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Sheer piggery (by me 🐷)

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Witzend Fri 03-Dec-21 10:16:50

Sleepless at around 3.30 this morning, I came down and scoffed most of a packet of clotted cream fudge that was supposed to be for dh’s stocking.
There are 4 pieces left.
I can’t see those lasting very long, either.

GagaJo Fri 03-Dec-21 15:01:05


I can’t resist glacé cherries, have never used them in cake making as there are never any left.

Oh god, me too!

LauraNorderr Fri 03-Dec-21 15:03:23

Wish I’d never opened this thread. My thoughts are now on the landing hatch, please distract me.
I do love your logic TeacherAnne. Works for me.

GillT57 Fri 03-Dec-21 15:40:46


Join the club! Skydancer I have always thought there is something slightly worrying about someone who eats 1 square from a slab of chocolate.

Gosh yes! I am always mystified when I see the instructions on a bar of chocolate telling me how to seal it and keep it......why would I want to do that? I ate a chunk of fruit cake at 5am when I got up for a glass of water blush. In my dubious and pathetic defence, it was sitting out on the island, I didn't open the cake tin

GillT57 Fri 03-Dec-21 15:42:18


Brazil nuts are very good for you grin

yes they are, full of selenium. Chocolate raisins are one of your five a day too

BlueSky Fri 03-Dec-21 15:52:03

Yes nuts, choc, wine, are good for you but only in small amounts!

V3ra Fri 03-Dec-21 15:58:59


Brazil nuts are very good for you grin

My husband has bought two bags of chocolate brazils for my Dad, as they're his favourite.
I'm not sure Dad really needs both of them though... 🤔

DanniRae Fri 03-Dec-21 16:04:35

Oh my goodness I thought I was beyond hope because I have been known to eat 2 bags of crisps! I mean the small bags from a multi pack - the ones that have about 6 crisps in each bag!
I might now have 3 bags tonight - Mr R goes out and I have a large whiskey and diet coke too. Living life on the edge that's me blush

Calistemon Fri 03-Dec-21 16:05:07



Brazil nuts are very good for you grin

My husband has bought two bags of chocolate brazils for my Dad, as they're his favourite.
I'm not sure Dad really needs both of them though... 🤔

I'll pm you my address! 😁

Calistemon Fri 03-Dec-21 16:06:15



Brazil nuts are very good for you grin

yes they are, full of selenium. Chocolate raisins are one of your five a day too

I don't even mind yogurt covered raisins!

Witzend Fri 03-Dec-21 16:06:32

I rarely buy chocolate raisins - only because I can’t restrain myself from scoffing the lot at once.

Glacé cherries are quite safe from me. I still have 60-odd years old memories of an un-favourite aunt accusing me of pinching one off the top of a fairy cake - she refused to believe that I didn’t like them.

Fresh, cherries, though…. Even tinned ones. Now and then I buy a couple of tins of black cherries, in case I feel like making a clafoutis. But by the time I feel like making one, I’ve usually scoffed them all - out of the tin with a spoon.

lemongrove Fri 03-Dec-21 16:15:18

Luckily I don’t like fudge or most chocolates either.
I buy DH some good choccy brazils at Christmas and usually have one or two with a cup of strong coffee, whenever he opens them ( it’s a nice combination if you haven’t tried it.)
Haven’t bought the Christmas goodies as yet.
LauraN you are very very norty!🤣

mrswoo Fri 03-Dec-21 17:59:21

I bought two small chocolate Santa's for DH's stocking yesterday. I came home from the shops and he was being a bit moody about something (can't even remember what) so as soon as his back was turned I ate one. I ate the other one this morning.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 03-Dec-21 18:27:12

I have bought and eaten a Terrys chocolate Orange destined ( or not🤣) for sons stocking , the contents of one of those £1 Cadburys selection packs not destined for anyone in particular and a pack of mini stollen bites.

Shinamae Fri 03-Dec-21 18:33:15

I have already eaten 18 mince pies(shop bought) and a small Christmas cake..🤦‍♀️😬🥴😂 I haven’t bought tins of quality street, roses etc for years purely because I know they haven’t a hope in hell of lasting til even Christmas Eve…

Blossoming Fri 03-Dec-21 18:57:42

mrswoo grin

annodomini Fri 03-Dec-21 18:58:41

A generous neighbour brought me a box of chocolate biscuits a week ago. Did they last the weekend? Only just. I think I had the last one on Monday morning. A good thing my family don't read this...surely they can't!

Sweetpeasue Fri 03-Dec-21 19:00:20

Wish I hadn't seen this thread.
I can hear the pleading cries from the Cadburys Roses howling down the stairs from the boxroom 'Eat me! EAT Me!!
I bought a bottle of Port for Christmas a few weeks ago. Gone. Hic!

Urmstongran Fri 03-Dec-21 19:16:42

These are so funny! mrswoo that made me snort and LauraNorderr I’m imagining you sneakily setting off for that key any time soon this evening.

The other night I was reading and the radio was on. There was an advert for Maltesers. Hmm. That set me thinking. An ear worm that wouldn’t go away ... I asked a favour of Himself to buy me a box from Sainsbury’s. it’s only down 2 floors in the lift, out the door, next but one to Costa coffee. I call it my pantry. Far too handy for impulse buys!

I ate almost the full box. Felt a bit sickly. I was like Popeye’s girlfriend ‘Olive Oyl’. Remember her, eating a box of chocolates, fingers splayed and singing? Now thats a blast from the past!

Urmstongran Fri 03-Dec-21 19:19:18

Here’s the gal !

JaneJudge Fri 03-Dec-21 19:20:22

If it helps, our driving son is home and we all just scoffed dinner from the kebab house blush

I had chicken kebab with lots of salad but it still felt naughty grin

Urmstongran Fri 03-Dec-21 19:26:56

You need to try a little harder JaneJudge!
In my book that’s pretty angelic compared to what I get up to. I blame the cold weather. So I’ve put the heating on for the first time today. That ought to cure me.

JaneJudge Fri 03-Dec-21 19:29:19

well I couldn't drive as I'd necked a glass of wine smile
God I love Fridays. I have started watching the clock at work though even before lunch on a Friday blush

GillT57 Fri 03-Dec-21 19:44:04

My tastes can be quite unsophisticated too. I much prefer a good boxful handful of quality street to really expensive chocolate. I have already eaten and replaced my dil's chocolate marzipan. Twice. Lidl continental marzipan is addictive,nothing like the yellow plasticine of childhood. I also make (and eat)very good homemade coconut ice.

rockgran Fri 03-Dec-21 19:46:18

I received a Lindt chocolate bear this week and tonight it was consumed in a matter of minutes. Feeling a bit sick now but it was lovely.grin

V3ra Fri 03-Dec-21 21:24:12

Husband and son have commandeered the television to watch yet another "important" rugby match.
Both are now asleep. As usual 🙄
I am working my way through a tub of Celebrations 🐷