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FannyCornforth Wed 09-Jun-21 09:37:45

Let's Make a List! 😃

What really gets your goat 🐐 ;
up your nose 👃; on your wick ?

Rules: One Bugbear per Post;
No Repetition; No People

Thank you! x

Bellanonna Tue 15-Jun-21 20:20:46

Nevertheless, I agree with Witzend, FC!

FannyCornforth Tue 15-Jun-21 07:41:13

There's an awful lot of people on here!
(And a lot of awful people smile)

Calendargirl Tue 15-Jun-21 07:09:17

Buzzy flies.

carilou1 Tue 15-Jun-21 07:07:24

What can I do about neighbours hens, cockerel, & turkey? I'm demented. Speak to him constantly about the noise and he promises to do something. I'm not in the country. Plus had rats in garden. Considering moving house as have no peace.

effalump Mon 14-Jun-21 13:42:18

People who write the word 'off' instead of 'have'. Eg, They should off done it entirely differently. Not even 'should of' but 'off'. What are the schools teaching them these days? It should be 'should have' or 'should've'.

Billybob4491 Sun 13-Jun-21 18:05:33

Witzend - when allowed to travel think I will give Berkeley, California a miss!

2020convert Sat 12-Jun-21 19:48:29

Cheating husbands!

Witzend Sat 12-Jun-21 19:38:17

Ha, Billybob, about 5 years ago we visited Berkeley, California, for a niece’s graduation. I swear it’s where old hippies go to die - I’ve never seen so many old blokes with grey ponytails in my life!

Billybob4491 Sat 12-Jun-21 18:22:09

Elderly men who are bald on top but sport a pony tail with what hair they have got left, absolutely ridiculous.

Dorado Sat 12-Jun-21 17:31:16


Witzend Sat 12-Jun-21 13:07:28

It’s everywhere now, but I still hate ‘there is’ with a plural. Especially when it’s from a R4 presenter who ought to know better. But I do sometimes wonder whether they’re told to do it, along with dropping a few T’s, in order to sound more like one of what they like to call ‘ordinary’ people.

FannyCornforth Fri 11-Jun-21 18:57:16


Men wearing socks with sandals

Men wearing sandals without socks 😃

craftynan Fri 11-Jun-21 16:46:03

Men wearing socks with sandals

Kestrel Fri 11-Jun-21 09:50:18

people smoking outside (especially when I am behind them/have to go past them) eeeugh

narrowboatnan Fri 11-Jun-21 08:32:51

The word Woke when used nowadays.

Dryginger Fri 11-Jun-21 08:17:19

People on their mobiles having long conversations on buses and trains.

Witzend Fri 11-Jun-21 01:52:02

That Peloton (Peleton?) advertisement.
Winner of (my) most unbelievably annoying ad of the year award.

Oofy Fri 11-Jun-21 00:31:54

“Thank you SO much” for a minor thanks-eliciting act- devalues it.
“A good read” instead of a good book
“Human cry” instead of “Hue and cry”
(sorry, Fanny, broke the 1 whinge per post rule)

Elvis58 Thu 10-Jun-21 22:58:20


Saetana Thu 10-Jun-21 22:42:15


Marmight Thu 10-Jun-21 20:18:47

Older men who wear caps backwards. Actually, any aged man/youth who wears a cap backwards - worse still, indoors🙄

LadyJus Thu 10-Jun-21 20:15:36

Men who wear their trousers halfway down their thighs. It looks absolutely ridiculous, I have NO desire to see their underpants.

rubysong Thu 10-Jun-21 20:05:59

People who post things on facebook for sale without giving the size. I'm currently looking for a dining table and some of the ads I've seen give no indication of the size. Dining tables come in a lot of different sizes and they would find a buyer much more easily if they put the size on. Inches or centimetres, I don't mind which.

JanaNana Thu 10-Jun-21 19:55:47

The noise from leaf blowers when being used far longer than necessary. The users of these seem totally oblivious to the racket they make.

Yammy Thu 10-Jun-21 19:17:14

Dr's partners who are on call when their partners are, as in "We are on call". No their not.