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So Richard Madeley is to replace Piers Morgan from June!

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Urmstongran Fri 23-Apr-21 08:44:06

I shan’t be tempted to tune in. What about you?

LadyGracie Fri 23-Apr-21 17:17:37

I can’t stand the man. Such a big head,, knows everything about everything and loves the sound of his own voice.

I remember the fuss when they wanted him to step in when Chris Evans was ever off on Radio 2. He didn’t!

Grandmafrench Fri 23-Apr-21 17:03:39

Urms is spot on! His interview technique (ha!) involves speaking to his guests about himself! And don’t hold back, Fanny, tell us what you really think! 😹.
Any glimpse of him only ever makes me think 🤔‘ Male Menopause’.

sodapop Fri 23-Apr-21 16:54:10

Richard M was OK with Judy but not good on his own. I think their book club is dire.

Mollygo Fri 23-Apr-21 16:45:18

Urmstongran I’ve never watched Richard Madeley, but your description of his interview technique had me in stitches!

Ladyleftfieldlover Fri 23-Apr-21 16:40:13

I have never watched Breakfast TV and don’t intend to start now.

FannyCornforth Fri 23-Apr-21 16:36:20

It did Lucca, it did
I bet the producers had to fight Madeley with a sh*tty stick to stop him trialling it himself! 😃

Smileless2012 Fri 23-Apr-21 16:17:58

Yes it is MayBee and I have to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed a lot of their recommendations but not enough to watch RM on any tv programme.

Lucca Fri 23-Apr-21 16:14:27



I watched them when they did a morning programme, Richard
got so excited if there was any discussion on sex

Yes he did! I'd forgotten that!
Do you remember when a bloke took Viagra on air, then went to a hotel with the missus, and returned to the studio to tell us all about it? 😄

Please say that didn’t happen....🤮

MayBee70 Fri 23-Apr-21 15:48:03

The Richard and Judy book club is still going I believe.

grandmajet Fri 23-Apr-21 15:36:44

Oh no! He’s such a smug idiot.

TerriBull Fri 23-Apr-21 15:33:33

ever even.

TerriBull Fri 23-Apr-21 15:33:11

Meant to add, I didn't watch Piers Morgan anyway, so probably wouldn't be tempted ever for Richard!

TerriBull Fri 23-Apr-21 15:26:15

I also have a bit of a soft spot for the floppy haired one, I did enjoy watching Richard and Judy's afternoon show, particularly when they had their book club.

I always thought he was incredibly indiscreet about their personal lives at times, I think Judy did too, I think it's quite amazing she didn't handbag him on certain occasions. I do like Judy as a presenter but I think she let it be known she'd wanted to retire for a while.

MayBee70 Fri 23-Apr-21 15:17:05

I loved This Morning when Richard and Judy hosted it. Haven’t watched it since. Judy was the brains of the two: he’s pretty rubbish without her. I miss Piers. He was the only person on tv holding the government to account over their handling of the pandemic (along withCh4 News). Something that has been forgotten due to the success of the vaccination programme.

Daisend1 Fri 23-Apr-21 15:07:52

Was RM the best ITV could come up with?

nadateturbe Fri 23-Apr-21 15:00:16

I quite liked Richard when he and Judy did Good Morning. I shall wait and see, although I don't really watch it much.

Kim19 Fri 23-Apr-21 14:51:01

That's disappointing. I find him somewhat wet and insipid. Quite like the guy who's doing it at the moment. I liked Piers direct questions but not his manner. Mmmmm......

Knittynatter Fri 23-Apr-21 14:43:27

Oh my gosh that’s dreadful news.

Jaxjacky Fri 23-Apr-21 13:53:23

We watch the BBC, briefly.

Anniebach Fri 23-Apr-21 13:53:10

FannyCornforth yes I remember the viagra morning 😀

hulahoop Fri 23-Apr-21 13:46:01

Im sure there are some younger and more able to interview tactfully than him ,he is full of himself .

Purplepixie Fri 23-Apr-21 13:45:48

I like him and I am sure he will do a great job.

maddyone Fri 23-Apr-21 13:43:50

I wasn’t hoping for anyone. I don’t care who they put on morning television.

GrannyGravy13 Fri 23-Apr-21 13:38:51

I was hoping for Ben Shepherd 😿

Galaxy Fri 23-Apr-21 12:33:32

That must be quite a burden to bear Katy wink