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2nd Jab Being Brought Forward

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Minibookworm Sun 16-May-21 09:40:06

I’ve just received a text message advising me that I can now choose an earlier date/time for my second dose appointment. I went online and, after putting in my details, I was only given the option to cancel my existing appointment (early June).

I was expecting an option to ‘amend’ and am a bit wary of cancelling my original appointment in case I can’t get an earlier time slot when I rebook.

Has anybody rearranged their second appointment?
Are the number of vaccination sites being increased to allow earlier appointments?

rafichagran Sun 16-May-21 09:47:00

I would leave it. June is only next month.

Alygran Sun 16-May-21 09:59:47

I had a text about second jab from the GP on Thursday so booked for Friday. All done.
Rang NHS to cancel my appointment booked for the end of May on the National booking scheme on the evening. It had cancelled automatically but they thanked me for ringing.
I went ahead as I was concerned about the new variant and it does seem that they are trying to get the older people through more quickly.
Try ringing 119 and follow the prompts to book. You get to speak to someone who will be able to do a reschedule for you.

Minibookworm Sun 16-May-21 10:55:36

I’ve just rang 119 and was advised that they would have to cancel my 2nd appointment too before checking to book another one.
As it’s only a couple of weeks away I decided to leave things as they are and to not risk appointments not being available.

I will wait to see if my GP surgery contact me instead.

Would be interesting to hear of any other experiences though.

Shelflife Mon 17-May-21 00:26:02

A wise choice Minibookworm, two weeks is not too long to wait. You would regret cancelling if you then we're unable to secure a new vaccination.

GrannyRose15 Mon 17-May-21 01:51:52

I rang this evening and spoke to someone who told me I had to cancel my original booking before I could rebook. She also said I might not get anything earlier than I already have so I've decided to leave it.
Don't think this step has been thought through properly - no-one wants to risk losing an appointment they already have, surely.