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No more Countdown for me.

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Bluebellwould Fri 02-Jul-21 09:53:28

I’ve watched Countdown since it started and always enjoyed the different presenters and the interactions between dictionary corner etc.
Not any more. I’ve watched it this week to give Anne Robinson a chance but OMG it’s dreadful. She can’t open her mouth, looks down constantly to read her notes, her speech is staccato and halting and there is no rapport with either the guests or co-presenters. Indeed she seems to be taking the p* out of some of the contestants.
I also think it’s a mistake to have 3 female presenters, there was an added dynamic with Nick and the ladies, not saying it was sexual but the ladies responded with a lighter air than with Anne.
All in all I’m really disappointed.
What do you think? Love to hear your view.

JaneJudge Fri 02-Jul-21 09:58:40

I was surprised she was appointed tbh. Countdown isn't really a program where anyone, let alone the contestants, needs to be taken the piss out of. It has occurred to me before that some of the contestants maybe be on the autistic spectrum for example

FannyCornforth Fri 02-Jul-21 10:03:04

I agree with both of you.
To offer you a degree of hope, I don't think that she will last long.
It was obvious to many of us that the punters weren't going to take to her.
She will only do one series and then
they'll give it to Gyles Brandreth or another safe pair of hands.

JessK Fri 02-Jul-21 10:12:51

I thought Colin Murray did a good job when he stood in for Nick whilst he was shielding.
I'm sure I read somewhere that Anne Robinson wanted to make some radical changes to the show. Hopefully she won't be allowed to insist on that. It works well as it is.

FannyCornforth Fri 02-Jul-21 10:26:30

Oh I didn't know that about Colin Murray. That's a good shout. He's lovely and so cheerful and witty.
Just what you want

Bluebellwould Fri 02-Jul-21 10:52:50

I agree Jane about the autism spectrum contestants. They are the ones that are absolutely brilliant and come up with words that no one has ever heard of.

yggdrasil Fri 02-Jul-21 11:18:39

I haven't watched Countdown for years. But I do follow 8 out of 10 cats, with Jimmy Carr. It does have to come on late though, jokes not for children :-)

jaylucy Fri 02-Jul-21 11:24:16

I think Anne Robinson will be the same, whatever programme she is presenting - maybe she is stuck in Crimewatch mode!

FannyCornforth Fri 02-Jul-21 11:28:17

I don't really understand why she has gained such status.
She doesn't seem to me to be a good presenter; she's not likeable; and she certainly isn't funny.
She also has an air about her of thinking that she's quite the thing.

Bluebellwould Fri 02-Jul-21 12:42:57

Absolutely agree Fanny.

annodomini Fri 02-Jul-21 13:02:56

If Channel 4 wanted to kill off Countdown, they chose the right presenter. There is nothing likeable about Anne Robinson. I was incensed at her constantly harping on at that poor man's being an accountant. She seemed to have a 'thing' about accountants. If she was trying to establish a rapport, she was going the wrong way about it. And she can't smile - her face would crack.

Kali2 Fri 02-Jul-21 13:06:05

Never quite seen such an über case of plastic surgery gone mad!

sodapop Fri 02-Jul-21 13:16:54

I agree Kali2 AR is unrecognisable from the person who did Weakest Link and as for her immobile face hmm

Nannylovesshopping Fri 02-Jul-21 14:08:13

Have always loved Countdown, can’t bear to watch now with AR in the chair, no charisma or any other redeeming features tbh.

nadateturbe Fri 02-Jul-21 15:06:58

Its my favourite game show. I sit with pencil and paper and count my score.
Somehow it's not as enjoyable with Anne. Her personality doesn't really suit it. I miss Nick.

FannyCornforth Fri 02-Jul-21 15:20:52

I hardly ever watch it, a lifelong aversion to Vorderman might be the reason for that. But DH likes it so I have 'seen' it, if you know what I mean.
Has Paul O'Grady ever done it?
He might be good.
Or Liza Tarbuck.
It needs to be someone warm and reassuring.
It makes me cross when they make decisions which are blatantly stupid.

Bluebellwould Fri 02-Jul-21 15:23:57

I caught a few minutes of it today and she was attacking the guest in dictionary corner. Didn’t catch her name but she’s a chef and restaurant critic, Anne was attacking her and the chef turned around and said she thought she was under attack. Good on her for calling Anne on her bullying. I hope channel 4 get rid of her quickly, she is really ruining a lovely programme. It was so nice to have a programme that had polite, well mannered, educated people on it.

Blossoming Fri 02-Jul-21 15:30:44

She was a good journalist in her day. Unfortunately that day was around 1975. She wrecked her career with The Sunday Times due to her dependence on alcohol. I sometimes think she believes she’s still that talented sharp-witted young woman that she was before the drink took over. Sad.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Fri 02-Jul-21 16:00:28

It seems a strange decision to choose someone who is controversial as it's meant to be a cosy programme unless they're trying to be 'edgy' - often a mistake in my opinion.

BlueBelle Fri 02-Jul-21 16:35:32

What a strange decision to make to use a 76 year old woman not only well past her best but with such an acid character
I m not a great countdown watcher but I ll have to have a look and see what you are all seeing

grannyrebel7 Fri 02-Jul-21 16:42:31

Gyles Brandreth would be perfect. I think he's great. Haven't seen it with AR but I can imagine what's she's like. I bet poor little Susie Dent is terrified!

Bluebellwould Fri 02-Jul-21 16:45:27

Oh yes Giles Brandreth, what a good suggestion. An educated gentleman, what a perfect replacement for Nick.

DiscoDancer1975 Fri 02-Jul-21 16:46:53

Never watched Countdown, but if Anne Robinson’s involved, not at all surprised. I wouldn’t watch anything she’s in personally.

dogsmother Fri 02-Jul-21 17:14:34

Couldn’t agree more Blue….
The Irish DJ Colin Murray was a really good fit and I’d have loved to have seen him continue. AR however is not who I will watch.

Mollygo Fri 02-Jul-21 17:54:13

I’ll give it another try. I wasn’t impressed, but taking over is hard. All those thinking about Giles Brandreth-I’d be delighted to see him in charge.