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Is Refusing consent on websites a waste of time?

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Mollygo Tue 25-May-21 22:35:26

On many websites you are offered the chance to select for what uses of your data you want to give consent.
Having denied consent on one site, I noticed a ‘vendor preferences ‘ link at the bottom of the page.
I began refusing consent on the incredibly long alphabetised list of vendors and noticed this comment. It seems that whether I refuse or not, they’ll use my data.
Anyone with any expertise?

vampirequeen Wed 26-May-21 08:26:57

I always choose preferences. I also use Gener8 as my browser. It screens adverts and also pays me for using it. Gener8 was on Dragons Den. The Dragons were fighting over it as it was such a good idea.

25Avalon Wed 26-May-21 08:51:30

The other thing that annoys me is that nearly if not all websites you go on insist that you permit the download of cookies before you can access the website. You are asked to state preferences but not many let you reject all. Search a few websites and your computer or IPad is jam packed with them as well as tracking devices, really slowing everything down if not causing the system to crash. I am constantly clearing my IPad.

mokryna Tue 08-Jun-21 10:29:08

I am now getting gambling advertisements at the top of the page which I don’t want. In fact I don’t want any ads flashing or not on any of the pages I am trying to read.

Chestnut Tue 08-Jun-21 10:39:59

I am sick of preference windows coming up every time you open a new website. I have no idea what they are asking me. When you try going through the list it's tedious, I just say no to everything, but like you I feel I'm wasting my time. The only upside is that my McAfee Live Safe cleans them out once a week. That in itself is tedious because it means you have to give permission all over again next time you visit the website. I haven't yet found a way to select my regular websites not to get cleaned out.

Parsley3 Tue 08-Jun-21 13:09:11

I have signed up for Gener8 and will give it a go. Thanks, VQ.

nanna8 Tue 08-Jun-21 13:16:32

I"m getting really peed off with all the stuff that comes up on Facebook, so much so that I am thinking of closing my account.