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Good Evening Chewsday.

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Aveline Tue 03-Aug-21 18:46:25

Hi Rufus2. Spinal with sedation is standard here. Seems to work well. Numb from the waist down so don't feel anything and off to sleep while the hackers and hewers get on with their grisly task. I was having a robotically assisted procedure. Goodness knows how that worked. Just glad it's over.
I'm not a sports fan so swerved the Olympics but was thrilled to hear about an enterprising couple who aimed to try all 97 Olympic sports in 2 weeks. I saw them on the news. They were giving it their all. All in aid of Motor Neurone Disease research. Full marks to them!.

rafichagran Tue 03-Aug-21 18:41:36

Hi Rufus, I am enjoying the Olympics at the moment, lovely Gold medal tally.
Take care.

Allsorts Tue 03-Aug-21 15:21:08


Rufus2 Tue 03-Aug-21 15:20:00

Kim Nice to meet you again.
What do you mean "that's all"!?
It was enough to trigger old memories. smile

Just watched some Olympics; Kookaburras through to Final on Thursday against Belgium; sadly
we lost by one goal to Russia in Ladies' water polo!
Funny game that!
Appeared to be more action off the ball, with individual opponents arm -wrestling and trying
to drown each other!
If I knew the rules, games would be more enjoyable, but commentators are usually too busy shouting their heads off

Aveline Didn't you feel any pain or discomfort with that type of anaesthetic?. I guess there must have been other reasons precluding the use of a "general"
Did they offer you the opportunity to watch proceedings on CCTV?
They did for my prostate op. when I had an epidural', although reception wasn't hi-fi!

Thread becoming unstable, so will sign off for now!