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Remote Controlled Fan.

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Namsnanny Sat 17-Jul-21 19:39:27

I'm in heaven!

I wouldn't have thought having a remote would have made such a difference.

But the only place to put a fan here is behind furniture.

Now no over reaching, or stubbing my toe trying to get to the controls.

Just bought another one!

Anyone else moved into the 21st century?

MawBe Sat 17-Jul-21 20:03:34

My Dyson fan has a remote- it’s really useful for when I am in bed - but has the added (dis) advantage of switching the bedroom TV on at the same time confused

Auntieflo Sat 17-Jul-21 20:23:20

Yes we love our Dyson remote, and the timer, so that it goes off after we are asleep.

The tower fan downstairs, also has a remote, but we don't use that as much.

Namsnanny Sat 17-Jul-21 20:52:02

but has the added dis advantage of switching the TV on at the same time

This made me laugh **MawBe grin.

Hope your not like me, with the sound up high? If I switch it on unexpectedly, it's loud enough to give the neighbours a fright!

I'm thinking of getting remote controlled blinds now!

Shrub Sat 17-Jul-21 21:01:52

My tower fan with remote, decided it would change the settings on it's own. I would wake up to a roaring, oscillating gale with the damn thing beeping at me! Then it gave up altogether.

It's probably 15 years old or more though, so I'm wondering whether a Dyson would be worth it.

Infinity2 Sat 17-Jul-21 22:33:36

I had a Dimplex tower fan delivered from Argos today. It was about £70. It’s very good, has a remote, but is very noisy.
I’ve probably got it on the wrong setting.
The worst thing was trying to fit the circular base to it. Only four things that screwed in but it took me over an hour to get the holes lined up.
That’s down to my ineptitude though, not the fans.

rosie1959 Sat 17-Jul-21 22:43:39

We have a Dyson with remote best fan but expensive
Saying that it's downstairs as I am too lazy to carry it up so am using a different tower fan
Won't make a lot of difference my son is away and his 8st plus old English bulldog likes to share my bed and cuddle up my DH is sensibly in our bedroom

Aldom Sat 17-Jul-21 22:54:10

I recently purchased a Probreeze Circulator Fan, with remote control. It cosy just over £89.00. Very well made, efficient and silent. Top marks too for attractive design.
No assembly required.

Aldom Sat 17-Jul-21 22:55:29

drrr! Should read cost, not cosy. grin

Mollygo Sat 17-Jul-21 22:56:22

Our tower fan has a remote and a timer. I wouldn’t like to guess it’s age, but it works so I sleep in a cool room.

Infinity2 Sat 17-Jul-21 22:57:23

Aldom - SILENT !!!
What bliss that must be.

Franbern Sun 18-Jul-21 08:37:02

Have a talll tower NETTA fan in my Living Room. Purchased two years ago, remote sits next to me in the container which has my other remotes. It is neat, white and very effect - whereas, not totally silent is not at all noisy. It nice, does not get in the way, and is a really useful piece of kit.

Have recently purchased a small tower fan for my bedroom (to replace the old, bulky fan). This has timer control, but no remote. Found it impossible to find a small one with a remote. Even with my windows open have been using this when I first go to bed at night and does keep the room nice and airy. Putting on the timer means I do not need a remote.

sodapop Sun 18-Jul-21 08:55:00

I have two remote controlled tower fans, one Dyson and one Honeywell. Both are invaluable as the heat adversely affects me. I don't have to get out of bed or off the sofa to change the settings. Lazy or what grin

harrigran Sun 18-Jul-21 10:08:34

I have a Dyson with remote control, it has been on continuously for the last 48 hours, couldn't manage without it now.

Kamiso Mon 19-Jul-21 14:23:11

Thanks to whoever mentioned that tower fans have filters. We thought we were going to have to replace one of ours but OH
opened it up and cleaned out quite a lot of dust. Now back up and working much better.

JosephAMendenhall Tue 20-Jul-21 12:57:51

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JaneJudge Tue 20-Jul-21 13:03:41

would you mind linking to some of these remote controlled fans which you think are good please? I need to buy one and would rather buy a recommended one

Aldom Tue 20-Jul-21 13:34:35

Jane Judge My oscillating fan with remote control is a Probreeze I've just Googled it and it is now reduced to around £65. I'm pleased with mine. I dread to think about how it would have been without it in the recent heat.

grannysyb Tue 20-Jul-21 13:54:26

Putting our fans on a folded up towel reduces the noise. We don't need a remote, the fan is on all night!

Infinity2 Tue 20-Jul-21 19:14:17

My Dimplex fan on full power is like sitting beside a jumbo jet departing from Heathrow.
Throttle up 😱

Blossoming Tue 20-Jul-21 19:24:18

We’ve had a RC pedestal fan for ages. No idea what make, it’s very quiet and is usually in the big lounge. Today it’s blowing lovely cold air into the bedroom where I’m still sorting, folding, stacking and tidying. I’ve got loads done today.

Jaxjacky Tue 20-Jul-21 19:31:15

Aldom we have their chiller unit, going great guns, love it.

Doodledog Tue 20-Jul-21 22:41:11

There was a tip on Jeremy Vine this morning - to create your own 'air con' you can fill empty milk cartons or plastic bottles with water, freeze them, and stand them in front of a desk fan.

It won't look very swish, but it's not a bad idea 😀

crazyH Tue 20-Jul-21 22:54:23

I had a remote controlled ceiling fan installed in my bedroom, last summer… glad I did. Only thing is, I find it difficult to leave my bed…..

Luckygirl Tue 20-Jul-21 22:54:30

I put my fan on today (£10 from a local shop about 10 years ago) and it fell over and the blades hit the frame and fell to pieces. But I do feel I have had my money's worth.

I have sent off for a posh tower one today which I hope will arrive before the weather breaks.