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Good Morning Monday 6th December 2021

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Michael12 Mon 06-Dec-21 06:04:43

Good Morning Everyone,
A dark start as usual but signs of rain outside here in Brackley this morning.
Today for me as my sister returned home yesterday, is to have a general tidy up ,maybe post a Xmas card .
Take Care,

grandMattie Mon 06-Dec-21 06:10:41

Good morning from a dark, dreary E Kent. We are promised storm Barra later ☹️
I had a productive day yesterday, finishing the three little bags for DD’s nieces aged 1, 2 and 5. pleased with the result.
For dinner, we had slow roast shoulder of lamb, and marzipan roasted plums. Yum.
Hoping for a better week! 🤞
May those in any sort of distress have a good day, stay safe. Carpe diem. 🦩🦩🦩🦩

mumofmadboys Mon 06-Dec-21 06:19:50

Good morning from Cumbria. Helping one of our lads move flat today. He is hiring a van and DH and I are helping. He is moving to Yorkshire to a lovely flat and starting a new job next week. Hope everyone has the best day they can

mumofmadboys Mon 06-Dec-21 06:20:23

Lovely bags GM!

grandMattie Mon 06-Dec-21 06:21:14

Oh, I meant to say that we watched the Korean film “Parasite”. Last night. Well worth the time. It was funny and intriguing…

Marydoll Mon 06-Dec-21 06:24:43

Good orning Mick and all who follow from a cold and wet Glasgow.

It's like a blast from the past, I used to be either second or third poster after Mick, in the days when I was reasonably well and had some sort of a life!

For the first time since the pandemic began and all hospital appointments were deemed too risky for me to attend, I have a hospital appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon. Having waited nearly three years for this, this clinic veteran is somewhat apprehensive I don't know whether to try and get three for the price of one and complain about my knee and foot, as well as my hip! wink
Normally we would park the car at Braehead shopping Centre and do the five minute bus journey to the hospital, followed by some retail therapy, but I am too nervous, as it will be very busy and numbers here are rising again. sad

Knowing how upset she was after her last hospital stay, I'm delighted to see Soop's fund is moving along nicely, how generous people are! Now that is in the true spirit of Gransnet.

I'm sending my condolences to Dogsmakemesmile on her recent loss and to anyone else, carrying a burden of sorrow and pain. 💐

I'm off to do a lateral flow test, before my hospital visit, not that I have any reason to worry. Seeing how easily my SIL was infected has made me quite concerned.
Have a good day folks, whatever your plans.

grandMattie Mon 06-Dec-21 06:30:03

All the very best, Marydoll. I would ask about all your joints - at worst, they’ll ignore you! ❤️

Ashcombe Mon 06-Dec-21 06:42:32

Good morning, all, from a slightly drizzly Torbay.

It was horribly chilly yesterday morning for my short walk to and from church which is just across the park from my home. I was glad I went as more people attended than has been the case recently, including some families, which is a joy to see. The service is aimed at them and I enjoy the informality besides the opportunity to play on a rather beautiful sounding grand piano.

The tote bags are lovely, grandMattie and are sure to delight those little girls! Good luck with your son's move, mumofmadboys and I hope the weather is kind. Similarly, all the best to Marydoll with your hospital appointment.

I need to chase up my blood test result today, in order to know what the plan is next. That usually means waiting indoors for a GP to ring but I have plenty to do to continue Christmas preparations. With any luck, there'll be no time for housework!!

Have a good week, everyone with worries being resolved where possible. 🦩💐🦩🥰🦩

Scentia Mon 06-Dec-21 06:50:03

Good Morning all from East Staffordshire where it feels mild.
Lovely bags GM. I do hope your appointment is everything you hope for about your troubles Mary
DH survived his running race yesterday with no pain at all so he is now strutting around like a stag saying “I told you so”. Idiot😂😂
He is off to NEC for Motorcycle Live today so I have a factory ‘Empty’ I will be in the office making Christmas stuff most of the day!!
Take care my friends and stay safe and warm❤️

notgran Mon 06-Dec-21 06:55:22

Good morning from a very dark Hampshire. No idea what the weather is doing out there. Off at 10 for a morning swim. This session is Ladies only. I'm no Beauty Queen myself, however some of the revolting sights to be seen in the mixed sessions of men in their 70's + very overweight and monopolising the lane (and a half) with their slow progress or even worse old men in their very skimpy trunks, is enough to put you off public swimming pools forever. The Ladies Only session is only once a week, unforch. Hope I haven't put you off your breakfast. (Lovely Totebags Grandmattie)

Beechnut Mon 06-Dec-21 06:58:07

Good Morning everyone from a dark Severnside.

Had a good day yesterday. Changed and washed bedding. Beechnutella came with her stuff to store and said she had a tip run booked so took my tip stuff with her. She has a big van which is very useful. We did serious talking along with some laughs. She is very naughty 🤣

Your bags are lovely Mattie.

Have a good day all and mind how you go 💨💐

brook2704 Mon 06-Dec-21 07:10:35

Good morning everyone from Cambridge where it’s dark and raining.
We’re heading back home today after a really enjoyable stay here, so a long journey ahead, hopefully all will be ok though.
Those bags are really lovely Granmattie I’m sure the little girls will love them
Hope your DS move goes well momb and I hope your hospital appointment is ok marydoll and progress made
Take care all whatever today brings 💐

Grandmabatty Mon 06-Dec-21 07:15:30

Good morning all. 2° in Polmont and damp. I am still abed and won't be moving soon as I came down with the horrible sickness bug the family has had. All my plans for yesterday went to naught. I haven't been that sick in a very long time. Today I'm no longer being sick but I'm achy and have a headache so it's a quiet day for me. Have a good day all.

Jaxjacky Mon 06-Dec-21 07:21:13

Good morning from a dark S Hants, 2 deg chilly..
Lovely bags gMattie, so clever.
Christmas Radio Times out tomorrow, I’ll get the marker pen out!
Normal Monday housework today, the Mondays roll round don’t they.
Enjoy yours 🦩🦩
Thoughts with those poorly, sad and struggling x

Grandmadinosaur Mon 06-Dec-21 07:29:28

Good morning from East Yorkshire where it is dark and damp outside.
Didn’t get on here yesterday but we had a very pleasant day on Sat at Knaresborough where it was very festive and we bought lots of nice things. Urms I envy your friend living in such a lovely place.

Yesterday we put the tree up,went to Home Bargains for bits and bobs. Had a late lunch to which I added a pheasant sausage to try as we’d bought some at Knaresborough. I was a bit unsure about them but oh they were delicious. Talking of delicious I like the sound of marzipan plums Grandmattie do you have the recipe to share please?

Gwen I wanted to go to see the screenings of Andre Rieu yesterday DH wasn’t keen though. Thought about going on my own bur then got busy with stuff. I notice from the TV listings he has a lot of shows on Sky Arts over Christmas that I will look out for.

Not sure of plans today - I need to do my cards and the back bedroom needs a good tidy.
Safe journey home Brook
Take care all

multicolourswapshop Mon 06-Dec-21 07:35:32

Good morning everyone from a very dark and slightly windy day here on the east coast of Fife. I’m an hr earlier than usual but then there’s important appointments to be attended to.
Yesterday was a dull day for me until tea time which was oven chips, bacon and eggs with a tomato on the side there’s not been a decent Sunday roast here on a Sunday in such a long time, however I can easily enjoy a Sunday roast any day of the week. confused I had a Turkey roast dinner the other day it was delicious and I scoffed the lot.

I wonder what today will bring? I pray every day for good newssmile granmattie I do love your photo of the three bags. You’re very talented.

There’s been no sign of these long awaited vaccines. Perhaps today will be the day shamrockso that i can get it over and done withgrin

Hoping all who are sad and recently bereaved can find peace and comfort this day [flowers ]hugs to all.

Grandmajean Mon 06-Dec-21 07:37:26

Morning all.
Busy day yesterday to putting up a few decorations. Treated myself to a small , real tree and love it but can't detect any scent which is disappointing.
Hope today brings some cheer to you all.

Gagagran Mon 06-Dec-21 07:37:54

Morning everyone!

Winter is definitely drawing on now. It's chilly and dark here on the south coast but worse is forecast for tomorrow with gales and heavy rain. Just my luck, with a hair appointment booked for 10am and my WI Christmas Lunch at 12.30pm in a posh local hotel. No doubt my hair will set a new trend for wild and wet!

Finally found a bit of Christmas spirit yesterday and we got the twinkly twig tree out and set up and I am glad we did. It looks so pretty and cheerful that I am going to get more of my decs. out and set up now. I think we needed to just make
the effort to start feeling more festive. I also got all the presents wrapped and labelled. Still have the cards to do but I intend to keep the numbers to an absolute minimum.

DD is having a day off work today and is going to call round to see us for a catch up so we are looking forward to that. She is such a busy bee yet still finds time to volunteer at the vaccination clinic.

Hope you have an easy trip home Brook after your Cambridge visit. "Let the train take the strain" used to be the motto didn't it?

I am in awe of your clever fingers Grandmattie. The totes are gorgeous and the recipients are very lucky girls!

Hope you get some good news at the hospital Marydoll with the promise of re-building your leg very soon.

Still need a final push for Soop on her GFM but the total so far is very impressive and with a bit of luck should get there very soon.

Kind regards to everyone whatever the day brings for you. sunshine

Gingster Mon 06-Dec-21 07:45:17

Good morning all and we’re forecast to have wind and then rain this afternoon here in Essex. Another storm heading our way. I do hope those poor people have their power back soon

Yesterday was nice with DD and family here for lunch. Little gd kept us entertained with magic tricks, dancing and practising her songs for the school concert. Twin boys watched footie with gaga (grandad) .

Today I will take DD out for breakfast as it’s her birthday (43) and my ‘baby’. This afternoon I have the U3A concert and will play with my Chimes group. Hope it goes better than rehearsal ! 🤞.
‘New’ car is lovely. Automatic and so easy to drive .

granmattie I love those tote bags.

Oh dear notagran - I should stick to ladies only! 🤢

Scentia glad your dh had no pains. But don’t let him be complacent. Enjoy your empty !

Wishing you all a pleasant day. 🤗

AGAA4 Mon 06-Dec-21 07:46:49

Good morning from North Wales. Just starting to go light now.
Took me nearly all day yesterday to write my Christmas cards because I had a lot of phone calls and texts, which was lovely, but held up the process.
Good luck today MaryDoll. I hope your consultation is successful.
Have a pleasant day everyone.

cornergran Mon 06-Dec-21 07:49:41

Morning Mick, morning All from a damp, draughty corner of Somerset

Decent enough day yesterday, decided on a walk which helped the various aches and pains, too much sitting aggravates everything. Faffing around after that, sadly the jigsaw is still with us. Our Littlest has been proper poorly for a week. Very painful ears and throat, high temperature on and off. Distance diagnosis via 111 is a virus, his parents think an infection and will try their surgery today. We all remember how ill he was as a tiny baby and worry for him.

Bit of a mundane day ahead. Mr C will change the bed and was hoping to wash the car, I’ve some phone calls to make and general routine stuff to do. The day will pass.

Definitely mention it all at the clinic marydoll, one issue will be impacting the other. Good luck. The little girls will surely love the tote bags grandMattie.

Safe trip to all travelling. Take care everyone. Hope Monday is kind to us all.

GrannyGravy13 Mon 06-Dec-21 07:50:55

Morning Mick and all

It’s the quiet before the storm due tomorrow here in S E Essex.

All decorations are now up, some gifts still to wrap and a few cards to buy.

Marydoll I would tell the orthopaedic surgeon everything, will keep my fingers crossed for a successful appointment.

Beautiful bags grandMattie

Off to the gym later, then I really need to sort out my fridge and organise the freezer in the garage ready for Christmas goodies

Keep safe and well folks 🤶🏻🎄

Grammaretto Mon 06-Dec-21 08:01:15

Good morning from the Scottish Borders. I was up early trying to beat the bucket men. Last time I put the recycle bins out the night before and someone had added to them some half full beer bottles so they weren't emptied. the joys of living on the main road
I hope that's my biggest moan today
Good luck at the hospital Marydoll Mention every thing. In fact take a list. grin

I had to drive DS to Edinburgh airport for a covid test at the weekend. Did you know there is a free drop off and pick up there? You need to have good eyesight to see the yellow signs.
Good luck to your DS Momb moving home and job is big.
Have the best day you can all GMers.

Grammaretto Mon 06-Dec-21 08:02:32

Forgot my dawn photo

Pittcity Mon 06-Dec-21 08:04:19

Good morning from foggy Colchester. It's cold and damp.
Housework and shopping is the order of the day. I'm sure I only did this last week 😜
Might have a go at some cards and/or decorations. Might just hibernate, it's that sort of weather.
Love to all 🦩 x