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Sheer piggery (by me 🐷)

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Witzend Fri 03-Dec-21 10:16:50

Sleepless at around 3.30 this morning, I came down and scoffed most of a packet of clotted cream fudge that was supposed to be for dh’s stocking.
There are 4 pieces left.
I can’t see those lasting very long, either.

GillT57 Fri 10-Dec-21 20:28:31

Well as the perfect,considerate parent I am, I have just started eating the box of chocolate brazils I bought for DD as the box was a little damaged and I didn't want her to be disappointed. The sacrifices we parents make eh?

Nortsat Fri 10-Dec-21 11:45:02

We have bought Hotel Chocolate Christmas crackers this year, which have chocolate Santas inside instead of plastic novelties.
At least once a day, my partner wants to know whether I would like a chocolate cracker!

lemongrove Thu 09-Dec-21 17:21:50

All our Baileys has gone tchblush
Still, if we all left the Christmas food and drinks until Christmas itself there would be too much choice this thinning out of the goodies is nature’s way of ensuring we don’t overeat over three special days.You know it makes sense,

muse Thu 09-Dec-21 16:52:40

On line shopping order this week has been my downfall. Amongst the food and drink were: a tin of After Eights, large box of Thornton's continental chocolates and Lindt Salted Caramel truffles.

All arrived on Tuesday. Wednesday I was short of comfort and anxiety level went off the scale so the Salted Caramels disappeared. Even took the remaining four out with me whilst I walked the dog last night.

Currently looking at the Thornton's.

Ethelwashere1 Wed 08-Dec-21 10:02:16

Im soo glad im not alone, i scoffed a whole bag of nuts and raisins with christmas spices. They were macadamias and wallnuts etc not just peanuts, my normal snack. I checked the bag 810 cals. I really thought i was getting an eating disorder.

Witzend Tue 07-Dec-21 08:09:32

Sleepless again last night, I came downstairs and scoffed 4 of the mince pies I made yesterday.* Though should add that as soon as the first batch were cool enough, dh scoffed 5 in about 2 minutes. They’re just the trad little ones, though - only about 2 mouthfuls.
*Funnily enough, I slept relatively well afterwards. Have I discovered a cure for insomnia??

Calistemon Mon 06-Dec-21 22:44:01

But... I admit to eating any baking that doesn't meet standards

That's a necessary evil, though, CanadianGran!

You can't possibly offer slightly burnt or wonky offerings to guests, they have to be tidied away. 😄

Saetana Mon 06-Dec-21 22:39:25

Glad its not just us who scarfs the Christmas goodies early and has to buy them again - we buy each other a lot of stocking filler gifts and the number of times we've asked each other if there is any chocolate in the drawer (and promptly scoffed the lot) is something I don't want to look at too closely. We've even opened our entire chocolate advent calendars on one day - we usually last 4/5 days before this happens. Fudge I could not have in the house - my husband usually buys me some and hides it, wouldn't last the day otherwise. Then there was the great mince pie year - where we started in early November and I really do not want to think about how many boxes we got through before Christmas. I think the main problem is we mostly only eat stuff like this at Christmas so the temptation factor is totally there grin

Kate22 Mon 06-Dec-21 16:02:21

This is an absolutely brilliant thread, thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed, it’s made me roar with laughter and relief , I honestly thought that only I bought Christmas goodies smugly early at knockdown prices , scoffed the lot then had to replace them at full price. Every single person I know denies they ever do this!

Witzend Mon 06-Dec-21 13:55:13


I think I'm the most sinful piggy on here. Have just scoffed a big bag of treats kept here for GD - Organix Carrot & Herb Stix, ideal finger food for 10+ months

Ahem, I have been known to buy a 4 pack of Cow and Gate puréed baby fruit, and scoff the lot. Delish!
Ditto the occasional pack of Farley’s Rusks. And this was when I had no excuse of babies in the family, or any coming to visit.

Mistyfluff8 Mon 06-Dec-21 04:36:38

My husband wants to open Quality Street ,Cadburys Roses etc but I’ve said no do not want to replace them ,He’s a diabetic but has always had a sweet tooth and used to over eat encouraged by his mother (seemed to think huge portions were healthy goodness knows why)She ignored what health problems she was setting him up for

CanadianGran Mon 06-Dec-21 02:10:59

Oh, and I just read about strawberry after-eights. I haven't heard of them, so will keep an eye out for those.

CanadianGran Mon 06-Dec-21 02:09:40

I have to admit I'm not too bad. I don't think I've ever opened sweets intended for someone else, and I'm one of those that has two squares of chocolate for dessert.

But... I admit to eating any baking that doesn't meet standards. I made lemon and cranberry shortbread; quite a few were browner than they should be, so I had those. I also made pecan squares; when I cut them into bars the math wasn't right and I had one row smaller than the rest... you know where those went.

Summerfly Mon 06-Dec-21 01:38:28

Grannysweetpea, must have missed your post. Glad I’m not the only one! 😂

Summerfly Mon 06-Dec-21 01:35:54

Bottle of Baileys Irish cream. Bought for Christmas. DH decided we should have one or two. We did, but three nights later…. it’s all gone. 😮

Nell8 Mon 06-Dec-21 00:39:48

I think I'm the most sinful piggy on here. Have just scoffed a big bag of treats kept here for GD - Organix Carrot & Herb Stix, ideal finger food for 10+ months

nanna8 Mon 06-Dec-21 00:06:26

Fruit cake with a lump of cheese on top, heaven. My mum was from Yorkshire and that is the way they had it and my children have ‘caught’ it, too though they are all Aussies.

GoldenAge Mon 06-Dec-21 00:01:24

Really love this thread - it's so normalising.

Lizbethann55 Sun 05-Dec-21 23:51:26

I am sorry, but I do not understand "4 pieces left over". The words "left over" are not ones I recognise or comprehend. Is this something I should know about? Can you clarify for me. Thank you. Regards from a puzzled guzzler.

GrannySweetpea Sun 05-Dec-21 23:06:23

For me it’s Baileys, bought a few bottles in preparation for the family over at Christmas when they were on offer. At this rate there will be none left for the big day,

Calistemon Sun 05-Dec-21 22:21:37

I really must put them on my list to Santa 🙂

V3ra Sun 05-Dec-21 22:15:00


I LOVE Chocolate Brazils! Haven't seen any in my usual Supermarket - BUT, I would definitely eat them if they were in the house.
I do have several lots of Chocolate and other goodies in the Fridge and Freezer though, that I haven't eaten!

Morrisons is where my husband bought ours the ones for my Dad's present 👍

Mummer Sun 05-Dec-21 21:30:47


DH came home with some chocs on special offer. I've eaten most of them already though I didn't even want them. Then I scoffed 2 rock cakes and felt sick. This morning, full of resolve, I'm a new woman...... no more chocolate, no more cakes, no more alcohol. This new me will possibly last till teatime at the latest. It's just hopeless. I had a friend who used to keep chocolate in her fridge and eat one square a day. How can anyone do that!

Ha haaaa! I ploughed my way through half a box of orange mint after eights then realised next day they were the strawberry ones🤣🤣🤣 I'd been saying to DH " you'll like these cos they're not very 'orangey'" troughers personified...🤣 I now have to eat the true orangey ones as he doesn't like them! .....after I've already seaten his strawberry ones🤣🤣🤣🤣

Evangeline Sun 05-Dec-21 21:24:34

I’ve taken all my goodies to work so I can’t be tempted to eat them all when I get an attack of the midnight munchies! I’ll bring them all home just before Christmas and then…..Mmmmm!

Witzend Sun 05-Dec-21 21:01:40

I’m not mad keen on crisps generally but could make a real pig of myself on Walkers Sensations Lime and coriander mini ‘poppadoms’ (sp?). Miles nicer than actual crisps IMO. IIRC there’s a mango and red chilli version too.
A must here now, whenever we have guests - which will be quite a few in the next 10 days.