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Slippers! Not just for Christmas

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MawBe Wed 09-Jun-21 08:09:04

Do you wear slippers around the house, just for getting out of bed - -at all? And how often do you replace them?
There is something very grannyish about slippers isn’t there- the image of “carpet slippers” or “pipe and slippers”
My mum never wore slippers, preferring light shoes which she designated “house shoes” and claimed she felt safer as well as better dressed in them. Likewise I don’t really like them except for bed-to-bathroom trips and usually wear a pair of Skechers throughout the day.
Anyway way, since Rosie moved in I have had to retrieve my slippers once too often from the garden and am obliged to sleep with them in bed beside me. And I have become uncomfortably aware of their presence 😱
So they need replacing. I am actually quite ashamed of the fact that it had not occurred to me until right under my nose as it were. No wonder she found them irresistible 😳🐶
Go on, so when did you last buy a new pair of slippers?

CBBL Fri 11-Jun-21 21:47:19

I wear slippers all the time indoors, and in the garden when it's not wet - but my feet are painful all the time (even in the slippers). I buy mine from "Pavers" because I take a wide fitting size 2. This size is not available from high street stores, or indeed from many manufacturers at all. Children's slippers are too narrow. Hard floors hurt my feet, but because we have two cats, only the living room has carpet. Laminate floors everywhere else for ease of cleaning!

MawBe Fri 11-Jun-21 08:32:32


^Slippers saves the carpets.^

What from?

I had never been fussed about anybody wearing outdoor shoes inside before we moved to the country where so many people especially the young seem to slip their shoes off as a matter of course, I suppose when they are DMs or wellies or chunky trainers it goes without saying. I do also like the way the GC take their shoes off automatically especially as they are going to be clambering over the furniture.
However Paw used to run a weekly discussion group over a period of months in our sitting room and one man always sat in the same place. I hate to sound like Hyacinth Bucket, but the patch of carpet in front of where he sat has never entirely recovered. So yes, slippers do “save” in the sense of prolonging the life of your carpets!

Coolgran65 Fri 11-Jun-21 04:43:10

Slippers indoors. Cosy for winter and Clarke’s or Fitflops leather slides for summer. Current slides are about 15 years old.
Sometimes I have fleecy indoor ballerina slippers which I keep new for a while in case of a hospital visit and then eventually take to wearing them. Being a little lazy they sometimes end up being worn outdoors and so don’t last long…. getting holes in the soles. A couple of years ago I had a terrible hip pain and ended up at A & E on a drip for pain relief. As the pain subsided I realised I’d gone to hospital wearing slippers. I was on the hospital trolley in a side room with feet facing the open door. I asked DH to check and sure enough …. My feet were showing through the holes in the soles. I got him to whip them off and remained barefoot until discharge.

Chewbacca Thu 10-Jun-21 23:23:52

Slippers saves the carpets.

What from?

Elvis58 Thu 10-Jun-21 23:02:37

Slippers saves the carpets.

CanadianGran Thu 10-Jun-21 21:56:10

I'm a slipper wearer, from morning to night. I have Glerups which I love, and if it is very warm I will wear my Birkenstock sandals inside.

I also have some cheap ballerina style velvet ones which I can take with me when travelling, and they wash well.

grannyrebel7 Thu 10-Jun-21 21:22:50

Love my slippers 😍 & wear them all the time when I'm at home. Also wear them in the garden & then they get filthy so have to put them in the washing machine every so often. Couldn't be without them. I've always loved my slippers even when I was young, so I don't think they're grannyish at all.

HillyN Thu 10-Jun-21 20:54:20

Last Friday.

seadragon Thu 10-Jun-21 18:53:26

DH surprised (astonished) me with a gift of v expensive Glerups' felted boot style slippers for Christmas 2019. I had been away supporting family for several weeks by then. Stylish and ideal for winter in a draughty cottage in Orkney...

grannypiper Thu 10-Jun-21 18:49:04

I always have 2 pairs on the go, whilst i am wearing the new ones in i keep the old --fit for the bin--pair until i make sure i am happy with the new ones even though the are the same pair from Clarks.

Blossoming Thu 10-Jun-21 18:37:04

PurplePixie Exactly! Your feet, your choice.

Juicylucy Thu 10-Jun-21 18:06:33

I wear my slippers from minute I get in the house till I get into bed, one of my pet hates is walking around the house bare foot. I buy about 4 pairs a year and wash them in between, I even take them on holiday with me. I’m a young at heart Nan but these I cannot do without.

Greciangirl Thu 10-Jun-21 16:40:56

Always wear slippers in the house.

As soon as I get in the house, it’s shoes of and slippers on.

Warm ones for winter, light slip on mule type for summer.

Looking today for new pair and they are all fluffy types.
Much too warm for summer.
They obviously haven’t sold of their winter stock.

WishIwasyounger Thu 10-Jun-21 15:47:43

Cold feet sufferer here, so nice woolly slippers for me from Woolovers..

jenni123 Thu 10-Jun-21 15:44:32

Never wear slippers and rarely wear shoes. I have painful feet and am usually barefoot.

f77ms Thu 10-Jun-21 15:17:32

I LOVE slippers, i have 2 pairs so i can wash them regularly. Bought some last month.

HannahLoisLuke Thu 10-Jun-21 14:29:29

The only time I bought a pair of slippers was for a stay in hospital and I chose a pair that look more like black velvet ballet shoes. I only ever wear them when visiting other peoples homes as I won’t wear outdoor shoes in the house. At home I’m either barefoot or in socks.

Mamma66 Thu 10-Jun-21 13:46:13

I wear them all the time and have numerous pairs which I chuck in the wash every few days. They get thrown once they start falling to bits

nipsmum Thu 10-Jun-21 13:37:47

3 pairs at Christmas are 2 pairs too many. I have 1 pair of feet.

cc Thu 10-Jun-21 13:33:35

I don't like the look of furry slippers and I don't like furry linings as they get so smelly. My high instep means that the ballet pump type of slippers keeps slipping off and I find mules hard to wear on stairs.
I used to have a lovely pair of boys' leather slippers, with leather soles and just a fabric lining. They were like mens' traditional slippers and the boys' size was perfect for me, but the soles eventually wore through and I can't find any more.
Has anybody seen any of these anywhere? I used to buy them in Harrods and they lasted for years.

MooM00 Thu 10-Jun-21 13:31:49

I wear slippers of some kind all year round can’t stand having bare feet. I have slippers at my DD house when I am child minding also some at my DS house when I am child minding there. Last lot of slippers were bought at Christmas.

Purplepixie Thu 10-Jun-21 13:11:33

I wear slippers and they are comfortable and to hell with what other people think! I don’t care if they sound granny ish, why care what others think. It is my feet and my comfort.

Toddleo Thu 10-Jun-21 12:57:08

Slippers are essential wear to me. I can remember gently mocking my mum for her slipper use when I was a teenager, and then, once I had children, slippers became essential! My daughter, now a mummy herself was the same, she mocked me and now cannot live without hers! it must be genetic! Having plantar fasciitis means I can not go bare foot anyway, so I have orthotic innersoles in any slippers I wear, and rubber soles so I can pop outside.

Cabbie21 Thu 10-Jun-21 12:55:52

I always wear slippers from the moment I get out of bed until I go to bed at night, unless I leave the house, which in the past year, has not been every day. My feet feel the cold, and then I get cramp, so I cannot be without. In very hot weather I don’t want to wear them but I cannot bear to go barefoot, in fact I have been advised to when I got plantar fasciitis.
I am a bit stuck for what to wear on hot days, inside or out, as. My bare feet get hot and sticky. I am most comfortable with socks and proper shoes, but that can het hot too, and does not look very smart with a dress if I go out.

GrammaH Thu 10-Jun-21 12:43:45

I bought a pair of gorgeous Swedish sheepskin slippers for myself last Christmas, having coveted the pair I bought for GraffaC the previous Christmas. I wore them all the time until relatively recently when I transferred to some old Fitflops. I do have a gorgeous pair of turquoise Moroccan leather slippers I wore last summer but sadly they've got holes in the soles, now covered in insulation tape so I can pop them on occasionally - they were very useful when DH dropped a piece of heavy wood on my foot & it went purple & swelled like a balloon & was tender for weeks & I couldn't wear shoes!