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Unusual or Interesting Names in your Family ?

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FannyCornforth Mon 07-Jun-21 10:44:28

Hello Everyone! ?

Vaguely topical, but very non-controversial.
I'm fascinated by names - I know that a lot of us are.

It's oft mentioned that names' popularity is cyclical; and I recall that recently someone in the public eye has named his new born daughter after her grand mother and great grandmother...?

My Grandparents' names have never really come back into fashion:
Kenneth Gilbert and Doreen Clara on one side, and on the other, Frederick and Margaret.

I think that Freddie is currently quite popular, and Margaret, I'm sure, must be due due for a revival.
Gilbert is an an absolute cracker!

So, what were your Grandparents' names?
Or do you have any unusual or interesting names in you family?

Thank you! x

Shinamae Mon 07-Jun-21 21:36:29


Shinamae There is a character called Thirza in Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse.

I used to have an uncle whose name (I thought) was Rars. I thought it was odd and I was never sure how to spell it when writing thankyou letters. It was years before I found out that his name was actually Brian but the family had always called him Raspberry, or Rars for short!

Ahhhh thank you Deedaa.?

CanadianGran Mon 07-Jun-21 22:43:07

Looking at my family tree going back a few, with 18 names included, 9 of them contain Marie, even the men. French Catholic background. Also lots of Francois and Francoise, and Joseph. So any combo of Joseph Marie, Marie Francoise, Francois Marie,,,,,

There is a Great Great Grandmother Pelogie, which I have never heard before. No middle name listed, but who bets on Marie?

Sago Mon 07-Jun-21 22:56:34

My paternal grandmother was Honora, such a beautiful name.

Callistemon Mon 07-Jun-21 22:58:18

We had a couple of Honoras as well as Honor Sago.
It is a lovely name

M0nica Tue 08-Jun-21 08:12:55

Honora features in my family. It is a name very popular in ireland in the 19th century and was usually shortened to Nora, whch is well known to be an Irish name.

JackyB Tue 08-Jun-21 09:34:28

I haven't seen Ida mentioned so far. I thought everyone had an Auntie Ida!

Callistemon Tue 08-Jun-21 09:40:27

Not an Ida but an Auntie Nellie

lucastill19 Wed 07-Sep-22 13:05:17

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lucastill19 Wed 07-Sep-22 13:05:56

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Nightsky2 Wed 07-Sep-22 13:21:29

Henrietta, Hetty and James paternal grandmother.
Jack and Kate, maternal grandparents.
Lots of James’s Jim’s and Jimmy’s in my family.

Calendargirl Wed 07-Sep-22 13:23:47

lucastill19 reported.

Georgesgran Wed 07-Sep-22 13:32:44

I reported it earlier too - but GN admin is having problems. It was an old thread anyway.

Floradora9 Wed 07-Sep-22 21:39:59

Way back I had a lady named Grizel .

Hellogirl1 Wed 07-Sep-22 21:45:06

I used to have an Auntie Fanny.
The most unusual names in our family at the moment are 3 of my great grandsons. They are Jaylen, Alby and Hudson

Clawdy Wed 07-Sep-22 22:16:26

My grandparents were Rose and May, Frederick and Joseph. But Joseph's little sister was called Iphigenia!

Yammy Wed 07-Sep-22 22:32:39

In the area I come from surnames were and are used as first names, I had an uncle Thompson never Tom , Ferguson as a first name Wordsworth and Wedgwood used the same way, one poor chap was Wordsworth shortened to Waddy William Wedgwood.
Isabella which is now very popular runs through my family since the 1700's. The oddest I have found are Coronation her father Gildereye and sister Bathsheba, the latter sounds very Thomas Hardie to me.
My grandparents' names were normal Victorian ones. My granddad's sister was Nellie who I thought was Helen but was Eleanor. The most unusual was Annunziata who had Italian links.

Maggiemaybe Wed 07-Sep-22 23:39:38

DH and I each have a Hephzibah in the family tree (mine was known as Aunt Eppie), and he has several Dukes dating back to the early 1800s (sadly just the name, not the title).

Mamardoit Thu 08-Sep-22 09:21:05

Albert Henry and Lizzie. Not Elizabeth just Lizzie.

Florence and John.

DH, Albert and Beatie (Beatrice), and Harry and Alice.

The only one repeated in the family for a great, great grandchild is Alice.

Going further back Cornelius, Ambrose, Dorcus, Hephzibah, Tryphena, Theodolphus and Christiana.

Nanawind Thu 08-Sep-22 09:46:31

In our family we have a Vina and a Lavinia. Everyone else is quite boring.

Daisymae Thu 08-Sep-22 10:29:15

I have, a lot of great grandmothers back, a Dorcas. I always thought that this was male name but maybe it's dual or has changed over the centuries. My great, great grandmother was Keziah which seems to have well and truly fallen out of fashion. Her daughter was called Fanny, can't see that coming back any time soon!

Blondiescot Thu 08-Sep-22 10:35:15


I started work on my family tree at the end of last year and was delighted to find I had a great granny Fanny.
[Please don't bother trying to inform me it was Frances as some gransnetters did. It wasn't. I have her birth certificate.]
Somehow I can't see her name coming back into fashion.?

You should look for the Irn Bru Fanny advert - I think it's on YouTube!

GagaJo Thu 08-Sep-22 10:42:13


Thank you Gwyneth
Clara was my great grandmother's first name.
She pronounced it Clare-a, not
And my Nan pronounced her own name Duh-reen, not Door-een.
That side of the family must have an awkward streak!

I should have just titled the thread 'Grandparents' Names', come to think of it!
Dwynwen is beautiful.

Clera, pronounced Clare-a was my granny's name. Family were originally German in origin. I wonder if that is anything to do with it?

Daddima Thu 08-Sep-22 10:44:10


My G G Aunts on mums side, Thirza, Clarice, Olga, Una Tessibell, Zetha and Aurelia. Twelve children in total.

My late friend had one of those names! She would have been chuffed to hear of another one.

varian Thu 08-Sep-22 10:46:48

Both DH and I had grannies called Euphemia, a popular name in 19th century Scotland, often shortened to Effie or Fay.

VB000 Thu 08-Sep-22 10:52:15


DH and I each have a Hephzibah in the family tree (mine was known as Aunt Eppie), and he has several Dukes dating back to the early 1800s (sadly just the name, not the title).

Got a couple of Hephzibahs in my family tree as well, on maternal and paternal sides! Can't see it making a comeback somehow!