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I have a delightful neighbour but ......

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Feelingmyage55 Tue 20-Apr-21 13:39:16

I have a delightful neighbour. She has three very beautiful cats. I got a greenhouse last spring which has been a huge benefit to me in the last year but my neighbour’s cats love it as much as I do. I use an inhaler for my chest and the cats sunbathing in the greenhouse have made it very difficult as I need to use my inhaler more and also take antihistamine. My lovely neighbour (she is) is now having a large extension built and the cats have moved in here! I don’t give them any food, water or encouragement and I don’t want any animosity but what do I do. The cats are not rag dolls but they are very “bushy” with a sort of lion’s mane, very photogenic. But I am wheezing so badly. Help me all you grans please.

aggie Tue 20-Apr-21 13:42:08

Keep wetting the greenhouse floor ! Get a wire inside door to keep them out when you have the main door open

Lucca Tue 20-Apr-21 13:42:30

Goodness me your health is more important than a couple of cats! You must speak to your neighbour. If she is as lovely as you say she will quite understand. Can you not block the access to your greenhouse ? Sorry I know nothing about greenhouses

Lucca Tue 20-Apr-21 13:42:55

Ah Aggie clearly does !!

Blossoming Tue 20-Apr-21 13:44:02

I don’t know the answer but there are some tips on the RSPCA website.

Jaxjacky Tue 20-Apr-21 13:46:42

How very annoying, you could try something like this?

jusnoneed Tue 20-Apr-21 13:47:41

When we had a cat she used to love lying in the greenhouse or under cloches - how she didn't cook I don't know! My OH made a wire mesh door, he did try net at first but it was a hassle to get in and out, which although she is no longer with us is still used to keep out other unwanted visitors. It just sits in the runners top and bottom and is easily lifted out for access.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 20-Apr-21 14:24:43

We have a wire mesh door that DH made to keep cats out.
Squirt the cats with water as soon as they set foot in your house, they should soon get the message, Google things that cats hate and buy some.
TBH there isn’t much your neighbour can do about it, you have to make the cats reluctant to go into your property.

Amberone Tue 20-Apr-21 14:31:17

A wire door is the most obvious solution - or anything that covers the doorway when you want to keep it open. I've tried most cat repellents and haven't found one that works.

Or what about an electronic cat repellent in the greenhouse? Easy if you have electricity in the greenhouse, not sure about battery ones.

I'm not sure what your neighbour can do about it really, short of locking them up or putting them on a lead.

crazyH Tue 20-Apr-21 14:43:58

I know exactly how you feel - I am asthmatic, getting worse as I’m getting older . I only have to open the garage door for a second and she slips in and runs upstairs. It hits me instantly and I start coughing and wheezing, even though she’s only been in the house for a second. Sometimes I find her snoozing on the cushions in my garden chairs. Nuisance, but can’t do anything about it 😩

Millie22 Tue 20-Apr-21 15:09:25

I would get a spray bottle with lemon in and spray it around your door. Cats hate citrus smells. Or better still a mesh door to fit the entrance.

vampirequeen Tue 20-Apr-21 15:13:53

I was going to suggest orange/orangey smells but, as Millie 22 says, lemon works too.

Feelingmyage55 Tue 20-Apr-21 21:35:47

Thank you. Mesh door, watered ground in the greenhouse and lemon juice spray it is. All of those and maybe even the mat too. Given that there are three cats I am going to be thorough to break the habit before the weather improves even more. I think they would like me t- provide sun beds and cool drinks but I save that spoiling for the birds.

HurdyGurdy Wed 21-Apr-21 11:13:43

Failing all that, I have heard that Big Cat poo in your garden is a deterrent. As, unless you are a zookeeper, the real thing isn't easily come by, do you can get Lion Manure from Amazon.

That's slightly tongue in cheek, but desperate times an' all that . . .

Annaram1 Wed 21-Apr-21 11:22:46

I have been asthmatic for 75 years. I had allergy tests once which established that I was allergic to many items . This would have made living almost impossible. I use inhalers every day even if not wheezing. Always use the inhaler which prevents symptoms. I note that Feeling does use inhalers.

A lot of asthma is caused by psychological problems. It may be that you say to yourself "I am allergic to cats" and then when you see one you immediately get symptoms. Try saying to yourself "I like cats and am not allergic to them." Sometimes you can become desensitised to them anyway after a lot of exposure.

Alioop Wed 21-Apr-21 11:23:41

I would make a mesh door to stop them going in your greenhouse. Awful it's affecting your breathing so badly

Purplepixie Wed 21-Apr-21 11:26:23

White pepper is great for deterring cats. We used to have a neighbours cat that hung around our patio. I sprinkled the area with white pepper and it never came back. Also keeping the green house floor wet is a good deterrent as cats hate to get their feet wet. Good luck.

greenlady102 Wed 21-Apr-21 11:31:20

I agree with all the practical suggestions but i think its worth mentioning to your neighbour as well so she knows you are not being difficult.

Aepgirl Wed 21-Apr-21 11:36:14

Just push them out very firmly. They will get the message. If you make them welcome, they will keep coming back.

dumdum Wed 21-Apr-21 11:37:50

If you can bear to get near them you could’damp dust’the cats.Helps keep dust and dander down.

NanaPlenty Wed 21-Apr-21 11:40:40

It’s pointless speaking to your neighbour cats can’t be controlled like dogs. I think some sort of mesh is the answer - they will then give up and go somewhere else - a greenhouse is very cosy for a cat .

jaylucy Wed 21-Apr-21 11:50:28

First of all speak to your neighbour and I am sure that she will be understanding.
Put a mesh door over the door into the greenhouse to stop them going in - you can get spiky plastic stuff to put along the fence that isn't expensive.
Maybe make one part of your garden a no go zone for yourself and put a gerry built shelter there for the cats to go under ?
I know it's a lot of trouble, but in my experience, cats go where they want - if you involve your neighbour, she will hopefully help out and once her building is finished, they will hopefully return home and your garden won't be the place to go!

Paperbackwriter Wed 21-Apr-21 11:53:59

Definitely the mesh door but also you can get lion poo from the garden centre. It's called Silent Roar.

Dee1012 Wed 21-Apr-21 11:54:28

Would something like this work?

My neighbour has something similar as we have a local cat who does like to visit and she said it's put him off.

kwest Wed 21-Apr-21 12:01:03

We had a duck and 10 ducklings in our garden three days ago.
In the morning we woke up to 9 massacred ducklings with just the duck and one duckling alive. The next day there are none.
One year we had two ducks and their brood that settled late afternoon in the middle of the lawn. I phoned my neighbour, the vicar's wife, and asked if she would keep her cat indoors that night so that the ducks might survive until morning when they could walk down to the river. She refused. Next morning at 5am we heard a cacophony of ducks terribly distressed in the garden. The next door cat was there as was another from a few doors down and every duckling had been killed.