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Who was your favourite Beatle?

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Kandinsky Thu 08-Apr-21 19:03:35

Has to be George Harrison for me. smile

Lucca Thu 08-Apr-21 19:04:41

And me

joannapiano Thu 08-Apr-21 19:06:11

And me.

Jane43 Thu 08-Apr-21 19:08:15

George for me too.

Sara1954 Thu 08-Apr-21 19:13:34

Paul, still love him💖

gt66 Thu 08-Apr-21 19:15:02

Another vote for George....those eyes!

BlueBelle Thu 08-Apr-21 19:24:16

Ringo I love drummers I wasn’t actually a Beatles fan at all I was a Stones fan and Charlie Watts (drummer again) was my favourite

Nana3 Thu 08-Apr-21 19:24:34

John was mine, still miss him.

downtoearth Thu 08-Apr-21 19:34:56


grannyrebel7 Thu 08-Apr-21 20:02:00


Oopsadaisy1 Thu 08-Apr-21 20:32:28

George for me too.

BBbevan Thu 08-Apr-21 20:39:19

Not terribly keen on the Beatles, but George if I had to choose

Shinamae Thu 08-Apr-21 20:40:05

Gorgeous George

grandmajet Thu 08-Apr-21 20:43:10

But I was a Stones fan really.

timetogo2016 Thu 08-Apr-21 20:49:46

I wasn`t a fan in any way shape or form.
But i loved the song 8 days a week.

Ladyleftfieldlover Thu 08-Apr-21 20:56:07

George. He lived in Henley, which was only 3 or 4 miles from me. One day I parked my old mini by his garden walk, stood on my car roof and took photos. A pap before there were paps!

Gannygangan Thu 08-Apr-21 20:59:57


Pudding123 Thu 08-Apr-21 21:02:17

Paul made me go weak at the knees..

Grannybags Thu 08-Apr-21 21:08:53

Another Stones fan here but if I had to choose it would be George for me.

Grandmafrench Thu 08-Apr-21 21:19:53

George....always. I saw them play in 1963 in Somerset, just before they became really famous, and when you could still hear them. Got George to notice me, in the middle of the front row and in touching distance! I got a smile and a wink and a wave - my big plan to sit completely still actually worked.
Daft but happy teenager!

grandmajet Thu 08-Apr-21 21:22:41

Cunning plan, Grandmafrench!

merlotgran Thu 08-Apr-21 21:23:46

Paul, followed closely by George.

Kandinsky Thu 08-Apr-21 21:25:00

Ladyleftfieldlover & Grandmafrench
Lovely stories 😊

Bridie22 Thu 08-Apr-21 21:38:28


TrendyNannie6 Thu 08-Apr-21 21:45:58

Ringo followed by george