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Good Morning Tuesday 31st August 2021

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Michael12 Tue 31-Aug-21 05:58:15

Good Morning Everyone,
Its a clear but dry start here in Brackley.
Today after housework , my usual bus trip out yo bicester for a shop and coffee.
Returning to watch the final week of the Vuelta cycle race on TV this afternoon.
Take Care ,

grandMattie Tue 31-Aug-21 06:23:58

Good morning from a grey but dry E Kent.
You will miss the cycling when it is finished, Mick. What will you watch for the rest of the year?
Tai chi this morning and a trip to the station for our tickets to Bristol tomorrow. Barely worth going, but was haven’t seen the girls for ages.
Welcome to all newbies, hope all is well with our missing posters, have a good day to all GraMmingos. 🦩🦩🦩🦩🦩🌻🌻🌻☀️

cornergran Tue 31-Aug-21 06:30:42

Morning Mick, morning All. Another cloudy start to our corner of Somerset.

Still pressing on with my bits and bobs list. Mustn’t forget the grocery order today.

Safe trip tomorrow grandMattie, it will be worth it. Hope the buses are on time Mick. Thoughts go to all who are unwell or struggling with life.

Hope Tuesday is kind to us all.

Beechnut Tue 31-Aug-21 06:40:06

Good Morning everyone from Severnside where it is dry and cloudy.

The last day of the month and tomorrow off we go into September. I always used to think of September as a mini new year with the new school year starting and evening classes starting up again.

My car is due for its MOT soon so today I plan to clean it outside and in.

I make a job list sometimes cornergran. It saves me walking by something and saying to myself ‘I was going to do that’.

I hope you all have a good day and the COVID two are recovering 🌷

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 31-Aug-21 06:43:35

Good morning Mick and all who follow.
Another dull and chilly day so far in Oxfordshire, so many cold cloudy days, I’ve got the heating on to take the chill off.
Another day of not doing much.
Have a good day everyone.

Scentia Tue 31-Aug-21 06:54:01

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it feels cold. I have all the windows open in my room and it is chilly!
Granmattie I think there always seems to be cycling on somewhere around the world I am sure like DH mick will not be short of a race to watch😂
Woke up with my usual back pain even though I tried to wake regularly during the night to continue drinking, my kidney pain is back. It will go off after some paracetamol and plenty (about 4 litres!) of water. I will ring my GP today just to make sure I am doing it right. Apart from my build up of toxins in my kidney I feel fine, no other covid symptoms.
Hope gwen is ok, has she posted?
I am awaiting a call from a study team who will come out and test some nasal drops on me, it is the Covid 201 study.
No plans other than drinking water and watching TV today, tired myself out yesterday hanging washing out😂

Daisytwoshoes Tue 31-Aug-21 07:05:22

Good morning mick and all
Having an early morning cuppa in bed
Just peeped out of the curtains, it’s dull and grey here in Somerset
Got a few jobs to do around the house, this morning
After lunch a
,ride out to the coast for a walk .and hopefully fish and chips for tea .
Have a good day everyone and hope those feeling under the weather feel better soon

Nannytopsy Tue 31-Aug-21 07:15:51

Good morning Mick and all his followers. Another grey and damp start to the day in Suffolk. We have had so little sun that a lot of my plants have yet to flower.
I hope you start to feel better soon Scentia and get reassurance from your GP. There are no lie ins here as the decorator will be here soon. DGC are coming for a sleepover tonight so we need to get organised.
I hope the day is kind to everyone.

monk08 Tue 31-Aug-21 07:25:05

Good morning all from the Black country. Dull and breezy here I blinked and missed the summer.
Hairdressers today and a small shop must think of something for dinner.
Thoughts with missing posters both here and overseas.
Enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some 🌞.

brook2704 Tue 31-Aug-21 07:28:20

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s another grey and cloudy start to the day. Yesterday the sun tried to come out a few times but didn’t really make it.
Hope your trip to Bristol goes well tomorrow GM safe travels
I’m off down to Cambridge today on the morning flight, so I should be there late afternoon. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone, especially my two gorgeous but lively DGSs. DH has got his list of jobs to try and get through whilst I’m away so will see how that goes 😂
Hope you feel much better soon Scentia and you too Gwen take care
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings 💐

baubles Tue 31-Aug-21 07:33:25

Good morning Mick, morning all from cool and dull South Lanarkshire.

I’m going into Glasgow to meet up with a friend. She wants to shop for a wedding outfit and asked me to help, it’s been ages since I’ve had a mooch around clothes shops although I don’t suppose we’ll get further than John Lewis. We’ll manage to find time for coffee and cake I’m sure.

Wishing everyone a peaceful day with as few worries and troubles as possible.

kittylester Tue 31-Aug-21 07:34:35

Good morning from a grey North Leicestershire.

Busy day a head with DD3 and the Wonderful Wolfie coming for the morning and lunch and then the gardener coming to start work on replanting the border by the kitchen window.

Take away burger tonight from the Burgerologist who visits the village once a fortnight. His burgers are fabulous and no cooking involved for me!

Pittcity Tue 31-Aug-21 07:35:47

Good morning from a grey skied Colchester.
Back to usual stuff here.
Tuesday is my day on the till at the charity shop.
DH was going to spend the day packing to go fishing in France but his travel companion has tested positive and so it's a day of phone calls to rearrange or cancel.
Love to all x

Grandmadinosaur Tue 31-Aug-21 07:36:55

Good Morning from another grey morning in East Yorkshire.
I like to watch the cycling too Mick and GrandMattie but more for the scenery. I know there is usually a World Cycling event at the end of September. I know that as it’s my birthday then and a few years ago we spent it in Florence and it coincided with it being held there. Quite exciting !
Yesterday we just pottered about - went to the market of local traders. All we bought were some chocolate from a local chocolatier I like. Am annoyed with myself as he had some nice boxes ideal for presents and I said to him it’s a shame I haven’t any birthdays to buy for. Then in the afternoon I was messaging with a friend about a weekend away we are going on later in the year and we agreed to meet up for a quick coffee today to sort out. I remembered it’s her Birthday soon and I need a bit of something to give her. So this morning I will have to make a trip to the city centre and also hunt for a nice card. There was me hoping for another quiet day. Hey ho and all that!
Wishing all suffering with ills and troubles well.
Take care all.

GrannyGravy13 Tue 31-Aug-21 07:38:25

Morning Mick and all

Greyish here in S E Essex, Beechnut I know exactly what you mean about 1st September being a mini new year 👍🏻

Looking after The Imp today and I want to do some batch cooking (Ragu sauce, chilli con carne, curry and cottage pies) our kitchen freezer is almost empty and I like having some home made easy dinners to hand.

Thinking of all our missing posters gilligran EV Marydoll and GrandmaFrench I hope they are well

Keep safe and well folks 🙋‍♀️🦩

Gingster Tue 31-Aug-21 07:46:27

Good morning and it’s another gret start here in Essex.
Yesterday we started the preps for staining the decking. A few pieces need replacing so will do it in sections. We’ve cleared and scrubbed , so that bits done.

Dh is playing golf today. He hasn’t played all this year as his legs are heavy and muscles are stiff. ( I still think it’s the statins) .he will try 9 holes and see how he goes. His ambition on retiring was to become a scratch golfer, and he was nearly there when he had a TIA.

I have a friend coming for coffee this morning and then I’ll do a bit more on the decking.
Flower tubs are beginning to look bedraggled so I might clear those out.

Safe journey Brook . Nice to have a relaxing train journey, read a book and have a nap. 🚞📔😴.

GranMattie your trip will be very worth it. Enjoy your girls 👍

Have a pleasant day 🌻

DanniRae Tue 31-Aug-21 07:47:50

Hello to Everyone from a grey and chilly SE London. Back to nanny duties today as his mum has to go into school to prepare for the new term. My darling boy will arrive like a whirlwind asking for shaky shaky juice (not sure how this name came about?) and haring off to find the dog! Happy Days are here again!! He and his mum and dad are here for a home made curry tonight - I hope it's a good one because the way I make curry it's always a bit of a gamble how it will turn out hmm
Take care everyone
Best Wishes Danni x

Grandmajean Tue 31-Aug-21 07:49:36

Good morning all.
Chilly here in Cheshire.Think need to sort out some warmer clothes !
Hope your back pain eases Scentia - so many varied symptoms caused by Covid.
Hope Gwen on the mend too.
Good wishes to all ill or worrying about others.

Scentia Tue 31-Aug-21 07:56:50

Gingster aww that has made me sad about your DH and his handicap quest.
To get even close to scratch is amazing, I hope he manages a good round today❤️

Urmstongran Tue 31-Aug-21 08:00:25

Good morning everyone from sunny Malaga where we have a forecast of 30°C with a gentle breeze. It Tuesday = LWW this afternoon 🍷🌞

This is a photo taken at the bar we go to. Very popular with the local Spanish. I took this at the end of an afternoon there to show the full terrace view from where I was sitting. A glass of decent wine out here is €2!

One of the ‘3 Musketeers’ as I dubbed the three ladies who are resident here was my neighbour who, at 86y and lonely, went back to live in Yorkshire 3 weeks ago. These two will hold the nucleus of the group so that the rest of us can dip in and out when we all come out for holiday stays. Any witty ideas what I can now call Jean & Sue?

Have a good Tuesday all those who can. I feel a bit greedy keeping all this gorgeous weather when I hear of chilly grey skies at home! x

grandMattie Tue 31-Aug-21 08:02:24

Terrible Two, Urms?

Rosycheeks Tue 31-Aug-21 08:03:07

Good morning Mick and everyone. Grey and its been raining a bit in Herts.
DH went back to work today after a week and half off, he gets the coach into London and they have change the times without telling anybody. He gets the 5.45 but they have change it to 6.15am . He phoned to say everybody was annoyed this morning they keep changing it. The evening coach is going to be later soon so his working day has got longer.
I am going to clean my windows today inside only I think because of the weather.
Hope all that are feeling poorly feel better soon. Have a good day. Rosie x

Urmstongran Tue 31-Aug-21 08:03:46

Meant to say, have a pleasant flight brook and enjoy your week with your family.

NannyJan53 Tue 31-Aug-21 08:07:46

Good morning from a dull and cloudy Black Country. Still quite warm though.

No real plans today, probably clean the cooker, and soak the trays overnight in Soda crystals and water. It gets the gunk off a treat!

I was walking DS's dog with DGD Sunday, and she asked if I would like a dog. I said not really, to which she replied "oh yes, you like to borrow one for a while, and then give it back, I am the same with little kids (she has a 2 year old cousin), I like to have T for a while, then I like to give her back" She is 12 smile

Hoping Scentia and Gwen are feeling much better, and that Olddudders is improving too Ashcombe

hollysteers Tue 31-Aug-21 08:10:37

Good morning Mick and all from a cloudy Suet on Sea, Lancashire coast. I’m on my way out of the house to join the coach for a North Wales trip. Twoud be nice if sun appears, but at least it’s a change of scene. So sarnies made, flask of coffee packed and a book to read. Looking forward to it.
Hope you all have a good day, and thoughts to those with worries.