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Dress alteration

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glammagran Wed 29-Sep-21 14:16:06

I bought a midi dress in M&S for £49 online but it is way too long. I’d like it to fall just below the knee. I don’t know whether to send it back or have 5-6” taken off the hem. Does anyone have any idea as to roughly what this might cost? I’m in Wiltshire.

Boz Wed 29-Sep-21 14:21:10

About £15 to £20, at a guess. I recently had the sleeves of a raincoat shortened and it cost £30.
Personally, I would take it back unless you really like it.
Maybe have a go at it yourself.

glammagran Wed 29-Sep-21 17:04:14

Boz I can scarcely sew a button on! grin

Esspee Wed 29-Sep-21 17:21:20

Send it back.
Don’t you ever take up trousers? My granddaughter can do that and she is 11. Wouldn’t this be an excellent time to try?

Boz Wed 29-Sep-21 17:23:19

I think alterations are very expensive. This long look is so exasperating as the dresses are on very tall models. If it is a pencil skirt dress it is easy to shorten and may be altered cheaply. If it is the current flouncy/dipped back hem style, it will be difficult and pricey. Good luck.

ayse Wed 29-Sep-21 19:18:44

You can buy iron on webbing for taking up skirts and trousers. It’s very easy to use. It used to be called Wonderweb. I sew so would just take it up. Do you know any sewers who could give you a hand?

GagaJo Wed 29-Sep-21 19:19:35

It is SO easy to take up a hem. I would look on Youtube and DIY.

Granmarderby10 Sun 03-Oct-21 10:50:56

I really really really would like the BBC to make us a series on altering clothing, NOT A COMPETITION THOUGH. It would be a welcome respite from all those repetitive antique/property shows in the middle of the day. Dream 😴 on…

Beechnut Sun 03-Oct-21 12:02:28

👍🏻 That’s a very good idea Granmarder10.

ExDancer Sun 03-Oct-21 12:14:33

Wonderweb is wonderful. I do a lot of sewing and would happily take up almost anything at the hem. It's when something that needs lifting at the shoulders that real skill comes in.