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Esspee Thu 15-Jul-21 08:14:54

Lighthearted thread for a beautiful day.

Every now and then you hear someone use a saying you have never heard before but which sticks in you mind.

One example for me was when OH was being persuaded to give religion a try. He came out with “you’d have more chance of converting me into a block of flats”.. I still laugh thinking about it.

MissAdventure Thu 15-Jul-21 08:15:56


Mattsmum2 Thu 15-Jul-21 08:20:29

About as much use as a chocolate tea pot!

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 15-Jul-21 08:23:26

Hilarious Esspee! Mum used to say when sister and I were particularly giggly, "You'd laugh to see a pudding crawl!" How does a pudding crawl?

Elizabeth1 Thu 15-Jul-21 08:33:29

I must shoot the crow wink eg I must go now

lovebeigecardigans1955 Thu 15-Jul-21 08:36:24

He hasn't enough brains to blow his hat off!

jusnoneed Thu 15-Jul-21 08:38:07

When, as children, we asked my Nan where someone/something was she used to reply "up in Annie's room under the wallpaper". Never understood that one!
Evidently (according to Google) it came from wartime slang.

Nell8 Thu 15-Jul-21 09:05:48

I love the Irish saying that a cup of tea is "strong enough to trot a mouse on".

MissAdventure Thu 15-Jul-21 09:09:09

If something is too loose a fit, courtesy of an ex.
"It's like a cock in a sock".

harrigran Thu 15-Jul-21 09:09:09

Whenever I asked my father what he was doing/making he would say " I'm making a gugar for a wigwam " hmm

Witzend Thu 15-Jul-21 09:35:27

One I’d never heard until via a forum (maybe this one) is, ‘It’s looking black over Bill’s mother’s’ - meaning dark clouds in the distance.

I’ve heard that it originated not far from Stratford on Avon (the Bill referring to Wm. Shakespeare) but how true that is I have no idea. But I like it!

Nannagarra Thu 15-Jul-21 09:44:41

“I’ll be glad when I’ve had enough of this.” (Said when doing something necessary, tedious and enduring.)

LadyO Thu 15-Jul-21 09:47:32

Referring to our beloved golden retriever “if brains were chocolate, he wouldn’t have enough to fill a Smartie”
Or referring to someone you know vaguely “her cat ran in our passage”.

Grannybags Thu 15-Jul-21 09:48:08

My Mum used to say she'd had a "clashy back end" of a day

I'm not sure what it meant but I'm sure I've had a few days like that!

henetha Thu 15-Jul-21 09:50:53

When my ex partner was angry he always said "Pigs in fields".

downtoearth Thu 15-Jul-21 09:52:37

My mum
He's as good as a one legged
man in an arse kicking contest

Baggs Thu 15-Jul-21 10:07:26


I love the Irish saying that a cup of tea is "strong enough to trot a mouse on".

Love that! 😁 I might use it next time MrB makes my tea too strong.

You need a South Yorkshire accent for this one, which my grandad used to say: "Let's 'ave a looook at these 'ere 'herrins 'eads." Used when you are presented with a problem that needs to be studied before whatever it is can be sorted out.

Lin52 Thu 15-Jul-21 10:14:27

Ahm bloody arrad, I’m bloody tired. Lincolnshire saying.

Jane43 Thu 15-Jul-21 10:24:51

My Dad used to say he was going to see a man about a dog when he went out. For years I thought he was going to bring a dog home.

I was going to mention ‘it’s looking black over Bill’s mothers but Witzend already has. I first heard it from my husband’s family and they are from The Black Country, not that far from Shakespeare country.

PinkCosmos Thu 15-Jul-21 10:29:17

My mum - 'she has a face like a frozen mop' i.e. bad tempered and grumpy looking

My friend - ' I was sweating on't top line' - which means 'I was panicking'. I am from Lancashire and I think it was something to do with the cotton mills

My MIL - 'Don't just stand there like Emma Lemon'. I think it should be 'like a lemon' but my MIL is like Hilda Baker when it comes to sayings smile

Infinity2 Thu 15-Jul-21 10:33:19

Someone not blessed in the looks department ( me for example )
They have a face like a robber’s dog !

allsortsofbags Thu 15-Jul-21 10:38:51

A girl I knew used to say "get the sen felt" in South Yorkshire accent meaning don't be so self important or over sensitive.

I've had times when I've wanted to use it :-)

Infinity2 Thu 15-Jul-21 10:41:50

Espee - it’s raining here 😂

sodapop Thu 15-Jul-21 10:43:50

My ex was very mean and someone once commented that he " could peel an orange in his pocket "

nanna8 Thu 15-Jul-21 11:54:24

He charges like a wounded bull for being overcharged.
Buzzing around like a blue arsed fly for a hyperactive person
Fair suck of the sauce bottle
and there’s the very old one where a young randy male was described as a wombat (eats, roots and leaves)