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300 Biker Escort - what an uplifting story!

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Casdon Fri 10-Sep-21 15:38:51

This really made my day, how kind of 300 bikers to turn up to support a bullied 15 year old at her school prom. It must have been quite a spectacle as well as one in the eye for all those who had targeted her over the years.

Smileless2012 Fri 10-Sep-21 15:45:11

Things like this restore my faith in human nature Casdon smile.

rafichagran Fri 10-Sep-21 15:51:16

Absolutly lovely. I hope this is a real lift for Felicity.

AGAA4 Fri 10-Sep-21 15:55:04

This has made my day. I have supported victims of bullying and I wish all who are bullied could have the 'knights in shining armour' or in this case kind bikers to rescue them.

Judy54 Fri 10-Sep-21 16:30:26

Truly wonderful and heart warming.