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Are you more tense ?

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Hellsbelles Tue 08-Jun-21 20:48:59

As I've got older I think I've become more tense over things.
For example if I'm watching tv and during the build up to something dramatic and especially if they are playing tense music , I get taken along with it. Likewise a film I used to be able to watch I cannot as it's too scary. Am I alone ?

Craftycat Thu 10-Jun-21 10:17:22

I turned 70 & suddenly started worrying about all sorts of things. My DH is younger than I am & says it is driving him nuts.
I really do not know why but I am much more anxious these days.

Kamiso Thu 10-Jun-21 11:00:30

I used to be a worrier until I read an article in a copy of Readers. Digest. It pointed out that the vast majority of our worries come to nothing and even with worries that come true events are often out of our control.

For a long while I would park the worry and think about whether I could do anything to change or improve the problem. If not I trained myself to let it go. I now find I don’t worry and think “what if” any longer. A godsend during lockdown.

Boogaloo Fri 11-Jun-21 05:36:35

I have also become too afraid/tense/stressed to finish watching many movies. I never used to be like this!

I pre-record movies that look interesting then if the film starts to get tense I stop it and look the plot up on the internet (wiki) to find out how it ends. If the 'nice' people survive I'll continue to watch it. I think I just want happy endings now.

I also have noticed, since I turned 65 a few years ago, that it's very difficult for me to follow fast action in a film. It's another reason I record movies - so I can keep playing back the hard to follow bits.

Kim19 Fri 11-Jun-21 05:47:55

Growstuff, I like your style and attitude. Great.

BigBertha1 Fri 11-Jun-21 06:35:23

Yes I am much more jumpy generally especially as a passenger in a car and I drive more slowly than I used to.