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Do you have a special 'talent'?

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ixion Wed 16-Jun-21 15:27:16

Reading through so many threads, I see fine knitters, seamstresses, artists, potters, crafters, cake decorators...
Then I thought- 'how would I answer this?'. Sadly decided I was a Jack Of All Trades bur passable in only a few.

Do you have a special talent?
Forget the modesty and share!

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 16-Jun-21 15:32:18

I’m a Jack of all Trades too.


I can spot a Bullsh***er a mile off and so far it has served me well.

ixion Wed 16-Jun-21 15:38:10


grannylyn65 Wed 16-Jun-21 15:40:18

I write poems and witty odes

Rufus2 Wed 16-Jun-21 15:40:40

For cracking the wrong joke!

Tizliz Wed 16-Jun-21 15:45:48

I have a talent for making an idiot of myself. Got my hand stuck in our post box last week, embarrassing enough but we had our first visitor this year.

Nannarose Wed 16-Jun-21 15:54:17

I have 2 talents common to many middle-aged women:
in public places I am invisible
within the family I can solve any problem, any time, or at least make it feel a bit better

kittylester Wed 16-Jun-21 16:02:32

My only talent is loving my husband, children and grandchildren- I'm brilliant at that!!

Lexisgranny Wed 16-Jun-21 16:08:00

When I was younger, I thought I had many……… I’m not so sure!

shysal Wed 16-Jun-21 16:09:17

My GP once told me that I did something only owls can do - blink with one eye!

Grandmajean Wed 16-Jun-21 16:13:51

I will take on anybody at Wii tennis ! Am unbeatable in the family much to the chagrin of my competitive son -in -law ( and I'm in my 70s )

BBbevan Wed 16-Jun-21 16:17:20

Drawing mostly.

Kate1949 Wed 16-Jun-21 16:20:52

I have whinging, complaining and self pity down to a fine art.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 16-Jun-21 16:28:07

I am extremely adept at procrastination

Luckygirl Wed 16-Jun-21 16:38:49

Singing - it has been my life. And sharing it with others via a choir I run, and singing workshops for all sorts of people.

Curlywhirly Wed 16-Jun-21 16:57:51

I can make a box of chocolates last for weeks! On the other hand - crisps last no time at all 😉

avitorl Wed 16-Jun-21 17:03:21

I was once told that my special talent was lowering the tone in my work staffroom! I'm still proud of that many years later.

Marydoll Wed 16-Jun-21 17:03:52

I can whistle by rolling my tongue! Not very ladylike to whistle with your tongue sticking out. blush

Lucca Wed 16-Jun-21 17:04:40


I am extremely adept at procrastination

Oh me too. I’m good at putting myself down as well.

Redhead56 Wed 16-Jun-21 17:04:55

I am good repairing broken ornaments wood stains etc anything damaged making it look good again. I taught myself to restring pearls which is tedious but I enjoyed the challenge.

Marydoll Wed 16-Jun-21 17:14:11

Oh I forgot, i'm very good at mending staues!

We had a crib with adult size figures at the front door of our school and one Christmas, a colleague managed to knock the head off Mary, the hand off St Joseph and the head off the donkey. As she ran by, her handbag caught them and they fell on the tiled corridor. .....😱

I managed to repair them and then painted them, using acrylic paints. They were as good as new.
I did have a problem when I went looking for flesh coloured paints. the gentleman in the shop thought I was mad, when I said I was repairing a statue and St Joseph had dark skin. blush

MiniMoon Wed 16-Jun-21 17:26:59

I do beautiful crochet. At my knit and natter group I'm regarded as the expert in all things hooked.
I make a wonderful pavlova. I get requests for them for family celebrations and Christmas.
I still have a lovely singing voice although I'm not the soprano that I used to be.

Charleygirl5 Wed 16-Jun-21 17:46:32

My talent is sleeping- any time any place.

Grandmajean Wed 16-Jun-21 17:49:24

Am also very good at finishing my DH's sentences ! Sometimes I start them as well!

Sago Wed 16-Jun-21 17:57:27

Cooking and technology.