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Newspaper headline!

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Luckygirl Mon 02-Aug-21 09:50:56

From my local newspaper:

"City courgette pervert jailed again."

Any gems from your local rag!?

granfromafar Mon 02-Aug-21 09:53:17

The mind boggles! wink

timetogo2016 Mon 02-Aug-21 09:55:11

Now i know why i don`t like courgettes.

nanna8 Mon 02-Aug-21 10:00:39

They got rid of most of our lovely local papers because of Covid. All we are left with are the pretty dire daily ones. In one of those left we have
Former Pie to lead Ovens and Murray contender
Translated is -Magpie ( Collingwood player) will lead as a coach to the area of the Ovens and Murray valley- place names.

Flexagon Mon 02-Aug-21 10:11:14

Jailed again?

Not from my local paper but this made me laugh. Boys will be boys or a new event for Olympics 2024.

MawBe Mon 02-Aug-21 10:12:35


Luckygirl Mon 02-Aug-21 10:22:15

Whitewater farting - just love it!!

I remember one from years ago that said:

"Road repairs finished. Bride now open to two way traffic."

Blinko Mon 02-Aug-21 10:30:06

Reminds me of the DM headline back in the 50s, about adventurer Vivian Fuchs. Fuchs off Again...

Flexagon Mon 02-Aug-21 10:30:45

Forced to leave town, the notorious courgette recidivist changes his MO and is tracked down in Newport.

Flexagon Mon 02-Aug-21 10:31:32

Missing link:

BlueSky Mon 02-Aug-21 10:32:05

Luckygirl you made me laugh while I was feeling gloomy. Thanks. grin

Flexagon Mon 02-Aug-21 10:33:14

The picture wasn't there a second ago!!! sad

Luckygirl Mon 02-Aug-21 10:56:15

You are welcome BlueSky smile

Fennel Mon 02-Aug-21 12:38:46

{grin} to all.
Sorry can't add any more. But still grinning!