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grannyrebel7 Sun 03-Oct-21 09:17:07

I had a WhatsApp message saying 'Hi Mum I've got a new phone please put this number in your contacts'. I queried which child it was and the message came back "Your oldest and prettiest". My older child is male and I thought it was strange for him to say that, but I duly saved this new number. The next message asked if I was busy, to which I said no and then the next message asked if I could do a favour to which I said yes. I was starting to get a bit suspicious at this point as my son is very self sufficient and doesn't ask for favours. I then asked what he wanted and the last message said "I wasn't right in my head and forgot to pay some invoices. I can't get into my bank account on my new phone atm, so would you mind paying them for me? I don't like to ask anyone else". I knew it wasn't him then by the language, the fact that he doesn't pay invoices and that he'd never ask me for money. He's got more than me! I thought this was a clever scam and I expect there are people who've fallen for it. Just thought I'd warn you all in case anyone is temped to give out their bank details. I know how most parents would do anything for their kids without thinking. So beware if you receive anything like this.

Lucca Sun 03-Oct-21 09:20:52

Apart from the fact that who would just pay them without actually speaking to their child……..surely it’s kind of obvious it’s a scam ?

Grannynannywanny Sun 03-Oct-21 09:27:29

Thanks for the warning grannyrebel7. That sounds like a very slick scam that some people could fall for.