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cb1963 Sat 01-May-21 23:31:25

Does anyone have a special annual that they couldn't wait to receive each Birthday or Christmas. For myself it would have to be a Rupert Bear Annual. I remember being so excited to have the latest edition each year.
I still have them to this day safely kept in the loft.

geekesse Sun 02-May-21 00:32:22

Look and Learn...does anyone remember that?

NotSpaghetti Sun 02-May-21 01:05:06

Yes, I remember "Look and Learn" - but sadly, not in a good way!

Poppyred Sun 02-May-21 01:10:54

I got Bunty, Beryl the Peril and Diana Annuals every Christmas and spent all day reading them! Very anti social but absolutely loved them! Bliss! Good old days!

Redhead56 Sun 02-May-21 01:21:12

Never got an annual as a child but I did buy them for my children. I do remember Look and Learn it was very special to me. We didn’t have books in our house so every book I was able to read at school or for homework was a treasure. One year an auntie bought me a book for Christmas it was the best present I ever got as a child.

Aveline Sun 02-May-21 07:27:38

The Broons annual!

Witzend Sun 02-May-21 07:31:56

Not a special one every year, but I really loved my School Friend Pets Annual, IIRC 1959, and was delighted to find an identical copy in a 2nd hand bookshop some years ago.

dragonfly46 Sun 02-May-21 07:32:06

School Friend and Girls Crystle.

downtoearth Sun 02-May-21 07:55:18

Bunty, judy, and Diana.

Sara1954 Sun 02-May-21 08:02:38

I always got a Rupert annual, and I never liked them.
I had a Mabel Lucie Atwell annual, which I treasured, and practically knew by heart, and I loved my Crackerjack annual, and of course Diana.

Shelflife Sun 02-May-21 08:46:58

It was Bunty for me , entered a poem I had witten aged about 11. Won a plastic wallet ( blue)! and a Bunty scarf. Still remember the delight of winning. My poem was about a large tree that blew down in the wind. Written after seeing a fallen tree and feeling so sad about it. I loved Bunty !

Aldom Sun 02-May-21 08:55:35

Rupert and The Beano annuals and when I was older, Girl. I remember one Christmas having a yellow torch in my sack. It was in the form of a rabbit. I snuggled down in bed, early on Christmas morning to read the Beano annual by the light of my new torch.

Maggiemaybe Sun 02-May-21 08:56:15

Over time, Rupert, Oor Wullie/The Broons, then Bunty, Judy, etc. I’d have been so disappointed not to get an Annual on Christmas morning! Ditto the little holiday specials of the girls’ comics - I’d have them all piled up ready to go, but wouldn’t open any of them till we were on our way to Blackpool!

Beswitched Sun 02-May-21 08:59:05

Bunty, Judy, Mandy Schoolfriend and Sandie are all annuals I remember from childhood. And later Jackie.

cb1963 Sun 02-May-21 08:59:27

That brings back memories for me too. I entered a Blue Peter drawing competition when I was around 7yrs old. I drew Bleep & Booster. I was over the moon when I discovered I'd won a Blue Peter Badge.

Greyduster Sun 02-May-21 09:09:31

Rupert in the early years, and then School Friend and things like Beano and Dandy. But I loved the illustrations in the early Rupert annuals. They were quite magical. I still have a few of the vintage Rupert books that I picked up over the years at antique fairs, but there was one particular story I loved as a child and that annual I can’t find - it’s like gold dust.

cb1963 Sun 02-May-21 09:13:20

Grey duster,
Do you remember the magic coloring page in the Rupert Annual?

sodapop Sun 02-May-21 09:16:56

Girls Crystal for me as well. Does anyone else remember the Teddy Tail annual for younger children.

Greyduster Sun 02-May-21 09:17:53

I do indeed cb1963. That, and the puzzles, were the first things you did on receiving one!😊. When you pick up a vintage one now, they’ve all been done☹️😉!

eazybee Sun 02-May-21 09:21:50

I used to receive 'Girl'Annual. The weekly comic was too expensive, and I was forced to take The Children's Newspaper any way, so Girl Annual was a real treat, read and re-read.

cb1963 Sun 02-May-21 09:23:29

So true

Aldom Sun 02-May-21 09:25:46

Easybee I had the Girl comic every week and also The Children's Newspaper.

EllanVannin Sun 02-May-21 09:30:52

Usually Rupert but whatever I'd mentioned throughout the year mum would memorise and it would be there in my sack ( pillowcase ) Always got an annual though, brother got Dan Dare or some other boys annual.
The smell of the new book was wonderful.

LindaPat Sun 02-May-21 09:41:23

Bunty and Judy annuals at Christmas. They were the only presents that weren't wrapped, for some reason. They were always stood up on the back of the settee, propped against the wall. I always looked there quickly to make sure they were there before I unwrapped anything!

Mum and Dad only had 1 rule on Christmas morning - I couldn't start reading them until everything else was unwrapped, I was washed and dressed and had breakfast. That's because they knew once I was into the books, I was lost for hours!

Our house was full of books, Dad was a great reader, introduced me to Dickens, Neville Shute, Jack London. I still have a house full of books! x

Grandmabatty Sun 02-May-21 09:45:28

I usually got the Bunty annual, The Broons and Oor Willie. A very Scottish child. My mum still buys The Broons annual for my dd and ds