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Famous people that you’ve met: What were they like?

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FannyCornforth Tue 07-Sep-21 16:45:05

Go on, spill the beans!
Nice or nasty?

(Keep it civil, or we’ll get into trouble)

(I’ve sort of nicked this idea from the ‘Fantasy Famous Friend Fread’, apologies to the op!)

Galaxy Tue 07-Sep-21 17:46:25

Oh I love thesegrin. I saw Simon Cowell in Harrods about 3 years ago, he was with his son in the toy department and was to be honest charming, he patiently let everyone take photos with him which must have been a bit tiresome.

dragonfly46 Tue 07-Sep-21 17:51:23

I haven’t met anyone famous ☹️

LullyDully Tue 07-Sep-21 17:58:21

We went to see The Beatles at Hammersmith Odeon, centuries ago. We waited outside to see them after the show and stood beside Lulu who was also on the bill and a teenager as excited as we were.

BlueBelle Tue 07-Sep-21 17:59:11

I ve never met anyone famous or infamous

Neen Tue 07-Sep-21 18:05:00

I left home at 16 to work as a live in chambermaid in The Savoy .
Crikey I've met loads and all the ones that you think are lovely were about 30% true and the ones you think aren't nice, actually all were nice, bar one .

Elless Tue 07-Sep-21 18:07:35

My husband does a bit of chauffeuring after retiring and drives most of LFC around, he got a kiss off Abbey Clancy once when he took Peter Crouch home, last weekend he had Kenny Dalglish who has my husband on speed dial!

Aldom Tue 07-Sep-21 18:09:38

Princess Margaret. She opened a new rheumatology unit at The Heath Hospital, Cardiff. I was invited to the opening. Another guest that day was the opera singer, Sir Geraint Evans. I was a great fan and enjoyed several minutes talking with him. He was easy to chat with, no pomp or side whatsoever.

shysal Tue 07-Sep-21 18:26:48

When I was a teenager A friend and I met the Shadows and Frank Ifield when they were performing locally. We chatted at the stage door and then were invited to the cinema. It was very pleasant and innocent, in fact some of the wives were also there.

SueDonim Tue 07-Sep-21 18:32:43

Alan Rickman. I met him at a film premier. He was sex-on-legs and I was rendered speechless. That tells you everything you need to know about him. grin

Kate1949 Tue 07-Sep-21 18:39:58

Lovely 'light relief' thread. Thank you.
George Harrison - my idol. Well not 'met'. He spoke to a group of us through a window. He was lovely.
Richard O'Sullivan (remember him?)
Tom Jones - friendly.
A few at book signings - Michael Caine, David Attenborough, Francesco Da Mosto, Gary Rhodes, all nice but then we were buying their books!

Grandmabatty Tue 07-Sep-21 18:52:38

When I was a teenager I was in a local youth drama group which was highly regarded. One of our performances was fronted by Hughie Green. He was the nastiest, most insincere person I have met. One face for the camera and a different one for us teenagers.

MerylStreep Tue 07-Sep-21 18:57:24

I entertained Glenda Jackson on my boat but didn’t recognise her. It was only when she left that someone recognised her and told me who it was.

grannyactivist Tue 07-Sep-21 19:06:45

Neen I agree. Bobby Charlton was really nasty to me when I worked as a (shy 15 year old) receptionist for a firm of solicitors. He was a hero of mine at the time and I cried.

John Bishop is a good friend of my sister and brother-in-law. He was best man at their wedding and is Godfather to my niece. On the occasions I’ve met them he and his wife seem to be down to earth, warm people. Without being indiscreet I also know that they are very kind and generous.

I met Richard Madeley on two very different occasions; once at a local fun day (he lived nearby) where he attended to my daughter who had been hurt on a bouncy castle. He was really kind and gentle with her and he was at the height of his fame, but he wasn’t at all bothered about kneeling in the grass and getting blood on his shirt. The second time, twenty years later, we were both in the ‘Green Room’ at ITV studios and he had just spent a night sleeping out as a ‘homeless’ person. We talked about homelessness and about other things and once again he was kind, empathetic and well informed.

Redhead56 Tue 07-Sep-21 19:31:25

Lord Michael Storey was my children's headmaster. He was wonderful a kind and fair man. He would stand at the school reception each morning and say hello to every child by their first name.
I knew Tom O'Connor because he went to a restaurant a friend of mine owned. I knew a few Liverpool councillors because I was involved in trade unions as a young woman.

foxie48 Tue 07-Sep-21 19:53:34

OH worked in television and met loads of celebs, he could tell a tale or two but I've never really met anyone famous. However, I have chatted to Zara Tindall when our lorries were parked next to each other at a Horse trials, very ordinary and she gave us advice on which studs to use. I also, accidentally, joined the Princess Royals party whilst walking the XC course at Gatcombe, I was embarrassed, she was highly amused!

Grandmadinosaur Tue 07-Sep-21 20:16:01

I met Kian,Shane,Nicky and Mark from Westlife. DH had to interview them backstage before a concert and I tagged along although I wasn’t really a fan. They were such lovely genuine and down to earth guys. They asked us if we were staying to see the show and got tickets sorted out for us! Been a fan ever since!
I also bumped into Mel from Mel and Sue in a city centre when she was compering the Strictly tour. I’d been to see it the night before and we stood and chatted about all things Strictly. Again she was easy to chat to and friendly.

Grandma70s Tue 07-Sep-21 20:31:13

Margot Fonteyn, very sweet and human. Rudolf Nureyev was in a good mood when I met him, and gave me a rose which I still have. It’s a bit dead 😀

I think there were others but I can’t remember at the moment.

My DIL looked after Judi Dench when she visited the Royal Academy, where DIL worked at the time.

Ladyleftfieldlover Tue 07-Sep-21 20:38:32

A lot of Bishops! I met Rowan Williams at a tea party and he was very sweet. His beard was amazingly unkempt and tangled and he is quite short in real life. Oh and I was introduced to Prince Charles at a work do. He isn’t very tall either. I met lots of ‘famous’ people when I used to steward at the Oxford Literary Festival but I can’t really remember any of them.

PaperMonster Tue 07-Sep-21 20:50:51

Russell Grant, Oti Mabuse, Sharon Marshall - although not sure she counts as famous ditto the Duchess of Gloucester.

PaperMonster Tue 07-Sep-21 20:51:41

Oh and Stuart Maconie. He was nice.

joannapiano Tue 07-Sep-21 21:01:45

I met Prince Philip in 1970 when he visited the Design Centre in London, where I worked. I was surprised that he was shorter than I had imagined. He was very nice and smiley.
DH escorted Lulu along her road to her house when he was in the Met Police and roadworks had closed off the street. He met lots of famous people and Royalty during the course of his work. (And villains.)

Framilode Tue 07-Sep-21 21:03:59

I saw Jeremy Clarkson at Barbados airport. The airport had just gone no smoking and he was desperate for a cigarette. However, he was very nice to all the children that approached him.
He eventually joined a group of us that went into the Ladies for a crafty cig. Those were the days when I still smoked. I liked him.

Urmstongran Tue 07-Sep-21 21:16:34

I chatted to David Beckham once for about 2 minutes. He was lovely. Taller than I thought he’d be too. When I mentioned it to my mum I said I’d not pestered him for an autograph (never saw the attraction for those) and she said ‘you should’ve asked him for his diamond ear stud instead’.

kittylester Tue 07-Sep-21 21:22:05

Princess Anne who was amazingly k knowledgeable about the charity I was representing!