a successful hydro repair job yesterday and his visit gave us lots to chat about last night. His clients' hav quite a lot of land and have just introduced beavers into the river. He thinks it is part of a big project happening here in Cornwall and Devon. Their neighbours keep alpacas so hoping for a visit there soon to see both these animals.
After yet another restless night with hip pain, so I'm thinking of getting a new mattress. It's my arthritis side.
Plan today is to finally attack the rockery. Made a small stab at it yesterday. Prior to that, I have a new 15mm pilates mat so that is out waiting for me to do a downward facing dog smile.
Good to read so many getting their 2nd vaccination smile Gagagran. We are almost at our 12 weeks mark. Had a text last time. I might ring when the 12 weeks is up but I'm sure we will hear soon.

Ashcombe When I read your post my thoughts suddenly went back to some close friends I had 40 years ago. They had twin boys both with CF. One died at the age of 12 and the other in his 20s. I hope your niece is coping.
I only have 8 weeks till my daughter and Gdaughter arrive. Like you, I can't wait.
grandMattie Beautiful quilt. Perfect choice of colours. Quite an heirloom.
Beechnut I'm struggling with my hand sewing but it's helping with the exercise I need for my right hand. I had a bad accident two years ago and was in plaster for two months and then with the hand therapist for the whole of the following year.
Sar53 Good luck at the dentist. Gums are my weakness too but so much better these days thanks to the hygienist at my new dentist here in Cornwall. For the first few visits, she froze all my gums (small area at a time). I now get 1 and 2 instead of lots of 3 and 4 shock. Thinking of you.
sheep I occasionally read the morning comments to MrM. Today I read yours. He loved it and I then had to explain about Popeye. Thank you for choosing the name Nobby. It was my father's nickname. He was Norman. Not a bull but a gentle giant of a man. He was 6'4". That's where my height comes from.
scentia. Great weight loss. I must try. You've spurred me on.
Kalu. Snap re phone. Have you decided to have it repaired? Mine was working OK but the battery was struggling to hold power. I decided to sell it on eBay. Amazed at how much I got for it. Sold it as "parts only". Put the money towards another one (second hand again).
Taichinan I wish time and time again that there was an edit facility on GN. You make a good point about how some messages between two people could be written/read differently. I use preview nearly 100% of the time but even then don't spot my errors. I too much prefer a "proper chat'. It has made me now think twice about what could be behind a comment someone has made.

Mya is now nosing me. Time to leave the keyboard alone. Exercise and a weed infested large rockery await.
🤗flowers smile🦔

dustyangel Thu 08-Apr-21 12:02:43

Ellan, what a horrible time you have been having although I had a few somewhat dim moments wondering how an cleaning implement could affect your heart! ( Is it an old wives tale that electrical tools can affect the heart? )
Coming back for a catch up I now see holsteers’ beautiful sketch. Many years ago in hospital after an operation I can remember lying there wishing that I could draw the line of trees on the horizon. I wish that I had the artistic skill so many of you have.

Gwenisgreat1 Thu 08-Apr-21 20:46:12

Interesting the discussions about cleaning venetian blinds, that's another job I should be doing!!