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Good Morning Wednesday 13th October 2021

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Michael12 Wed 13-Oct-21 06:00:06

Good Morning Everyone,
Its dark but its dry here in Brackley this morning, my flat is opposite a tree ,and it as yet to show any signs of autumn yet .
Today, an early shop , I have worked out bus and screening times for the Bond film ,and plan to do it today , it means an early lunch but at least I will see it.
Take Care,

baubles Wed 13-Oct-21 06:18:29

Good morning Mick, morning all from Northumberland. Still dark outside but dry.

What a beautiful part of the world this is. Yesterday’s highlight was a trip on a light railway to a pretty little village with a small ruined castle and a lovely garden tearoom.

Enjoy the film Mick, glad you managed to sort out timings.

Today DD is driving home to attend a funeral, the rest of us will head for Bamburgh this morning then in the afternoon DH and DSiL will take DGD1 to play 9 holes and I will entertain the other three.

Wishing everyone a peaceful Day as always.

grandMattie Wed 13-Oct-21 06:25:59

Good morning from a grey E Kent. It would be nice to have some sun…
I had the best night for a very, very long time. At the moment, I seem to be like a dormouse, falling asleep whenever I sit down. I got to bed already 1/2 asleep around 9 pm but usually still sleep very badly, so last night was a real treat!
An “empty” today. Got the washing to sort and, yes, to iron. I do like seeing my chaps in well ironed trousers and shirts.
Grab what happiness you can and/or a passing flamingo , especially you harri. Carpe diem. ?????????

Ashcombe Wed 13-Oct-21 06:35:50

Good morning, one and all, from a day that promises sunshine in Torbay.

Despite concerns expressed by the directors of two forthcoming plays at our Zoom Committee meeting last night, we’ve decided to plough on with rehearsals and deal with any further Covid outbreaks, if they occur. All five of the previous victims had been double vaccinated but two have nevertheless been very unwell.

Your break sounds perfect, baubles. Enjoy the rest of it! Sleep is the great healer, grandMattie so it’s good to hear of your peaceful night. Take care, everyone, especially harrigran. ?????

Greyduster Wed 13-Oct-21 06:36:25

Good morning Michael and all GNs. Another early hospital appointment today so we are off to a flying start. I’ll look in and read later.

harrigran Wed 13-Oct-21 06:41:02

Good morning from a mild and dry NE.
It was a busy and tiring day yesterday and I fell into bed exhausted.
The nurse had promised to sort out bathroom aids and they turned up last night and were fitted.
DD and SIL came in the afternoon and were a great help even though DD had to do a video conference for work, she took herself off to the music where she was not disturbed.
My sister is coming this afternoon and will bring any shopping I need.
My best wishes to you all for a pleasant day.

Beechnut Wed 13-Oct-21 06:41:10

Good Morning everyone from a very dark and dry Severnside.

I thought the beach at Bamburgh was lovely baubles.

I’ve been led astray by certain ladies ? and have made my first purchase from Gudrun Sjoden. With 20% off I couldn’t resist and they sent me a pretty key ring for being a new customer.

I’m going to get out my autumn decorations today and I’m hoping for some family news anytime soon.

Have the best day you are able all ??

Grammaretto Wed 13-Oct-21 06:42:22

Good morning all from the Scottish Borders. It feels mild but pitch black still.

Yarn group is on today and I'm frantically trying to finish a ballet cardi in time for DGD's next class.
I've had them staying but they have gone home now and I miss them.

Glad you are sleeping better grandMattie.

Wishing you all a good day.

monk08 Wed 13-Oct-21 07:02:23

Good morning all from the Black country.
Glad you've sorted timings out Mick enjoy the film.
Mother and toddler group this morning will walk back as its all uphill that's todays exercise sorted.
Enjoy your day everyone and may you all find some ?.

Susan56 Wed 13-Oct-21 07:06:42

Good morning from Shropshire.

We both have medical appointments this morning.Luckily a couple of hours apart so no panic about missing the second one.

This afternoon we will go to DD’s to look after H while daughter,son in law and Miss M go to Liverpool to see Beauty and the Beast.

Good to hear you had a peaceful night mattie and that harri has help.

Ash, it’s hard to know what to do but probably best to carry on as if things will happen and hope they do.It’s worrying to hear that people who have had both vaccinations are so unwell.

Have the best day you can everyone??

brook2704 Wed 13-Oct-21 07:08:05

Good morning everyone from Inverness where it’s just getting light and it seems dry so far but rain on the way
So pleased that you had a good nights sleep grandMattie it does make such a difference.
Quite busy here at the moment, I’ve had a lovely few days with DS who’s been visiting, lots of catching up with family and visiting a few places. It was really lovely to see him after such a long time. Today we’re looking after the DGC as it’s half term here so we’ll be out and about somewhere trying to keep them occupied.
Enjoy the film later mick and good news that the theatre productions are still going ahead Ash
Thinking of everyone with worries and struggles, hope today is gentle and take care all whatever the day brings ?

Pittcity Wed 13-Oct-21 07:30:01

Good morning from a brightening Colchester.
Dental hygienist appointment this morning after which I'll pop to the weekly Wednesday coffee meetup and then nip to Aldi after lunch. It's lovely that all of these are just a short walk from home. I'm so glad we moved.
Love to all ?x

kittylester Wed 13-Oct-21 07:30:07

Good morning all from a drizzly North Leicestershire.

The Sky man is coming today - again - our second television keeps losing Internet connection. And, I have a parcel to deliver to the library.

The highlight of the day though is a visit to the Wondrous Wolfie who is 3 today (although he tells everyone that he is 6)

Sending love to harri and all who need it.

GrannyGravy13 Wed 13-Oct-21 07:35:03

Morning Mick and all

My cleaning fairies are coming today, I am going to the gym and then I have bits and bobs to collect from shops at the other end of my road.

Keep safe and well folks ?‍♀️?

ginny Wed 13-Oct-21 07:43:53

Good morning everyone.
A bad night for me, worrying about two pieces of news that I received yesterday. I know I can’t solve either problem but I’m sure many of you know what it is like.
I’m having coffee with another WI member with a view to starting a craft group which will hopefully be able to use our talents to raise money for charity
Out for dinner with friends this evening .
Wishing all a good day with some smiles along the way.

hollysteers Wed 13-Oct-21 07:45:01

Good morning Mick and all from a dull Lancashire coast, it might brighten up later as happens recently.
Tired today after singing (and dancing) yesterday, but off to lunchtime recital by students of the RNCM later. I’m enjoying using the bus more often, no worries (apart from the blinking mask).
Thoughts to harrigran and grandMattie ?

Grandmadinosaur Wed 13-Oct-21 07:45:32

Good morning all. It is a bit grey so far today.

My coffee morning was cancelled yesterday as one friends husband has tested positive for Covid. She is negative but as two of the ladies have husbands who are recuperating from ops she sensibly didn’t want to chance anything. I decided to stay home myself and just pottered about really.

I’ve noticed a few houses with autumn wreaths on front doors which I like the look of so I am thinking of going to look for one today.

baubles you are really selling Northumberland to me. I think I will put it in my list for a visit as it looks and sounds lovely.

harrigran I hope today you can find some rest ?
Take care all.

cornergran Wed 13-Oct-21 07:53:02

Morning Mick, morning All from a bright corner of Somerset.

Legal issue still in the back of my head, it won’t be sorted quickly so for now I have to learn to live with it. Heating wouldn't work yesterday morning, our gas engineer was here in the afternoon and sorted it without too much of a dent in the bank balance. Phew. Grocery delivery this morning and a call due from our Goddaughter. With luck a trip to M&S this afternoon.

Sleep certainly helps grandMattie, hope the sign of more restful nights to come. Fingers crossed for forthcoming productions ash. Rest when you can harri. Wishing you well for the appointment greyd.

Take care everyone, hope Wednesday is kind to us all.

dragonfly46 Wed 13-Oct-21 08:01:15

Good Morning from a brightening Leicestershire, kitty the drizzling seems to have stopped!
Happy Birthday Wolfe.

Going to order a new car today so it is exciting. Then must start packing for our trip at the weekend.

Pleased you had a good night grandMattie.
You are also in my thoughts Harrigran.

Marydoll Wed 13-Oct-21 08:01:40

Good morningMick and all from a relatively mild Glasgow, its 55°F here.

Mick, Enjoy the film!
Baubles, it's great to hear that you are having a lovely time with your family and your daughter has been staying, Grammaretto.
Ashcombe, DH and I were just saying the other day, that we would love to go to the theatre and out for a meal, once everything settles down and its safer for me to do so. I have just found out that I may have to have a third vaccination, rather than a booster. The left hand doesn't seem to know what the right is doing. It seems that there is some mysterious code on my medical records! I'm not sure whether that's good news or not!

My heart is bursting with joy this morning, Dollie is coming for the morning. Papa has been up since the crack of dawn, he can't wait to see his wee pal.
This is only the second time we have looked after her, since my son estranged himself from all of us, eighteen months ago. However, recently he has seemed more like his old self, but I'm still very wary. Surprisingly it was DIL, who asked, as its mid term and she has to work today. That's a big step forward.

Even more surprisingly, my son suggested that MrMDoll comes to the school one day to see the pick up arrangements ( It's still very strict here). We never expected that invitation, that's for sure.
I have no idea what has prompted this rapprochement, (I suspect my failing health) but I will do everything I can to maintain it.
So for all those in a similar position, please don't lose hope.

It seems Dollie, has a forward plan for the visit. ( I have trained her well!) She wishes to raid my jewellery making stash and make at least one necklace.
My plan is to make Chelsea buns with her, her daddie's favourite. It was his birthday a few days ago, but I didn't get to see him, as I was feeling rotten.

I have been thinking of you a lot, Harri and glad to hear you have your familyto support you and your husband.

I now need to go back and read the thread properly. Room service has arrived with my cuppa (and a Jaffa cake!).

Beechnut, you naughty girl, you have forced me to look at Gudrun. I suspectMaw has already beat me too it! ?

For all of you struggling, I hope you find some respite and peace today. ?

Gingster Wed 13-Oct-21 08:05:58

Good morning all and it’s fairly bright and chilly here in Essex.

Today little pooch will go to the groomers and this afternoon I need to pick up new glasses.

I have friends with Covid who have been triple, jabbed. . One is very poorly and ended up in hospital but was sent home as they said he’d be better off there. They’ve had it for three weeks now. It quite worrying!

Kitty - we had the same trouble with our second tv last night. Couldn’t get through to Sky but DS1 came round and sorted it (eventually) . Re booted the main tv and that seemed to sort out the second one. ?.

My Virginia creeper is looking glorious - it’s a shame the leaves don’t stay on for longer.

Enjoy the Bond film , Mick. Take a comfy cushion - it’s a long-un!

Wishing you all a gentle day. ?

NanKate Wed 13-Oct-21 08:06:59

Morning Mick and All.

Have a lovely day with your Dollie what fun you will have Marydoll. I’m seeing my 3 boys on Sunday in age 47, 10 and 8. ???

Grandmajean Wed 13-Oct-21 08:15:27

Morning all from Cheshire.
Slept late this morning but nothing I really have to do urgently anyway.
Know what you mean, Ginny I do the worrying thing too ! So pointless but you can't help yourself.
Have a peaceful day everyone.

BlueSapphire Wed 13-Oct-21 08:22:31

Good morning everyone from a very dull and overcast ☁ Northampton. Was planning on washing the bedding today but may leave it. Instead I will make the Christmas cakes, as the fruit has been soaking in brandy overnight.

Enjoy the film Mick, it's excellent, and all the better for seeing on the big screen.

Remember making the long journey up to the RNCM, hollysteers, when DD was playing in the national finals of a wind band competition; my goodness, she was still at school then, so must be 20 years ago!

And I think I must look at Gudrun too.....

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Stilllearning Wed 13-Oct-21 08:23:28

Morning from S Lanarkshire, all seems calm outside. Quite a busy day planned, heading to Dunelm Mill this morning with a friend who will help me choose a throw and cushions to complete my garden room, (I take forever to make decisions!)

Then exercise class and coffee followed by second last, (I hope)
visit to the dentist.

The walk along the beach from Seahouses to Bamburgh is one of my favourite things baubles, I would love a holiday in that area again.

Wishing everyone a good day, some flashes of happiness would be a bonus ???