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Is your mood affected by the weather?

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nanna8 Tue 20-Apr-21 01:14:01

If it is a lovely sunny day, hot or cold, I just want to get outside and enjoy it but if it is dull I kind of feel a bit dull myself and have a tendency to hibernate. I think there is a thing called Seasonal Affective Disorder, maybe I have it.

Kim19 Tue 20-Apr-21 01:29:16

Warm, be it dull or sunny, does it for me. I'd be out in the garden non stop. I love the unfettered feel of fewer layers of clothes. Not at all miserable when it's cold but just go about my business with speed rather than the relaxed state of warm and spend much more time indoors.

Hithere Tue 20-Apr-21 03:42:32

I know it is not typical but I cannot stand super sunny days - overcast is the best.

Sunlight triggers my migraines so I become a hermit during summer.

Whitewavemark2 Tue 20-Apr-21 04:32:53

I think it is the light levels that affect me. So the depths of winter I could cheerfully sleep away, but now I’m awake at dawn and gravitate to outdoors or at least the conservatory.

JennyNotFromTheBlock Tue 20-Apr-21 05:33:34

It definitely is, I feel tired and have no energy on moody days, but when it's sunny I'm full of excitement and do everything that's been planned and even more, be it warm or cold!

Lollin Tue 20-Apr-21 05:56:38

Sadly I am badly affected by hot sunny days. Autumn and spring help my mood a lot.

FannyCornforth Tue 20-Apr-21 06:21:45

I'm another odd one who loves an overcast day. I like cold weather too.
I hate, hate, hate hot and bright weather. Awful.
I think that it may be related to sensory overload.
It just makes me anxious, tired and unhappy.

Juliet27 Tue 20-Apr-21 06:39:16

I certainly seem to suffer from SAD syndrome but taking Vit D regularly for the last few years has definitely helped. I do enjoy a cold, crisp sunny day but would be happy to hibernate through most of winter. A mid 20s summer temperature is best for me. I can’t cope with heatwaves. You’re in Australia aren’t you nanna8 and going into your winter now so it’s interesting that you’re affected to.

Sara1954 Tue 20-Apr-21 06:40:08

I like all seasons in their own way, although I do find January quite depressing.
I don’t like the short days either, I don’t like driving in the dark now, and in the winter I drive to work just as it’s getting light, and drive home in the dark.
I used to love summer, the hotter the better, but I tend to seek out the shade these days.
But on the whole, I’m definitely more miserable in winter.

Pantglas2 Tue 20-Apr-21 08:04:40

I’m chirpier in fine weather but prefer shade when it’s really hot. I don’t really mind the cold, frosty mornings are a joy when wrapped up warm, but I find rain the most depressing thing on the planet!

polomint Tue 20-Apr-21 08:10:12

If you are talking about whether the weather affects your moods, then I would say it does, very much so in my case. Overcast days make me so depressed and gloomy. Cloudy skies with occasional views of the blue above and I feel happy and full of life. Sunny warm days and I am feeling great. I'd rather be cold than hot and I prefer being in the shade on a really hot day

Iam64 Tue 20-Apr-21 08:15:53

I love this warm bright spring weather we are experiencing now. I’m north west so good, grey, damp, rainy days are a feature.
I love Greece in May and September but the older I get, the less very hot weather suits me.

Lucca Tue 20-Apr-21 08:22:31

Absolutely love the current warm sunny days, lifts my mood so much. You can keep winter !

Mollygo Tue 20-Apr-21 08:23:43

I love this bright sunny weather-I’m awake and ready to go ridiculously early.
It’s a bit depressing going to and from work in the dark or half light, when it stays grey all day.
Can’t cope with it too hot though.

Gingster Tue 20-Apr-21 08:31:28

I like any type of weatherBUT not overcast, still days where the world stands still.
I love the wind - exhilarating
I love the rain - cosy indoor persuits
I love the sun - not too hot
I love the snow - beautiful and magical

I love weather!

Redhead56 Tue 20-Apr-21 08:55:56

I have arthritis and it is advancing the wet really icy cold winters we get do seem to aggravate it and this depresses me. The spring helps my mood it’s uplifting new life new growth it gives me energy. I love bright summer days but I have never been one for sunbathing. I love to hear laughter and people out enjoying themselves making the most of the sunny weather.

nanna8 Tue 20-Apr-21 09:08:12

I never sunbake, not many of us do these days but I do like to go for a walk in the sun. When it gets above about 33,34C I keep out of it though those days usually have lovely evenings and you can have a nice BBQ outside, smothered in anti mosquito spray in my case. Today it is wet and cold and everyone is whinging because we are not used to it.

dogsmother Tue 20-Apr-21 09:22:20

Love the spring, makes me smile, but could with a little more heat please 😊

timetogo2016 Tue 20-Apr-21 10:02:58

I dislike hot sunny days and the winter,i love spring and autumn.
I don`t like grey misserable days,they are depressing.

Shinamae Tue 20-Apr-21 10:04:53

I love winter weather and cannot stand a hot sunny day, if I’m in doors it’s with the curtains shut....

Sarnia Tue 20-Apr-21 10:12:10

I enjoy sunny spring and autumn weather but the humid, energy sapping days of summer can be too much for me now. I don't mind rainy days but I really enjoy a blustery one.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 20-Apr-21 10:55:04

I am not bothered if it’s hot or cold as long as the sky is clear and blue!

I find grey days really make me feel grey . Rain showers that come and go are ok’ish but persistent rain drizzle is just so depressing.

Kali2 Tue 20-Apr-21 11:01:50

I am affected by not being able to spend time in the garden or walking in the woods- but try and go in all weathers.

Grandmadinosaur Tue 20-Apr-21 18:49:46

I love to see a bright sunny day. It makes me feel so much better and the impetus to do things whether it’s housework or day out.
If the day is dull and dark ( especially in winter) then it’s a can’t be a**ed day. Going by this I think I too have a touch of SAD or as my DH calls it BM for bl**dy miserable.

Washerwoman Tue 20-Apr-21 19:01:59

I love a sunny day .But just as happy with a cold one in winter.Wrapped up and walking my dogs.In fact increasingly I find very hot days intolerable.But as it is now is just perfect walking weather.
I'm also one of those strange people who doesn't mind winter in general as long as it's not day after day of relentless, heavy rain.I love getting cosy inside and sleep better in winter with more hours of darkness.