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How many of these ring a bell?

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merlotgran Wed 28-Apr-21 21:47:58

Scroll down for the list

I admit to seven although I mutter, 'Ooof' when I get up, not when I sit down. grin

Had to google Rachel Cut. I've never had one unless it was by accident.

Blossoming Wed 28-Apr-21 22:02:23

5 for me 🙂

Callistemon Wed 28-Apr-21 22:37:20

Oh dear - 8

I am officially ancient.

Urmstongran Wed 28-Apr-21 22:46:34

For some reason it took me ages to download the link so when it loaded I copied to paste it for everyone (I’m helpful that way).
I shall read the list and get back to you merlotgran!

You order a Cappuccino – 52 per cent
Your underwear is from M&S – 36 per cent
You watch Countryfile for the weather forecast at the end – 30 per cent
You ask for 'milk and two sugars' in your tea - 30 per cent
You still have a DVD collection – 29 per cent
You ask for a 'Rachel Cut' at the hairdressers – 26 per cent
You say 'funky' - 26 per cent
You still send cheques for people's birthdays - 24 per cent
You call trainers 'sneakers' - 22 per cent
You make noises when you sit down - 22 per cent
You wear comfortable shoes - 22 per cent
You do not recognise any Love Island contestants - 21 per cent
You struggle to work your TV remote - 20 per cent
You plan a second route on a car journey just in case - 19 per cent
You become obsessed with bin day - 19 per cent
You move from BBC Radio 1 to Radio 2 - 19 per cent
You still use a gas BBQ - 18 per cent
You turn the music down when you park the car - 15 per cent
You have never posted a video to social media - 15 per cent
You do not know what a Youtuber is - 15 per cent
You use hashtags incorrectly - 13 per cent
You are still on Facebook - 13 per cent
You worry about not being able to find a parking space - 12 per cent
You ask for your steak well done - 12 per cent
You add salt to your food before tasting it - 11 per cent

Urmstongran Wed 28-Apr-21 22:48:03

I scored a 7. Not too bad! 😊

tanith Wed 28-Apr-21 22:50:50

8 sadly 🥲

Chestnut Wed 28-Apr-21 23:03:39

Seeing this list is for anyone over 45 I would guess that most of us on Gransnet are well past that age. I scored 8 but some of them didn't even apply to me any more, so I guess I was off the scale! Maybe they should have another list for anyone over 65 who they probably consider should be in a wooden box.

crazyH Wed 28-Apr-21 23:17:11

9 😂

muse Wed 28-Apr-21 23:22:45

😏 6

SueDonim Wed 28-Apr-21 23:49:44

Five for me. My 25yo dd must be middle-aged she likes Radio 2. 😂

Savvy Thu 29-Apr-21 02:15:42

4 for me, so not bad.

absent Thu 29-Apr-21 02:43:42

Three – I still have a DVD collection, I have never posted a video to social media (I don't take photographs or make videos) and I am still on Facebook. I have no idea what a "Rachel cut" is and can't be bothered to find out. I haven't drunk a cappuccino since I was a teenager but I do like my coffee to be coffee and not confectionary. I have never encountered anyone obsessed with bin day and I certainly don't think about it until it is bin day. This list is just nonsensical – no, not M & S knickers or anything else, I don't think the word "funky" has ever passed my lips, I don't use hashtags at all and loathe well done steak and, for that matter, well done lamb. Enough!

FannyCornforth Thu 29-Apr-21 04:35:59

A Rachel cut is the hairstyle that Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green from Friends had. It's a long layered bob with a centre parting.
I always thought that it involved a lot of extensions in reality.

Who on earth calls trainers 'sneakers'?

I admit that I am obsessed with bin day. So much so that I started a thread about it. It got lots of lovely replies with posters detailing their personal bin arrangements.
In fact it's bin day here today - green & brown and it's bin cleaning day. Woo! smile

The 'gas barbercue' part is a bit weird confused
Was the 'survey' commissioned by a barbecue manufacturer?

The whole thing reads like a pile of (M&S) pants tbh smile

FannyCornforth Thu 29-Apr-21 06:37:05

'You wear comfortable shoes' - well, that's pretty much the entire male population isn't it!

Calendargirl Thu 29-Apr-21 06:51:16


Wonder what the youngsters would think if we made up a list for the under 30’s, detailing traits that we think apply to them?

Some would look pretty daft.

kittylester Thu 29-Apr-21 07:01:16

8 - I didnt think that was too bad!!

Susan56 Thu 29-Apr-21 07:41:59


cornergran Thu 29-Apr-21 07:44:52

7 for me. They all seem quite reasonable. grin.

M0nica Thu 29-Apr-21 08:00:35

4, all tv related, because I rarely watch tv and never have, so that isn't age related. I was the same at 20,30,40 etc. I can, however use the tv remote.

The idea of planning 2 routes when you go on a journey is something it would never occu to me to do and I have never heard of anyone else doing it either - However I can read a map and DH and I have a lot of random cross country journeys based on 'bored now, lets turn left/right here.'

ginny Thu 29-Apr-21 08:06:16

I must be a mere youngster. Only 3 apply.

Froglady Thu 29-Apr-21 08:13:54

Mine's 10!

Greyduster Thu 29-Apr-21 08:14:24

8! And all these under 30’s will be over sixties one day won’t they, God bless them!

Liz46 Thu 29-Apr-21 08:19:02


Lollin Thu 29-Apr-21 08:28:20

3 but poss 4 because I have 5 dvds so maybe that counts as a collection!

I was amused by ‘you are still on Facebook’ never have but is that now a sign that you are old?

Anniebach Thu 29-Apr-21 08:29:18

5 for me