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annsixty Fri 03-Dec-21 17:46:36

This is a very bold question posed after reading an answer on another thread.

Do/have you ever smoked cannabis and did you like it?

I was watching a tv programme recently where people got very silly smoking it and I shocked my GD by remarking I would quite like a puff to see what it was like.

PECS Fri 08-Apr-22 09:11:31

Yes🤩 but not after I had children & whilst they were living with us.
Did again once DDs left home but it was not the same so not for a long while now but do have CBD oil.

Audi10 Thu 07-Apr-22 18:32:00

Never have , never will, doesn’t appeal to me at all

Pepper59 Thu 07-Apr-22 14:47:19

No and wouldn't touch it. Unless there was a medical reason. As it is I don't smoke.

Witzend Thu 07-Apr-22 13:47:22

Only once, when a student. It was given to me by future dh - I didn’t much care for it.

At 80 my mother smoked a tiny little spliff on a Caribbean beach. It was procured for her by Very Bad dds, who’d told her she had to try everything once.

It was soon after after dark, she’d already had a couple of rum cocktails, was laughing helplessly, and saying she didn’t know what on earth her neighbours would say.

Shortly after we returned home there was a family wedding where ‘Granny smoked a spliff on the beach!’ went round the room like wildfire - together with much mirth.

Robertos Thu 07-Apr-22 13:36:38

Believe it or not, but I also work a lot and sometimes I get so tired that it bothers me to live a normal life. So your need is very similar to mine. Anyway, you can try using a CBD product from here that once helped me forget about insomnia and constant concentration difficulties. If you are interested in this, try to go through all the information.

rikkon Wed 09-Feb-22 15:27:52

I have never smoked and I believe that it can only be used for medicinal purposes. For example, you can try CBD Gummies for Sleep because this remedy helps to quickly normalize sleep and improves overall health. CBD can help reduce inflammation and cell death in heart pathologies, thanks to its powerful antioxidant and stress-reducing properties. So I think you should try it.

Bella56 Tue 01-Feb-22 18:31:50

Yes, I recently tried Snoop Dog weed. All I can say is stay away it is so powerful. I could not move my arms or legs, and my heart was pumping so hard I thought it would come through my chest. It literally made me sick. No wonder this guy looks and speaks the way he does, his brains are fried from his weed.

wildswan16 Mon 31-Jan-22 10:14:49


AkaRasty Mon 31-Jan-22 09:24:44

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Saetana Wed 15-Dec-21 03:37:09

deedee27 - Please don't spread misconceptions - cannabis in the UK is NOT cut with tobacco, why on earth would anyone do that? Some people smoke their cannabis without tobacco, or use it to make edibles, the rest of us are a happy enough adding our own. Where on earth did you get that ridiculous idea from?

Saetana Wed 15-Dec-21 03:33:03

MollyF Shoutout for the acid - had some fantastic trips back in my 20s! Some people are so po-faced about recreational drug use - if it was legal then we wouldn't need to buy from criminals, although I think many people are confusing dealers of hard drugs with those who sell weed, acid etc. I've met hundreds of people who smoke cannabis in my lift - and not ONE of them was offered hard drugs by their dope dealer! Its an urban myth - people who sell heroin and crack do not sell weed, not enough money in it.

MayBee70 Tue 14-Dec-21 18:42:29

Heck. I read that as Buddleja cannabis is implicated in psychotic breakdowns and thought back to one night in my youth when we all decided to try smoking catkins (what was all that about?). But I don’t mean to make light of it as I know several people that have been permanently affected by drug use.

Iam64 Tue 14-Dec-21 18:36:56


Cannabis is implicated in psychotic breakdowns for some people and it affects memory in everyone.

Thanks Buddleja. This is a largely relaxed and positive discussion on the use of cannabis. It does make pain more tolerable but the potential negative impact on mental health shouldn’t be dismissed. It does Impact negatively on memory. It is implicated in psychotic episodes. Some individuals never fully recover

Buddleja Tue 14-Dec-21 14:15:11

Cannabis is implicated in psychotic breakdowns for some people and it affects memory in everyone.

cupcake1 Tue 14-Dec-21 12:45:43

DH and I tried some in Amsterdam because we then smoked normal cigarettes we didn’t think it would affect us - wrong! Felt drunk, couldn’t walk in a straight line and very giggly. It was like being drunk but knowing exactly what you’re doing! Have to admit though it got rid of all my aches and pains I had at the time due to a back problem so I can understand it being taken for medicinal purposes. If I was in constant pain I would take it without hesitation otherwise never again.

Buddleja Tue 14-Dec-21 11:32:20

Bear in mind that in addition to increasing the risk of psychosis cannabis affects memory.

MissAdventure Tue 14-Dec-21 10:56:23

It certainly would be a happy one! smile

SaraC Tue 14-Dec-21 10:42:57

Amused that this post was just above the one asking for gift ideas for 95 year old MIL! Problem solved? Happy Christmas 🙃🎄

MissAdventure Mon 13-Dec-21 19:28:30

That's how I feel about alcohol.

Kryptonite Mon 13-Dec-21 18:49:37

Why would anyone do this to their brains? Also, supporting criminal gangs.

tickingbird Mon 13-Dec-21 17:56:19

It can be dangerous to developing brains and cause terrible psychosis in some. It also causes users to lose all desire to ‘do’ anything but dream of what they’re going to ‘do’.

Grass (skunk) is definitely worse than hashish and smells awful. I cycle and the amount of cars that go past leaving a pungent smell of weed in their wake is pretty shocking.

It does, however, as someone commented up thread, give one an appreciation of music especially. Pink Floyd aren’t known as the stoner’s choice for nothing smile

JaneJudge Mon 13-Dec-21 17:35:05

I wish I had some now tbh

Purplepoppies Mon 13-Dec-21 17:32:37

Yes I do. Have done since a teenager. I prefer resin but its becoming more difficult to get. I'm not overly keen on the stink of grass tbh, I'm not sure I could keep that private from my neighbours either......
I could mix with alcohol when I used to drink. I have a friend who has to do it in a certain order or they're unwell.
Its very prevalent where I live, I often pass youngsters who reek of weed, or get on buses smelling of it. I don't remember being so blazè about it when I was younger.
I think its time to legalise it. Its working well in Canada.

Minerva Mon 13-Dec-21 14:33:14

Yes and yes for a while in the 60s and it made me very giggly and aware of beauty in my surroundings, trees, the wind, the sea, a church I had never looked twice at, the stars in the sky.

Then we spent time in Asia and twice smoked a spliff, once in the home of a diplomatic couple we stayed with in Delhi and once bought in a famous pot shop in Kathmandu. Both time we had wild hallucinations, the first time I thought everything that was said I had already heard and my head pounded until I thought I was going mad. The second involved cockroaches the size of cats running everywhere in our hotel room. I have no idea what else could have been in the weed but that was it, never again.
I now know personally a few people who developed psychoses as a result of smoking weed from a young age and I’m thankful my youngsters did not have any interest in it. Perhaps tales of the cockroaches put them off.

Atqui Mon 13-Dec-21 11:09:04

Yes alcohol is a dangerous drug but as far as Onknow doesn’t involve using children to supply it