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Luckygirl Wed 15-Sep-21 13:06:46

What are her advisors doing letting her take part in the nonsense that is the Met Gala? I had never heard of it, but the coverage this year, because of Emma's presence, has drawn it to my attention - it must be just the tackiest event in the world. Rich people spending a fortune on utterly ridiculous "garments" and parading themselves around as if they have some importance in the world. Finger down throat icon here.

To me it felt distasteful for Emma to be there as she is a talented young woman who does have some importance in her sport, and is far younger than these shallow "slebs". She has a whole new life ahead of her with huge challenges, particularly around managing her new-found wealth and the media, and this does not seem a good start.

Am I just an old fuddy-duddy?

Polarbear2 Wed 15-Sep-21 13:07:44


Sparklefizz Wed 15-Sep-21 13:09:52

No, you're not*Lucky*. The Met Gala looks horrendous.

Emma R is a highly talented athlete and a very clever young woman who is also fluent in Mandarin. I hope she has some good advice to be selective about the media.

Polarbear2 Wed 15-Sep-21 13:10:48

Sorry. That was mean. My apologies. I’m afraid it’s part of the world. Many many people love the Met Ball. Her world is Instagram and other social media. She’s 18. It’s normal and exciting for her. I too worry tbh but it’s not my business. I’m not the demographic her team are aiming for.

Zoejory Wed 15-Sep-21 13:15:57

Pretty sure she wasn't forced to go.

I'd not want some advisors telling me what I should do, or shouldn't do, to be honest.

welbeck Wed 15-Sep-21 13:19:52

she was the only one who looked like they were wearing actual clothes rather than the contents of a skip.

Alegrias1 Wed 15-Sep-21 13:21:16

Its a bit of fun. Last year (2019?) it raised $13million for the Costume Institute of the Met Museum. That's why they dress up like they do.

BTW, there was a wonderful documentary on TV last week about the Met Museum during the US lockdown and how happy people were to get back to see the art. Highly recommended.

Zoejory Wed 15-Sep-21 13:22:59

The Met Gala is about fashion. And its extremes. Raises a small fortune as well. They don't stay in those costumes. Article here from Tom Daley about the event.

Overall, Daley enjoyed the intimate feel of the night and conversing with fellow guests. “It genuinely is just food and people having a fun time,” says Daley. “And then everyone goes back, gets changed, and goes on to the after parties

If you do some research it's quite interesting to read how the Met Gala started and how it's evolved.

H1954 Wed 15-Sep-21 13:26:11


she was the only one who looked like they were wearing actual clothes rather than the contents of a skip.

🤣🤣 Yes, some of the outfits were just...........bizarre! Emma did look lovely though.

trisher Wed 15-Sep-21 14:24:21

She's 18, she's in New York, she got to go to a party and dress up. After a huge triumph and before that lockdown I would imagine she jumped at the chance (like most 18 year olds would)

Luckygirl Wed 15-Sep-21 14:28:09

OK - I get it. I just know how vulnerable young "stars" are to being sucked in by the media hype and then spat out, or denigrated, when it suits the heartless machine that is the media.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 15-Sep-21 15:55:00

I would be very careful if I was advising her. The media are very good at mincing people and spitting them out - including social media.

You only have to read of the unpleasant comments about people on something as innocuous as GN.

She has still a lot of maturity to go through.

merlotgran Wed 15-Sep-21 15:56:37

Tom Daly went off track during his early success, popping up in various reality shows and for a while it looked like his career was taking a back seat and he also had to deal with his father’s death but he has emerged an even more talented diver and a well balanced genuinely nice man.

Emma is mature for her age and has good family support which bodes well for her future.

Alegrias1 Wed 15-Sep-21 16:11:44

This is not meant to be a comment about anybody on here, please don't take it that way anybody.

But why would you look at a sensible young woman having a lovely time at a glittering party full of pop stars and actors, and think it will all end in tears? Can we not just think that it looks like fun, good on her?

CoolCoco Wed 15-Sep-21 16:30:10

She got to wear Chanel, diamonds and go for a glitzy night out on New York. Why not?

Lincslass Wed 15-Sep-21 16:53:15

Bet she loved it, glam and glitz famous faces. What 18 year old would have not wanted to go. Raising money for a charity too.

Lucca Wed 15-Sep-21 16:57:43

Agree with last three comments !

NotSpaghetti Wed 15-Sep-21 17:06:29

I LOVE the Met Ball.
Totally bonkers!

Dinahmo Wed 15-Sep-21 17:08:33

The Met Gala is a big deal. The theme this year was a tribute to American style. It's not quite the same as appearing on those tv shows with unheard of "celebrities" that have plagued the networks during covid. The winner of Love Island or similar wouldn't get an invitation.

Apparently the organisers start drawing up seating plans 5 months in advance which means hat someone must have "volunteered" to make way for Emma. I thought that her Chanel dress was beautiful but she did look a little uncomfortable in the photo I saw with one shoulder uncovered. Very suitable for an 18 year old and not too much jewellery.

I think that when one gets to our age and hasn't heard of either the event or most of the guests, it's better to keep quiet and maybe not use phrases like "shallow slebs"

Bea65 Wed 15-Sep-21 17:17:10

Emma had a great night out and looked gorgeous and need to slate her attendance at a charity event!

Katie59 Wed 15-Sep-21 17:34:58

Her sponsorship earnings are likely to be much more than her tennis winnings, I hope she is well chaperoned and advised. The way she handled herself last weekend was exemplary, we can hope and expect that to continue.