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Aveline Tue 08-Jun-21 12:08:56

During the night a car in our car park had its catalytic converter cut out. The owners had no idea until they tried to start the engine. It was a Honda Jazz. Apparently, they are more attractive to these thieving scumbags as they are more easily accessed than in other cars. Police not interested. The owner has decided to scrap her car as it would be very expensive to repair.
I know Honda Jazz cars are popular with Grans so this is just an alert.

25Avalon Tue 08-Jun-21 12:11:29

Aveline it is happening a lot here in the South West. Toyota’s Auris hybrid is a popular target too.

Marydoll Tue 08-Jun-21 12:17:01

Aveline, thanks for the warning!
I was about to post on the happy thread, now I won't bother! grin
I love my wee, bright Yellow Honda Jazz!!!

silverlining48 Tue 08-Jun-21 12:17:45

It’s happening close to where we live ( south of London). Best to park the car where it’s more awkward to access ( think they are usually in the front) but check as not 100% sure. The thieves get a good price for them.

Marydoll Tue 08-Jun-21 12:19:53

Aveline, do you mean the owner's insurance don't consider it viable to repair?

Years ago, when a lorry ran into my converible, which I loved, at traffic lights, the repair cost was just below the limit the insurance company had set. I was so relived.

Marydoll Tue 08-Jun-21 12:20:27

Relieved, even!

Aveline Tue 08-Jun-21 12:20:27

Wonder who actually buys them? They must know they're stolen. Surprised the police aren't onto them angry

dragonfly46 Tue 08-Jun-21 12:20:48

My SiL had his stolen from his Honda Jazz on his drive way. He has it on CCtv but it happens so quickly.

Aveline Tue 08-Jun-21 12:23:14

The men stealing the converter were spotted by a neighbour who called the police but they didn't come.

shysal Tue 08-Jun-21 12:25:01

I had heard that the Jazz was a popular car for these thefts. I believe the access is from the front of the car so I park tightly as far forward as possible at home in the communal car park. Is that correct does anybody know, as in my ignorance I had thought the catalytic converter was at the rear?

Kamiso Tue 08-Jun-21 12:29:09

Been going on around here for the last few months. Unnerving when you realise there are people wandering about looking for opportunities to thieve. They’ve started doing the same in broad daylight now.

timetogo2016 Tue 08-Jun-21 12:34:15

Sadly Gransnetters the scumbags are every where.
I would spread dog mess on the converter if it was happenening near me or i had the cars that are mentioned.
Cop that scumies.

toscalily Tue 08-Jun-21 12:55:40

I have a Honda Jazz, my second one and I love it as they are so versatile especially for carting loads of stuff here there and everywhere, my little workhorse. Our other car is a Mercedes which I don't drive and is treated to more care and attention then I get, including car equivalent of pampering . I don't even know where my catalytic converter is?

Aveline Tue 08-Jun-21 13:15:18

Depending on the location of the 'cat' there is advice online re best way to park your car. You might be best facing into a wall or the other way round. Whichever makes the 'cat' hardest to access.
I'm checking re my VW Golf.

ixion Tue 08-Jun-21 13:16:36

There was a similar theft at a large retail park near here, (M and S, Tesco etc) at 12.00, when it's at its busiest.

Amberone Tue 08-Jun-21 13:28:24

This has been on our local facebook page for months now - a number of people have had the cat stolen overnight from their front drive. Once even in daylight. They've been caught on CCTV a number of times too.

I don't think there is anything the police can do about the actual thefts unless they are caught red-handed or recognisable on CCTV. The local police here issue lots of warnings on the facebook page. I believe there is a huge business selling them abroad as they contain precious metals (platinum ? rhodium ? I think). Can't say I've heard of any arrests or prosecutions though.

3dognight Tue 08-Jun-21 14:06:02

Ambertone, I think you are right- they are stripped for precious metals.

One of the crimes that police leave to the insurance companies to sort - it has happened on our street, where parking is a free for all (no driveways)

toscalily Tue 08-Jun-21 14:07:54

Well now I know, don't have one as my Jazz is too old/not new enough smile

shysal Tue 08-Jun-21 14:19:54

Found this video on line. It seems access is from the driver's side on a Honda Jazz.

MerylStreep Tue 08-Jun-21 14:25:25


Wonder who actually buys them? They must know they're stolen. Surprised the police aren't onto them angry

They strip them down for the expensive stuff inside: Palladium and rhodium.

Aveline Tue 08-Jun-21 14:33:36

I know but the purchaser must know they're dealing in stolen property.

MerylStreep Tue 08-Jun-21 15:19:58


I know but the purchaser must know they're dealing in stolen property.

Most of these parts 😉 end up in Eastern Europe where some people aren’t too worried about an invoice 😉

Redhead56 Tue 08-Jun-21 15:29:01

They get stolen for the metal that’s in them. Palladium and rhodium worth a lot of money.