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What rituals or habits do you have which may seem odd to others?

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GillT57 Mon 17-May-21 16:09:45

I have just been reading an interesting thread on MN about this, and wondered if anyone on here has any habits which may seem odd to others? For example; I always put on my right sock first, always make the bed before getting into it even if I have forgotten to make it after turning it back to air in the morning, cannot abide cold drinks out of a mug, check the external doors at least twice before going to bed.

AGAA4 Mon 17-May-21 16:20:20

I think many people have mild OCD traits. I always put my mugs back in the cupboard in the same place. No idea why.

GillT57 Mon 17-May-21 16:26:00

It's odd, because I hadn't really thought about my 'habits', but reading the thread on MN made me realise I have a few!

GrannyGravy13 Mon 17-May-21 16:28:37

I just made a list...

Oh dear, I must use matching pegs, washing, ironing has to go on the correct hangers, food in cupboards are always in same place as is the fridge.

Clothes in my wardrobe and drawers are grouped together (jumpers, shirts, tops, trousers, dresses etc and by colours)

I use certain mugs for tea, herbal tea and coffees different ones for Christmas...

OK I need to get out more

NotSpaghetti Mon 17-May-21 16:30:14

I do squats as I brush my teeth!

Galaxy Mon 17-May-21 16:39:16

When I water the garden, I talk to the plants (in my head) and tell them not to worry it will be their turn soon blush

MerylStreep Mon 17-May-21 16:50:34

So do I. And tendon stretches.

GillT57 Mon 17-May-21 16:54:31

Oh yes, I forgot about matching pegs! Standing on one leg while brushing your teeth was recommended by my chiropractor.

shysal Mon 17-May-21 17:11:04

How long have you got?

Matching clothes pegs until I bought a set all the same colour.
Tops in wardrobe in rainbow colour order, pale to dark left to right.
When dishing up a meal I always put the protein, carbs, veg etc. on the same part of the plate.
When eating a food on toast, each slice has to be accurately cut into 9 with the covering evenly distributed. Couldn't cut a corner off!
I like everything in its place but don't care if thick in dust blush!
Only use even numbers on volume buttons.
Count the bathroom tiles every morning while in the bath.

I could go on and on!

ninathenana Mon 17-May-21 17:55:05

shysal I too dish up food in the same arrangement.
I let my toast cool before buttering it.
When showering I wash myself in the same order each time.

mrswoo Mon 17-May-21 17:59:43

I have a morning mug - Christmas drawing done by DGS at Primary school
An afternoon mug - Bluebirds from M&S
And a nighttime mug - Pink with a sort of lacy pattern.

Heaven forbid if DH makes me a cuppa in the wrong mug. Also, I am totally unable to drink out of a mug with a coloured interior.
I am a Virgo and have my funny little ways hmm

NotSpaghetti Mon 17-May-21 18:05:40


So do I. And tendon stretches.

I do those when waiting for the kettle to boil! grin

Trisha57 Mon 17-May-21 18:12:23

I have a wardrobe grouping ritual too. Trousers, joggers and the occasional dress on the left, tops and blouses on the right. And they all have to "face" the centre. So clothes on the left face right, and clothes on the right face left! No idea why, but I think it makes the clothes easier to see, I think hmm

Trisha57 Mon 17-May-21 18:13:09

Sorry, too many "I think"s, maybe I think too much!

Redhead56 Mon 17-May-21 18:21:34

I make porridge with water let it go lumpy and cold then add sugar and milk over the top of it. I make tapioca and rice pudding lumpy too. If I use eggs I have to remove all the stringy bits etc before I cook with them. I never eat an egg cooked by anyone else. When I cook sausages I have to slice them lengthways so inside is cooked through.
I check the gas stove taps doors etc all the time. I am clean but can be untidy and sort washing etc when the mood takes me. I am not OCD about housework that is for sure.

Redhead56 Mon 17-May-21 18:23:43

I almost forgot I am an expert at hanging washing so it keeps the ironing down to virtually none.

H1954 Mon 17-May-21 18:29:39

Like mrswoo, I don't like coloured interior mugs or Pyrex mugs either.
When I peg out socks they have to be pegged singularly but have the matching sock next to it AND have matching pegs.
I won't strip the bed on a Sunday or New Years Day.

Kim19 Mon 17-May-21 18:31:15

I don't get out of bed before I've decided exactly what I am going to wear.

Redhead56 Mon 17-May-21 18:34:42

New Year’s Day I wouldn’t be capable of stripping a bed.

EllanVannin Mon 17-May-21 18:36:27

Different cups for drinks----coffee, hot choc, tea. a glass for water, never a cup.
I'm not the only one using the same colour pegs grin nice to know.
I also arrange dinners the same, meat draped on the edge, then roast pots, then veggies----not all dumped in the middle of the plate any old how.

Grandmajean Mon 17-May-21 18:48:58

I don't like tea from a mug with a coloured inside.
I plan the evening meal before I get out of bed in the morning.
My really embarrassing and weird one ? If I drop a piece of carrot or potato on the floor when making a casserole I have to wash it and put it back in the dish because I feel sorry for it !!

CanadianGran Mon 17-May-21 18:53:07

Light switches... when there are two switches on separate sides of the room, I will ensure up is on, and down is off, even if I have to cross the room to use the other switch.

DH is an electrician, so we have switches everywhere! I do understand the clothes peg thing. I don't hang my wash often, but my pegs are all wooden.

Lexisgranny Mon 17-May-21 18:57:12

Before we return to bed with our early morning tea, the bed has to be tidied up and the duvet smoothed.

3dognight Mon 17-May-21 19:26:54

I can only drink out of a white insided mug, and the rim must be thin.
Most of my clothes don’t make it into the wardrobe - they get draped on a big wicker chair - jumpers on the back, tee shirts on the seat, jeans and trousers on the arms, but I must have my next day socks out.

Going to sleep I must lay on my right side first ( my worrying side, meaning if I am worrying about something I can only do it when laid on this side).
After ten minutes, I turn over and lay on my non worrying side and usually go straight to sleep.

DanniRae Mon 17-May-21 19:47:18

I decide what I am going to wear before I get up. I always run the cold tap for a while first thing in the morning so as not to use the water that has been sitting in the pipes. I never leave any baked beans in the tin as I feel they have gone through so much before being put in the tin - growing, cooking, canning- it doesn't seem right to not use them confused I am sure I will think of more things .......... !!