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Good Morning Monday 6th December 2021

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Michael12 Mon 06-Dec-21 06:04:43

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark start as usual but signs of rain outside here in Brackley this morning.
Today for me as my sister returned home yesterday, is to have a general tidy up ,maybe post a Xmas card .
Take Care,

Marydoll Mon 06-Dec-21 13:48:22

Ena Sharples (love the name), Marydull is probably more appropriate, as I'm certainly no doll!

My SIL and DD haven't sold their home yet, so we are safe! They are also very vigilant, when they visit. They always test before they come. However, we have had a lucky escape!

Helpme123 Mon 06-Dec-21 11:44:12

A good soggy wet morning to you all from North Staffordshire. Contemplating putting the Xmas indoor decs up but struggling to get motivated ha ha.
Starting a new volunteer position at my local library this afternoon so that's a silver lining to an otherwise cloudy day. I'm really looking forward to it. Take care everyone ❤

Nannagarra Mon 06-Dec-21 11:39:39

Good morning from rainy Sefton.
Those bags are beautiful, GrandMattie, and though I’m not keen on marzipan I’d love to try your dessert. 🤗 to you Grandmabatty and GrannySomerset; allocate yourselves plenty of me time, please. Happy 43rd birthday to babyGingster. How lovely to spend special time together, just the two of you. I’ll be focusing on healing thoughts for your Littlest cornergran. Our sports club’s motto is “We exercise as a community” which we do, though your opinion is equally valid notgran.
Pootling and faffing are high on my agenda today. Take care, keep smiling to fox people and to lift your spirits if needed. A demain. 🙋‍♀️ 🦩🦩🦩🙋‍♀️

EkwaNimitee Mon 06-Dec-21 11:10:59

Good morning Mick and everyone from Carlisle where the weather is proving very changeable. We have glints of blue sky and sun occasionally but then it's very dark and very wet and will probably get worse as the day goes on.
I've been at the housework and laundry and now I need to get my head round ordering last things before Christmas and generally getting myself organised.

I was in the garden yesterday, in part to replant some crocuses dug up by the s******g cat. I see more are dug up today. I'm going to have to take sterner measures than curry powder which only lasts until the next rainfall.

I'm sorry to hear your news GrannySomerset, these are hard times for you and the family.

hollysteers Mon 06-Dec-21 11:06:52

Good morning all from a wet Lancashire coast.
Tired after my London trip, but loved the break. It’s amazing how four days away can make one feel as if you have been away for far longer, I think it’s called stretching time. I love travelling but find it tiring, always have, even when young. Nice to see my cat again but last night she was stuck in the spare room all night after following me in. Often happens.
Tonight my little band give their first ‘concert’, bit under rehearsed but hope it goes well, will go through it today myself.
Thoughts to Grannysomerset, such a difficult time and hope you all have a good day.

EnaSharples Mon 06-Dec-21 11:00:22

Sorry I got the name wrong Marydoll.

Jaxjacky Mon 06-Dec-21 10:59:34

A lot to take in GrannySomerset, good your DS was with you, take care of yourself.

EnaSharples Mon 06-Dec-21 10:58:50

Hello, I'm in Manchester. Its grey at the moment. My house isnt worth diddlysquat Urmstongran, thank you for the milk stout last night.
I haven't posted here before but I always read. I was worried about Marydull, I thought her dd and sil were moving in and now they have covid. I hope I'm wrong.
That is a magnificent church gwenisgreat I love seeing peoples photographs.
I like your bags Grandmattie, they are very clever.
That will do for now.

Urmstongran Mon 06-Dec-21 10:08:36

I’m back! I’ve just eaten my toast with my favourite Scottish marmalade. It is just wonderful being able to taste and enjoy food again. Whilst eating, I read the thread. What I’d like to know is:

What is Beechnut’s daughter up to that is so very norty?
Where does Oops live?
Will the reindeer on the roof at GG13 be safe in tomorrow’s forecast of storms?

I hope your orthopaedic appointment goes well today Marydoll. Yes, do mention all your bones. Remember that song ‘the hip bones connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bones connected to the knee bone!’ 🎵 🎶

And Scentia glad your husband was fine yesterday. A nurse I used to work with wryly commented it’s what men do when they are anxious - unlike women, they push themselves to prove to themselves that they are okay really which gives themselves confidence.

Big changes indeed momb for your son! I hope all goes well.

Sorry you got that tummy bug GrandmaBatty it sounds pretty debilitating. No wonder you’re washed out. Rest up is a good idea today.

And finally I hope your little grandson gets better soon cornergran. Earache in littlies is upsetting. Our L’il Miss was prescribed an antibiotic by a 111 doctor over the phone and the prescription delivered electronically to their nearest pharmacy. Good luck!

LauraNorderr Mon 06-Dec-21 09:53:47

Good morning Mick and all from our lovely Isle of Anglesey. Blue sky and fluffy clouds after a night of heavy rain. Counting our blessings and hoping those still without power can be switched on again soon.
I shed a little tear for you this morning GrannySomerset. Sometimes life is such a battle.
Lovely sewing as always grandMattie snd I will have a go at marzipan plums, even I should be able to manage that recipe.
Perhaps men should wear full bathing suits like the women do Notgran. A bit unfair that we get to wear what holds all our imperfections in. Now there’s an idea for M&S.
We had a little drive around after dark last night, lots of twinkling Christmas lights to lift our spirits.
Wishing everyone some Christmas cheer to lift your spirits.

Blossoming Mon 06-Dec-21 09:43:19

Good morning Mick and all from a damp cloudy Lancashire, where it is currently 3°C. I was very late getting up yesterday after a late night on Saturday. We had some exciting news, our niece and her husband are expecting their first baby in April. They got married a week after my bowel cancer surgery. I managed to get to the church for the ceremony, but had to miss the reception.

I have my second NDPP Zoom meeting this morning so must make sure I have everything ready. Hope your hospital appointment goes well Marydoll. Have the best day you can all 🦩🦩

Grammaretto Mon 06-Dec-21 09:31:35

GrannySomerset A sad time for you and the family. Sending ((hugs))

Urmstongran Mon 06-Dec-21 09:31:11

Good morning everyone from south Manchester where it’s damp but seems mild enough. I can’t see the Pennines though.

We don’t have any plans for today which is fine by me. The only thing we have to do today is pick the grandchildren up from school at 3:15pm so I think we will get takeaway coffees in the square and walk through the park to fetch them.

No Matt today so I’ve put a Blower political one in it’s place! Not quite the same.

Enjoy Monday all who can. x

GrannyGravy13 Mon 06-Dec-21 09:28:11

Just having crumpets and thinking of EV

monk08 Mon 06-Dec-21 09:25:36

Good morning all from the Black country where it is very wet, looks like another day in.
Late up this morning and still need to catch up on yesterday's news, couldn't get on here at all yesterday.
Those bags look lovely GM
Best wishes anyone celebrating and virtual hugs where needed, enjoy your day and may you all find some 🌞.

GrannySomerset Mon 06-Dec-21 09:23:48

Very sad visit to DH yesterday with DS since DH had had a very disturbed night and was consequently asleep and couldn’t/wouldn’t be wakened. Senior nurse on duty, who has nursed many Parkinson’s patients, suggested that his rapid deterioration means that I need to discuss end of life care, though whether we are talking about weeks or months is impossible to know. So although not really surprised we were a bit flattened and I was grateful to have DS there.

Meanwhile life goes on, with a dental visit today. Thinking of Marydoll and her battles with the health care system, and of any other posters struggling with life.

grandMattie Mon 06-Dec-21 08:56:56

What a lovely font, Gwen. Glad the children were OK with their "wetting"...

Gwenisgreat1 Mon 06-Dec-21 08:43:31

Good morning all from wet Harrogate.
So much to do today so slept very badly last night.
Yes Marydoll I’d go for the 3 for the price of 2, what have you got to lose? Good luck!
grandmadinasaur I do have to drag Dh kicking and screaming to see Andre Rieu, but he did admit he thoroughly enjoyed it.
The christening went well, the church had the added bonus of a Xmas tree festival which delighted DGD. He wasn’t too amused being anointed with oil and the water was a step too far for her, but she almost behaved herself.
The tote bags are lovely grandMattie
The recipients will love them.
Have the best day you can folks

baubles Mon 06-Dec-21 08:41:02

Good morning Mick, morning all from damp and grey South Lanarkshire.

Yesterday afternoon I decked the halls and although I still need some greenery, which I’ll collect on my walks, the house does look quite festive which always cheers me.

Good luck today Marydoll. Hadn’t thought of using the bus from Braehead to the hospital, good idea. Although I’ve only visited the maternity ward the parking is a nightmare.

Mattie those totes are fabulous and your plum recipe sounds delicious.

I hope you feel much better today Grandmabatty
All the best to your DD on her new home day stilllearning

I’d love to see that film Blue but DH isn’t keen on going to the cinema yet so I’ll have to wait.

Laundry and food shopping on the agenda today ho hum!

Wishing everyone a peaceful day and thinking of those carrying heavy burdens. 🦩🦩

Annapops Mon 06-Dec-21 08:36:49

Good luck at the hospital from me too MD.

Annapops Mon 06-Dec-21 08:35:48

Good morning from County Durham. Haven't posted for a long time but have been following most mornings. It's very very chilly here and I'm certainly not looking forward to two more stormy days ahead. Our stay at Cragside cottage for DH birthday was cancelled last week due to the last storm. It was a disappointment but those poor folk in Northumberland and Durham still without power deserve sympathy.
All Christmas decorations are now in place and we've even been able to attend a panto youngest GS was performing in (quite a change from last year) although school nativity plays are still out of bounds for us GP.
Today I will continue with my wreath making ready for my visit to the cemetery. Some will be gifted to family to adorn their front doors. My hands will be scratched and prickled by the time I'm done but I call it my labour of love.
Your bags are lovely GM. You are so talented.
Have the best day you can everyone.

Sar53 Mon 06-Dec-21 08:35:29

Good morning from a cold but bright Essex by the sea. As GG13 and Ginster have said the calm before the storm.

I shall be walking up to the Post Office this morning to deposit a cheque and get some milk, then post my Christmas cards.

Bathrooms to clean and the floor to vacuum.

Love the bags GM. Good luck at the hospital today Mary.

Have a great Monday everyone, stay safe and look our for that smile xx

Anniebach Mon 06-Dec-21 08:35:22

Good morning Auntyflo and all x

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 06-Dec-21 08:28:59

Good morning Mick and everyone, it looks as though the sky is clearing so we might see some sun for a change.
Cleaning day today before the Decs go up later in the week, I also have to varnish the legs on the new Bird Table, let’s hope the Jackdaws stay away, at the moment they are swinging on the bird feeders and scaring the smaller birds away. But as a very young MissOops once said ‘they are all Gods creatures Mummy’ hmmmm.
Love the bags GM
Marydoll good luck with the Hospital visit, take a list.
Cornergran I have a jigsaw folder, it’s brilliant as I can clear it away and tuck it behind the sofa, maybe a Christmas gift for your DH?
Have the best day possible and a hug for those who need one.

Grandmadinosaur Mon 06-Dec-21 08:15:28

* Grandmattie* thank you. I’m drooling! Definitely one to try.