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Time travel is real....apparently

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vampirequeen Sat 12-Jun-21 10:51:23

Yesterday at 8.47pm I received an email from Amazon saying that Hermes had tried to deliver a parcel at 9.36pm but couldn't find our address. So I can only assume that the Hermes delivery person was a time traveller as I was informed of the non delivery just under an hour before the non delivery took place. confused

I have sent Hermes an email congratulating them on inventing time travel but suggesting that they find a different application for it grin

Ro60 Sat 12-Jun-21 11:27:44


theworriedwell Sat 12-Jun-21 11:32:07

Shame they don't sort out the satnav before starting on the time travel.

Savvy Sat 12-Jun-21 11:46:18

FedEx use time travel too, it must be a delivery company use only invention.

I had an email from FedEx telling me that they would be delivering that day, 4 hours after I'd received the parcel!

25Avalon Sat 12-Jun-21 11:48:35

VQ I can no longer buy anything where Hermes is the carrier as they will not deliver to my door, but dump parcels outside my gate, often in the rubbish bin, at the end of my long drive. I have written to Hermes umpteen times and receive promises that are never fulfilled. Obviously they have been too busy inventing time travel!

Savvy Sat 12-Jun-21 13:47:00

I've had that problem too with Hermes, £80 worth of brand new wool (not acrylic) left in the household waste bin. He'd managed to punch two holes in the bag as well so it stank of rubbish, it had to go back to be replaced.

Stupid thing was, he'd posted a photo of it in the bin to the company I'd bought it from. They were less than impressed!

25Avalon Sat 12-Jun-21 14:02:19

Savvy one occasion the photo was so blurred you couldn’t see anything!

MiniMoon Sat 12-Jun-21 17:00:21

Hermes delivery persons either can't read, or don't care about our parcels. DH ordered plants from a well known company. The Hermes delivery man threw the box into our porch. It landed upside down and all the plug plants were smashed.
It clearly stated on the box "Live plants Fragile, THIS WAY UP!

When I complained to Hermes I had no response.

25Avalon Sat 12-Jun-21 17:26:26

Hermes just refer you back to the sender. I had one parcel go missing and the sender demanded I sign to say I had not received it and that I had checked with my neighbours to make sure they had not received it before they would issue a refund,! I told them they should be asking Hermes to do this as they were the ones who had wrongly delivered.

Savvy Mon 21-Jun-21 13:36:13

My landlords using time travel too!

Just had a text message timed at 13.31 to say the repairman is on his way to my property - he arrived here at 11.25 this morning and left 10 mins later.

Newatthis Mon 21-Jun-21 13:40:42

The same happened to us with ParcelForce who were due to pick up some boxes. We were moving house and staying in a local hotel. Arrived at the house at 9am to be there for collection only to find a card in the mail saying that delivery man had called a t 9.30am to find us out!