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Unusual or Interesting Names in your Family ?

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FannyCornforth Mon 07-Jun-21 10:44:28

Hello Everyone! ?

Vaguely topical, but very non-controversial.
I'm fascinated by names - I know that a lot of us are.

It's oft mentioned that names' popularity is cyclical; and I recall that recently someone in the public eye has named his new born daughter after her grand mother and great grandmother...?

My Grandparents' names have never really come back into fashion:
Kenneth Gilbert and Doreen Clara on one side, and on the other, Frederick and Margaret.

I think that Freddie is currently quite popular, and Margaret, I'm sure, must be due due for a revival.
Gilbert is an an absolute cracker!

So, what were your Grandparents' names?
Or do you have any unusual or interesting names in you family?

Thank you! x

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 08-Sep-22 10:54:27

Daisymae, Dorcas was a follower of Jesus who sewed for the poor: I believe that there was a Dorcas Society in the past.

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 08-Sep-22 10:56:13

Ooh, I love Hepzibah, and Bathsheba...

Aldom Thu 08-Sep-22 10:58:03


I haven't seen Ida mentioned so far. I thought everyone had an Auntie Ida!

My lovely maternal granny was Ida.
Maternal GF Joseph.
Paternal GM Louise. Peternal GF Francis. My late, younger brother has Francis as a middle name. My cousin was Ida.

Jaxjacky Thu 08-Sep-22 11:01:21

My parental Granny was an Ida too Aldom.
My Dad was Denyer, not heard of it since.

Daisymae Thu 08-Sep-22 11:08:05


Daisymae, Dorcas was a follower of Jesus who sewed for the poor: I believe that there was a Dorcas Society in the past.

Oh, I didn't know that. There are some Quakers in the mix but I don't think that they are close on the family tree.

annsixty Thu 08-Sep-22 11:24:44

The mention of Clara and Clarice reminds me of the recurrence of that and variations in my family.
I traced my family tree back to 1787 when my sometime xgreat was named Clarissa.
It occurs in each generation since as Clara or Clarissa until me and my D.
My mother was Clarissa but was called Clarice which she disliked.
When my GD was born it was her late paternal GM ‘s birthday and she had been named Clarissa and also the name of my Mother (GGM) so it was added to her name
It is not her first name by which she is known but she
loves the name so if she has a daughter it will certainly stay in the family.

My father ‘s mother and one of his sisters were named Sabina.
No one has yet revived that.

Greenfinch Thu 08-Sep-22 11:35:10

I had an Auntie Ida too,the youngest sister of my mother. She was supposed to be called Isa (is that Scottish? ) but somehow it got changed to Ida. On our last holiday we met a toddler called Ida so maybe it is on its way back.
My Geordie grandmother was called Wilhelmina and her mother was Williamina but I don’t see that name returning.