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Neen Mon 06-Sep-21 20:16:27

It really saddens me what's gone on. These people are just like you and I but happened to be born in Afghanistan. They must be absolutely scared and emotional. Can you imagine this country in their countries situation and some of us landing in a foreign country not knowing anyone and left behind everything, scared, penniless, not knowing what's happening in your country to those left behind etc etc .
I know our country struggles, but these are people, no less worthy than me or you.
It really was lovely to see on the news how many people are helping with supplies.
I hope wherever they are put, they settle and are welcomed.

Sarnia Tue 07-Sep-21 15:28:45

I can't begin to feel the uncertainty and dread these poor people must be facing. The Taliban say their new regime will be more lenient than before, especially towards women. Who knows? Can a leopard change it's spots? A lot will go on that the wider world will not know about.

Neen Tue 07-Sep-21 16:27:12

Sarnia ,
Hmmm, I don't know enough to have any valid input on spot changing. Let's hope so hey.