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Good Morning Friday 24th September 2021

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Michael12 Fri 24-Sep-21 06:03:54

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark here in Brackley but its dry , apart from a small shop early this morning .
I will be watching both men's junior and under 23 road races in the World Championship on Euro sport most of the day .
Other than that with a coach trip on Saturday coming , and to a favourite location in York ,mind you if i do not visit Yorkshire once in a year it will do myself some good .
Take Care,

GrannyGravy13 Fri 24-Sep-21 08:35:53

Safe journey Urmstongran X

I have just had crumpets for breakfast and thought of our missing EV

Anniebach Fri 24-Sep-21 08:38:07

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

aggie Fri 24-Sep-21 08:39:02

Good morning everyone, including those reading but feeling unable to post

Beechnut Fri 24-Sep-21 08:39:29

Good Morning everyone from sunny Severnside.

I’ve been out already to fuel the car and get my groceries for the week. The garage I get petrol from is by and I saw on the news yesterday that bps had problems.
Now for breakfast and to go back and read all your morning news.

Take care all 🌸

Georgesgran Fri 24-Sep-21 08:57:31

Good morning from Durham where it’s cloudy, but bright? Awaiting my garden chap - money for old rope at this time of year, but lots of lopping, pruning and felling to be done next month!

💐gM - I don’t know how you do it. Wonder Woman.
💐Harri - it’s a rollercoaster isn’t it?

Blue sky just broken through - let’s try and make the best of today. X

Gingster Fri 24-Sep-21 08:57:32

Oooo Nannytopsy - fish and chips at Dunwich. They really are the best. Enjoy ! 🙂😋

Gwenisgreat1 Fri 24-Sep-21 09:29:14

Good Morning all from a cloudy Harrogate
Thinking of you both GrandMattie and Harrigran flowers flowers what a difficult tie you are having. Safe Journey, Urmstongran you will find a slight chill in the air this evening!!
This morning we are going to a U3A meeting, the first for years!! then home, grab some lunch and pick up the car from the garage and part with a hefty amount of cash!!
At yesterday's mini art exhibition (which was to advertise our art club) it seems someone wants to buy one of my paintings! Wow! Haven't sold one for a while, the last picture I did of poppies sold straight away, must remember - paint poppies!!, this wasn't a selling exhibition either.
Must go and get some housework done!
Have the best time you can folks!

gillgran Fri 24-Sep-21 09:29:39

Good Morning to you all from another sunny, warm day in Cambs.,

What a friendly lot of posters here this morning.

A wonderful personal touch, grandMattie, for you to make a waistcoat for your DGS to wear at your DS's funeral. A lovely tribute.

Thinking of you harrigran during these difficult days.

Safe journey Urmstongran. sounds like a busy weekend.

Great to meet friends, kittylester & dragonfly, making the most of this Indian summer weather. sunshine

Suffolk also sounding good this week, Nannytopsy, Gingster, & is it Neen?

We've been lucky here, also, with the weather, & the beautiful Harvest full moon.

We're off to our little "home-from-home", on the NW Norfolk coast for the weekend.

Warm wishes to you all. flowers

gillgran Fri 24-Sep-21 09:31:55

Gwenisgreat, That's a great painting, I love poppies.

BlueSapphire Fri 24-Sep-21 09:35:43

Good morning everyone from a brightish Northampton. Yesterday was beautiful and we had a lovely evening walk followed by a meal at the pub. It is our last evening walk next Thursday; the nights are drawing in, so safer to stop for the winter. Think we start again next May.

Used the new lawn mower yesterday after sussing out the slightly different instructions. I now have two useless mowers in the garage, an ancient petrol one which gave up the ghost back in the Stone Age, and the recently conked out cordless. Must try and get rid of them somehow.

Lunch out with a friend today; have known her since 1972 when we were teaching colleagues, (and we were young things in out twenties!). Meeting her on the bus, she gets on two or three stops before me. I understand wine will be taken, good job neither of us drives any more! Going to the same pub I ate at last night, so must choose something different off the menu!

flowersflowers to grandMattie and Harrigran, brave ladies.

Wishes to all for a pleasant day.

MayBeMaw Fri 24-Sep-21 09:35:50

Good morning from Birmingham where I have actually been up since 6 but am now enjoying a quiet cuppa as the GC are safely in school.
Heading home in an hour , collecting Rosie then book group this afternoon. We have been reading “Hamnet “ which IMO is one of Maggie OFarrell’s best so far - but heart rendingly sad - serious Kleenex alert!
I haven’t had time to read through today’s GM thread but send warm wishes to all with health issues or a troubled mind. flowers

Stilllearning Fri 24-Sep-21 09:39:48

Morning from my bit of S Lanarkshire which is brightening up nicely.

What a labour of love grandMattie, I do hope you show it to us when it’s completed.

Warm wishes to you too Harrigran and GrannySomerset who I often think of.

I’m off into town later this morning to meet my sister in law for lunch in a lovely Italian restaurant. We haven’t met up since before lockdown and she was anxious to go out for a meal again so I hope it’s really good.

Safe journey home Urmston, how nice that you have immediate grandchildren time to take the edge off leaving the sun behind!

Three of my daughters and their families are camping this long weekend in Portavadie which is a lovely spot on the west cost. There is a very nice hotel and spa there so I think the girls are planning a little break from reality during their stay!

Wishing everyone a good day 🦩🦩🦩

Oldbutstilluseful Fri 24-Sep-21 09:39:54

Good morning from a so far dull NE Hampshire.
grandMattie sewing the waistcoat for your grandson who will always treasure it is just wonderful.
Really hope all who are struggling and coping with such difficult times find some respite from their labours.
Hope your journey goes smoothly Urmstongran without long wait

Blossoming Fri 24-Sep-21 09:40:21

Good morning Mick and all. It’s cool and overcast here in Lancashire, showing no sign of brightening up. Temperature currently 15°C.

Another day of not much planned other than housework.

Welcome to any new posters. Best wishes to anyone celebrating and virtual hugs to anybody suffering. Wishing a safe journey to anybody traveling.

Have the best day possible 🦩🦩😂

Oldbutstilluseful Fri 24-Sep-21 09:40:52

Sorry, posted too soon….
Without long waits at airports 🌸🌺

Annapops Fri 24-Sep-21 09:42:36

Good morning from sunny Durham. A quiet day today after yesterday's trip to Beamish. It's good to see the 1950's building area taking shape. We're looking forward to it opening with eager interest although as only two workmen seemed to be on site progress is going to be very slow.

On Wednesday I went to see Blood Brothers in Newcastle with DS and DD2. A first for us all in a theatre since the pandemic. I must say most people did wear masks which made me feel more reassured in a full house theatre. The production was amazing starring Lyn Paul. Remember her of New Seekers fame? It's her farewell tour and I must say her voice is still incredible. We're now hopefully looking forward to our next trip.

Thinking of you grandMattie and harri thanksflowers.

Have the best day you can everyone.

Annapops Fri 24-Sep-21 09:43:27

Safe journey home Urms.

LadyGaGa Fri 24-Sep-21 10:01:27

Hi Mick and everyone. Hope you don’t mind if I join you? I’m a reader not a poster, but I have started following your lovely thread Mick and thought I would pop in. You all seem like such a lovely, caring brave bunch flowers I’m on my last day of a holiday with DH in Lanzarote. Very wary about coming but so glad I did. I’ll join you again when I get home if I may! Have a good day all xx

Grammaretto Fri 24-Sep-21 10:11:57

Good Morning from the Scottish Borders. Blowing a hoolie here.
I am glad the wedding was last weekend.

Someone from the Men's Shed is coming to collect some old tools to restore and rehome.
I never use them though some are incredibly well made and must be 100 yrs old.

What a lovely thing to do for DGS grandMattie .
Harrigran I hope the more regular nursing helps you both.
Safe journey Urmston

monk08 Fri 24-Sep-21 10:20:38

Welcome LadyGaGa👋 enjoy your last day of holiday

NannyJan53 Fri 24-Sep-21 10:23:28

Welcome LadyGaGa enjoy your last day of holiday. We love Lanzarote!

Dogsmakemesmile Fri 24-Sep-21 10:53:37

I have skipped most of the posts but harri and mattie I am thinking of your daily struggles. These must be the hardest of days.
I have just returned from walking to the supermarket. Greeted as an old friend by the staff. Bought DH some chocolate. Walked around with a broad smile on my face (hidden by my mask). On my return my dd2 messaged me "are you home yet?". Real role reversal.
Continuing with my determination to eat up up all contents of fridge/freezer before doing another big shop. Roast cauliflower steaks, potatoes and carrots and some veggie burgery thing from the freezer for tea. No news from my mother's nursing home .I won't mention the situation again. Thank you for your kind words. Take care everyone

mamaa Fri 24-Sep-21 10:53:57

Morning, thinking of all with troubles and worries flowers and of course posters who aren’t doing so for whatever reason at the moment- all are genuinely missed.

Urms safe travels back home. We had a similar ‘back from holiday straight into childcare’ scenario recently.
We’d been away and had a lovely relaxing time with the caravan. Returned on the Saturday morning by 9.30am as our ‘boy wonder’ ( nearly 2 and into everything) was delivered just over an hour later for the rest of the day and overnight! He was no trouble at all, played hard and slept well, but ‘boy!’ were we weary after he’d gone- I even had a ‘Nanna nap’ which is very rare! Enjoy the time with the children Urms and remember to nap if you need it😉😂!

LauraNorder Fri 24-Sep-21 11:02:32

Good morning Mick and all from sunny but breezy Anglesey.
I’m exhausted already having read about your busy day Oops. You too Cornergran, that dust will wait a while longer while you build up your strength again.
I know that scenario well Pittcity having four sons it was always five men and me until the lovely girls arrived in the scene to save me.
Great poppy Gwen, I too occasionally sell my dabblings, my speciality is fields of poppies.
gillgran, your home from home sounds idyllic.
BlueSapphire, your two redundant mowers pale in comparison to the 35 my son has so far uncovered in the massive overgrown garden he has acquired with his new house.
Blowing a hoolie, I love that expression Grammaretto, especially when uttered with a Scottish accent.
Enjoy your son’s birthday Grandmajean. Always special even at 44.
Welcome LadyGaGa and bon voyage to you and to Urms as you make your way home.
Special thoughts to grandMattie making that waistcoat with love and to Harrigran and Georgesgran soldiering on.
I echo Neens lovely message, beautifully put.
Hope you all find something good in your day.
Lovely to read Grandmafrench and Muse interesting, kind and happy posts elsewhere. Wish they’d come back to this thread with their sunny natures to lift our spirits.

Nannagarra Fri 24-Sep-21 11:53:55

I haven’t had time to read today’s posts but I cannot fail to send grandMattie a big hug and some flowers. You’re one amazing woman.